Falcon Zero Touch PRO HD Dashboard Camera

The Falcon Zero Touch PRO HD dashboard camera was first released on October 27th, 2015, and remains a popular choice. This is thanks to a variety of features that help it stand out from other dash cams on the market. This Falcon Zero Touch PRO HD review will take a closer look at this dash cam. Keep reading to explore the features, details, and advantages of this high-definition dashboard camera.

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Standard HD Recording And Simple Operation

Starting with the basic features, the Falcon Zero Touch PRO HD includes everything that you might expect from an HD camera. This includes the HD recording. It can record at 1920×1080 pixel HD. It also includes a 4-inch touch screen for simple operation, motion detection, and a quick-mount bracket. Though, there are a few details to pay attention to. This includes the GPS geotagging feature.
When you record a video, the camera will tag the video with your GPS coordinates. This feature used to be standard with most dashboard cameras but isn’t as common anymore. The GPS data is accessible via the Dash Cam Viewer software that comes with the camera. You install this software on your computer and then see your path on Google Maps. The GPS data also display your speed and weather conditions at the time of the recording.

Comes Equipped With Two Docking Stations

The Falcon Zero Touch PRO HD package comes with everything that you need to install the camera right out of the box. You get the microSD card, along with a car charger, and a USB charger for connecting the camera to your computer. This dashboard camera easily connects to the provided docking station.
The docking station mounts directly to your windshield for simple installation. But, instead of a single docking station, this dash cam includes two. The Falcon Zero Touch PRO HD can be used between two vehicles. Simply switch the camera from one docking station to the other as needed.

Enjoy 24/7 Surveillance With Continuous Power

When connected to your vehicle’s battery, the camera will remain powered 24/7. This allows round the clock surveillance and security. It connects to the car battery using the provided hardware kit. It also features technology which prevents the camera from draining the battery.
It also features endless recording. With loop recording, the Falcon Zero Touch PRO HD will continue to record, even when the microSD card runs out. You never need to delete anything. When the card is full, the Falcon Zero Touch PRO HD will record over the oldest video file.

Crystal Clear Full HD 1080P Recording

As mentioned, the Falcon Zero Touch PRO HD can record in full 1080P HD. But, there is more to picture clarity than the pixel count. It is the components that record the video that helps to deliver crystal clear video. This includes a superior 6-element aspherical glass lens, a 3.0 megapixel CMOS sensor, and a wide dynamic range (WDR). It also has a 170-degree viewing angle.
This combination ensures that you always get clear video in any weather or lighting conditions. The Falcon Zero Touch PRO HD even has night vision. You can easily enjoy nighttime recording without a loss of clarity. The video is recorded on a microSD card. The camera comes with a 32GB microSD card, but it supports sizes up to 64GB.
This should provide about 8 to 12 hours of HD footage. As usual, there is an automatic lock that prevents the last video file from being deleted in the event of an emergency.

An Upgrade From The Falcon Zero Touch HD Dash Cam

The Falcon Zero Touch PRO HD is essentially an upgrade of the previous model – the Falcon Zero Touch HD dashboard camera. The previous model doesn’t include the two docking stations. Instead, you get a quick-mount bracket for use in a single-vehicle. Other than the docking stations, the two versions of this camera are identical.
In fact, they are the same camera other than the docking stations. They can both be hardwired directly to your vehicle’s battery and they can both record in 1080P HD. There is one other difference. The original model is hard to find, while the Falcon Zero Touch PRO HD dash cam is readily available through online retailers.
Last Thoughts On The Falcon Zero Touch PRO HD Dash Cam
The Falcon Zero Touch PRO HD dash cam is a quality device with impressive features. The touch screen makes the camera easy to use and it is ready for installation right out of the box. It is also continuously powered, but won’t drain your battery. The only drawback is the lack of a zoom feature.
This is a minor issue that doesn’t impact the overall quality of the camera. Most people will be satisfied with the ease of use and the clear HD footage – and the fact that it comes with two docking stations for multi-vehicle use. You can easily take the camera down from the docking station and use it in the other vehicle.
The continuous recording is also useful for added security. In the end, the Falcon Zero Touch PRO HD dash cam does everything you need it to do. Click here to find the best price on the Falcon Zero Touch PRO HD dashboard camera!