Jomise K7 Dash Cam Makes the Smart Move

Jomise K7 Dash Cam | Smart Driving Remanider | Excellent Night Vision | Screen Saver | Green Light Reminder | GPS Tracker | Touch Screen | G Sensor | and more …

Small but powerful—that is the best description given to Jomise K7 Dash Cam. Because of its rich features and meticulous software design, who would not agree to this? From the SONY lens, G-sensor, smart reminders to GPS, you know you are making the best choice for dash cam. Highlight the dash cam’s easy installation process and interface and you get what you rightfully deserve.

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Are you in the middle of searching for dash camera review websites to make sure that you would not be mistaken? Then, you come to the right place. We have our latest  2019, 2020, and 2021 dash cam reviews that can help you decide. Additionally, these reviews would somehow reiterate that Jomise K7 Dash Cam is one of the best choices for you.


Let’s start with the features of the Jomise K7 Dash Cam:
– 1600P Spectacular Video Details
– Smart Reminders (Front Car Move Reminder and Green Light Reminder)
– Parking Monitor
– Loop Recording
– Gravity Sensor
– Built-in GPS
– Built-in Wi-Fi
– Super Night Vision
– Custom Screensaver

Now, let us discuss these features one by one:

1600P Spectacular Video Details

With Sony sensor IMX415, you are assured of sharp video recordings. Even in darker places, low-light conditions, or during the night, it works wonders because of its exceptional low-light performance. To be specific, Sony sensor IMX415 produces footage which quality is 3.3 times higher than other resolution sensors.

The angle is wider at 170°. Subsequently, it would cover areas that, who knows, would be very useful for you in the future. Jomise K7 Dash Cam can record up to 2560x1600P at 30fps resolution. If in case your car is in high-speed condition, you do not have to worry about the video quality. The 1920x1080P at 60fps resolution is enough to provide you clear video recordings even when your vehicle is moving fast.

Smart Reminders (Front Car Move Reminder and Green Light Reminder)

Jomise K7 Dash Cam has two amazing smart reminders: front car move reminder and green light reminder. You would not find these are wonderful features from a typical dash cam. Therefore, you would thank whoever thought about including the image algorithm in Jomise K7. How accurate can this algorithm be? It’s as high as 99%; hence, you can rely on it every time.

Imagine you are stuck in traffic. It’s but natural for drivers like you to busy yourself with other things while waiting for the green light. Sometimes, you talk with the person beside you. Most of the time, you sing along with your music. You only get back to your senses when the people around you or when the vehicles at the back started honking their car horns. You get too embarrassed, right? It’s a good thing you have the green light reminder courtesy of the Jomise K7 Dash Cam.

Jomise K7

How about the front car move reminder? As the name suggests, the dash cam has the ability to remind you that the car in front is already starting its engine. Thus, it’s already time for you to get going.

Parking Monitor

With Jomise K7 Dash Cam, you know you have an extra eye even when you leave your car in a parking lot. Soon as it detects an impact on your car the parking monitor works to automatically turn the dash cam on. Jomise K7 would even start recording what is happening inside (and outside) your car. Just a special note from the manufacturer: A dedicated hardwire kit is a requirement for the parking monitor feature to function.

Loop Recording

Jomise K7 Dash Cam would not run out of storage space. Additionally, it does not require you to use a second micro SD. Why? Because of the loop recording feature, Jomise K7 would automatically delete old files in case the micro SD you are using reached its maximum capacity.

Gravity Sensor

Did your car just get hit by another vehicle on your back? The gravity sensor or more popularly known as the G-sensor is your lifesaver. Well, if we are talking about making sure that you would not lose your video evidence.
Soon as it identifies that a collision or an impact just happened, it would immediately look at the said video.

Subsequently, it saves the video, which would serve as your proof, in a separate folder. Because of this, the file would not be picked up by the loop recording mode feature. Know that you can actually set the sensitivity level of the G-sensor.

Built-in GPS

Because of the built-in GPS, your video recordings would include the date, time, as well as driving speed, location, and GPS coordination. In the event of an accident, you would need these sets of information as proofs. Simultaneously, you would be amazed to see a Google map view when you play these videos on your computer.

Built-in Wi-Fi

You can connect your smartphone to your dash cam through the built-in Wi-Fi from your Jomise K7 Dash Cam. Regardless if you are using an iOS or Android device, you can download and at the same time save the dash cam’s video recordings.

jomise dash cam

Super Night Vision

Unlike other dash cams, Jomise K7 Dash Cam has super night vision. Thus, you have nothing to fear if you go out on the road on a super-dark night. Your dash cam, because of its F1.6 6-glass lens, as well as superior WDR technology, would give you the quality of footage you deserve.

The Super Night Vision feature does an automatic adjustment of brightness and capturing of more lights. Consequently, you get recordings of which colors are accurate despite the low-light condition.

Custom Screensaver

For a more pleasurable experience, Jomise K7 Dash Cam lets you customize its screensaver. You can choose the picture of your children or your whole family as a screensaver. So whenever you are driving alone, you are not technically alone. The screensaver on your Jomise K7 Dash Cam makes you realize you are accompanied by the person or people in it.

Comparison with Other Dash Cam Brands

Comparing Jomise K7 Dash Cam with other dash cams like the New PORMIDO D50 Triple Mirror Dash Cam and Coxpal Dual Dash Cam, you would think that Jomise is not superior because it only has the front camera. The New PORMIDO D50 has three; the Coxpal Dual Dash Cam has two. But, Jomise K7 Dash Cam can still be superior in its own unique ways.

Primarily, the quality of the video recordings it produces could not be ignored. Isn’t the resolutions of videos it creates are far more important in dash cams? However, if you still insist on talking about exceptionality, then let’s highlight the smart reminder features. You would not be able to find that in any dash cam now available in the market, right? Jomise K7 Dash Cam image processing algorithm can definitely this brand and model your first choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here, we have compiled at least 10 questions that were asked by interested dash cam buyers.

1. If the vehicle is stolen, can the dash cam help because of its GPS?

The GPS antenna only works as a receiver; hence, it tells the driver and the passengers their exact location during the trip. Without the SIM card and network service, the GPS would not be able to help with the tracking of the location of the vehicle. When you found your car, though, you would be able to use the dash cam as evidence as it is able to record footage.

2. Does Jomise K7 Dash Cam use sticky tape for mounting? Have you encountered any issues regarding this?

Yes, the dash cam uses a sticky back adhesive. You do not have to worry about this, however, because it is holding better than suction. You’ll also notice a piece of static sheet. You can use it in case you want to be able to remove it. But you can opt not to use the static sheet and apply the adhesive directly to the surface.

3. Can this make a turn of 180 degrees so it can record a traffic stop or cabin?

Yes, it can. The presence of the adjustable swivel base makes this possible.

4. Can I opt to use a different Wi-Fi instead of the one that’s built-in?

The built-in Wi-Fi in the dash cam lets you connect the device to your phone. That’s the only function of the Wi-Fi. Through this connection, you are able to adjust the settings, view videos, and download recordings.

5. Can anyone here recommend a micro SD brand and size that I can use for this device?

The SanDisk Extreme PRO that’s 256GB in size. Until now, no issues have been encountered.

6. It is said that this dash cam can record the inside and outside of the car automatically soon as it detects a collision while the car is parked. How is this possible when Jomise K7 Dash Cam has only one camera?

They offer a camera that you can add as a second camera since the device has a mini C port for it.

7. Where does Jomise K7 Dash Cam save its recordings? Does it have built-in storage?

Jomise K7 Dash Cam uses a micro SD card to save its video recordings. You can use the 32, 64, or 128GB micro SD.

8. Can you swivel the dash cam up and down or left and right to be able to get the preferred angle?

Yes. You can turn it up or down and left or right so you can choose which angle your cam should capture.

9. How is it able to record what’s happening inside the car in case of theft?

It can only record the audio. Jomise K7 Dash Cam has one camera only that’s working in the front.

10. What power cord and the battery does Jomise K7 Dash Cam use?

It uses a mini USB C port, as well as Lithium-ion batteries.

Jomise K7 Dash Cam Conclusion

Jomise K7 Dash Cam is a highly reliable dash cam. The clear video recordings even in low-light conditions are top-notch. What more if you also get not just one but two smart reminder features? Whoever thought of the green light reminder and the front car move reminder is a genius. Imagine your dash cam telling you to start your engine because it’s already time to set off? You can’t find this from a typical dash cam.

On the other hand, when it comes to features that are found from the best dash cams available online, Jomise K7 Dash Cam is not far behind. It also has these outstanding features: loop recording, built-in GPS and Wi-Fi, parking monitor, and others. Jomise K7 Dash Cam is recommended for new dash cam users as it takes less effort to install and use.