Karsuite M9 Mirror Dash Cam Backup Camera With GPS

When it comes to modern dashcams that come with impressive screens, the Karsuite M9 mirror dash cam backup camera is probably the longest one ever released. This camera has the longest and widest screen available today on the market, of no less than 12”.

You could consider this modern dashcam to be in a league of its own, thanks to the extended screen and cool features. Even so, some drivers might prefer the screen of its predecessor, the Karsuite M7, which is the same length as 12”.

However, the M7 has a more rounded design, while the M9 stands out due to the flat, TV-like design. Whether you like a design with rounded corners, similar to what Karsuite M7 offers, or flat design that is promoted by M9, you need to agree that Karsuite dashcams are extremely good.

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These products are made to withstand the test of time and to offer an improved level of reliability and performance.

In this Karsuite M9 review, we want to take a closer look at the performance and reliability of this modern dashcam. Even if it’s a fairly new product that has just hit the market in November 2019, it is an excellent dashboard camera that you definitely need to try.

It comes with numerous features and benefits that cater to the needs of modern drivers. Karsuite M9 also comes with a free 128 GB card included in the package. You can use this device for both cars and trucks.

Without further ado, let’s discover together how this dashboard camera can keep you safe on the road and improve your driving performance. 

Karsuite M9 – Totally Unique Design 

The design of this camera is quite unique. The super-wide 12” monitor is placed right on top of your rearview mirror, so you can enjoy a perfect image in the rear. The monitor might look impressive for some people, but others might find it boring. It all depends on your preferences.

Even if you don’t like the square design and you prefer a more rounded one, know that Karsuite M9 excels at other aspects, including recording quality, G-sensor, GPS, CPU and glare filter.

The unit supports micro SD cards of up to 128 GB, JPG photo format and MP4 video format. The video encoding is H.264 and H.265, while the power supply is 5V at 2.5A or 3A. 

Quick Installation

If you’re wondering how to install this large unit, know that installation is quite easy thanks to the numerous installing options you have at your disposal. This modern backup camera comes with a lot of accessories, so you need to set up each one of them. This includes the SD card, GPS mount, USB reader and charger. 

First of all, use the straps in the package to tie the main unit to your original rearview mirror. Drag the rear connection wire to the rear camera and then connect the camera to the red reverse trigger line. Next, place the GPS antenna on the windshield and connect it to the main unit.

Lastly, insert the charger into your car’s cigarette lighter and the unit is ready to start.

Karsuite M9 – 2k Recording 

Karsuite M9 is equipped with an advanced Sony IMX sensor which enables it to record in 2k quality, at 2560×1440. Thanks to the advanced HiSilicon CPU, the unit can record simultaneously in 2k with the front camera and full HD with the rear camera. This dashcam has the same sensor as its main competitor, the VanTop H610. However, in the case of VanTop H610, you can switch the 2.5k recording between the front and rear. In other words, when you record 2.5k in the front, the rear camera records in full HD, and vice-versa.

The VanTop H610 is also equipped with a 2.5D glass that offers further screen protection and offers enhanced color reproduction. If you want to learn more about this powerful dashcam, read this review here

Unmatched Screen Resolution 

An aspect the Karsuite M9 is already famous for is the unmatched screen resolution. The full HD IPS touchscreen allows for a maximum resolution of 1480×320, offering a dual-channel function so you can view both recordings in real-time. Because the screen is so wide, you can easily see the footage recorded by the camera in the back, side by side with the footage recorded by the front camera. All of this is possible thanks to the ultra-advanced HiSilicon Hi3556 processor.

This processor supports dual recording, defogging, multi-level noise reduction and comes pre-equipped with numerous image enhancement algorithms. The end result is a clearer recording quality with no lags and no glare. The last part about M9’s screen which is also unrivaled is the strong light suppression. Both cameras come with a glare filter lens, while the screen is coated in a unique glass layer so you can enjoy high-quality images with no glare whatsoever.

Karsuite M9 GPS App

Another exceptional feature of this dashboard camera that not many of its competitors can pride with is GPS. Thanks to the external GPS module, you can get the driving speed, route, direction, time, and date on all your videos. You can use the GPS app on your mobile or laptop to play the videos recorded and see the exact location, route, and date. 

You can use this priceless app to keep track of the places you’ve been, plus you can use the videos with the GPS coordinates to stay protected if you need to testify in court.

Parking Monitoring & Parking Lines 

When it comes to parking, this device from Karsuite does not disappoint either. During parking, you can turn on the parking lines, which are extremely useful. When you switch to reverse mode, the rear camera comes on the whole screen so you can see perfectly how to park.

When your vehicle is off, the unit goes into standby mode. If someone tries to force your car or the camera senses vibrations outside, it turns on and record for several seconds. To use this feature, you need to buy a separate buck line in order to offer the unit a constant source of power. 

After-Sale Service

The manufacturer is willing to go above and beyond in order to make you happy. They offer you a trial for 30 days, so you can return the camera if you don’t like it. Moreover, they provide lifetime customer support. You can contact them at any time for that.