Junsun Mirror Dash Cam Dual Lens – 170°Wide Angle with Backup Camera

Junsun Mirror Dash Cam is a modern, sleek dashboard camera system that comes as a great alternative to most other dashcams available on the market. This device, which is quite similar to the Pormido mirror dash cam, offering a superior recording experience and allows you to upgrade the looks of your car. Also, Junsun Mirror Dash Cam has a super large 10” touchscreen, just like its brother in law, the JRCX mirror dash cam.

It also offers a super-wide 170-degree recording angle in front and a 140-degree viewing angle in the rear. This modern dash cam was just released at the end of 2018. Since then, it was purchased and used by tens of thousands of drivers in the United States. Overall, it is considered a very reliable camera, featuring a thick connection cable and offering more stable connectivity.

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In this Junsun Mirror Dash Cam review, we will dive deeper into the features of this product. We want to showcase both the positives and negatives of this unit and allow you take a well-informed decision about purchasing this unit. Let’s start by looking at the design.

Junsun Mirror Dash Cam – Totally Unique Design

In terms of looks, this dual camera could easily win a beauty contest. It is made of a grey alloy with unique finishes. It has several grey and black lines, together with a red line. It reminds us of a famous car, the BMW X3 modified version. This camera is made to withstand the test of time and can survive any type of impact. The rear camera is completely waterproof, so it keeps on working even when it is raining outside.

Of course, you could also place the camera inside your car, right in the back. However, when its’ rainy, make sure to use the car wipers to clean the rear window. The design of this camera can dramatically boost the appeal of your car. Even from the outside, the camera is perceived as a cover for your rearview mirror. A fancy cover, that’s for sure.

Junsun Mirror Dash Cam – Recording Quality

Beside both cameras of Junsun device record seamlessly at 1080p. The recording quality is exceptional, especially in low-light conditions. The high sensitivity sensor is complemented by the all-glans lens and WDR capabilities to deliver astounding footage clarity.

The rearview mirror is equipped with a unique feature that helps you see even better in intense light. It has a 2.5D anti-glare blue glass to block all glare and sunlight and help you get an unobstructed view of what lies behind you. The front camera can successfully capture 4 lanes of traffic. You can clearly see any details in front of you.

Reliable Large Touchscreen

The Junsun Mirror Dash Cam features a large 10” IPS screen. This screen provides an extraordinary viewing experience. The image is crisp and clear, and you can see in real time what is happening ahead or in the back. What you will definitely love about the screen is the adjustable view in four directions. You can adjust the image and see more of the recording by simply swiping left, right, up and down on the screen.

It’s like setting up your sideways rear-view mirrors in order to capture more of the road outside. The screen has another cool feature called “achromatic vision”. When you select this mode, you’ll be able to get the best visual possible experience during both day and night. During the night, you’ll be able to drive more safely and clearly see any details in front of you.

Junsun Mirror Dash Cam – Super Night Vision

Junsun Mirror Dash Cam stands out of the crowd due to its super night vision. Both cameras have a super large F1.8 aperture, 6 glass lens, and WDR. The sensor gathers more light during the night and eliminates dark spots. There is no need for an auxiliary source of light. In low light environments, the brightness is automatically increased.

Moreover, headlights from other cars are decreased in luminosity, in order to help you enjoy crisp & clear footage. You will be able to read all license plates and enjoy sharp, vivid images of other cars or important objects on the road. Thanks to the advanced WDR, exposure is automatically adjusted and fine-tuned to help you enjoy smooth footage.

Parking Camera

The rearview camera, also known as the backup camera, is waterproof and dustproof. It never loses its recording capability, offering you continuous high-quality images. When you go in reverse or you are trying to park, the premium reversing system kicks in. You’ll get to enjoy parking lines on the large 10” screen so that parking becomes a breeze.

Junsun Mirror Dash Cam – Ease of Installation

Probably one of the best aspects of this unit is the ease of installation. You can virtually install the new Junsun Mirror Dash Cam in just a few minutes. Simply clamp the screen over your old rearview mirror, connect it to your car using the car charger, and set up the backup camera. You can use the pry tool provided to hide the cable inside your car and streamline the design inside your vehicle.

Flexible Front Camera

The camera in the front benefits from a freely adjustable lens. You can slide it in the exterior at around 0.98 inches. Thus, you can capture even more of the road ahead and personalize your viewing angle.

The Bottom Line

The Junsun Mirror Dash Cam is a modern mirror camera with many positives and few drawbacks. It looks really nice, it is easy to assemble, it has a parking feature and also impressive recording capabilities. Even if it lacks Wifi integration or GPS, this modern unit gives you a valuable recording experience. You can use it to record high-end, smooth videos, and play them right on the large 10” screen.

The 2.5D anti-glare blue glass in the rearview camera protects you from glare and allows you to park with ease. The front camera records 170 degrees of image and can be adjusted either by sliding it or by swiping the screen. All in all, the Junsun Mirror Dash Cam is a great dual camera system that is poised to become an all-favorite for drivers in 2019.