An Unbiased Review Of Falcon Zero F360 HD By Incredisonic

Falcon Zero F360 Hd is one of the best dual dash cams on the market. Knowing that dashboard cameras are extremely useful to have, especially in cases of road rage, car accidents, or harassing behavior by the police. Additionally, dash cams can capture unforgettable moments on the road and can be extremely useful to capture once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Falcon Zero 15465 Color TFT Rear View Mirror LCD Dash Cam with 32 GB SD Card
209 Reviews
Falcon Zero 15465 Color TFT Rear View Mirror LCD Dash Cam with 32 GB SD Card
  • Easy set up for multi vehicle use, have the ability to use in additional vehicles
  • Night vision for interior clips and shots, ideal for uber, lift, taxis, limos, etc.
  • 180-degree rotating 120-degree viewing angle high-resolution wide-angle lens
  • 3.5-inch color tuft lcd
  • Falcon Zero 1 year manufacturer warranty included - 32gb class 10 uhs1 SD card included

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Owning a camera like this is slowly becoming a necessity among drivers all around the world. After reviewing several dash cams available online, I came across the Falcon Zero F360 HD. This camera is a unique product on the market due to its dual rotating cameras embedded in it. Both of these cameras record simultaneously, which means you can enjoy a complete driving experience.

You can record both outdoors and indoors ceaselessly. This camera can be easily mounted on your rearview mirror, helping you save additional space on your dashboard.

Incredisonic – A Worthy Manufacturer

Incredisonic is a reputable company that offers state of the art gadgets and accessories such as mounts, media players, portable gadgets, and dashcams. Even though this corporation is still at its beginnings, its products speak for themselves.

Here are all other products made by this company: You can find plenty of reviews online about each one of them. In a nutshell, our dashboard camera is made by a well-established corporation, which means it is a safe buy.

Top Benefits Of falcon Zero F360 HD

The Falcon Zero F360 HD is definitely a state of the art gadget developed with one sole purpose in mind – to get customers’ attention and spike interest among potential buyers. With a good rating on Amazon, this product is definitely one of the best available today.

Here are the advantages of this modern dash cam.

  • Dual Cameras: this distinctive feature made the Falcon Zero break new ground in the dashboard cameras niche. Both cameras have a resolution of 1080p and can rotate at 180 degrees. Both have a whooping 120-degree viewing angle, enabling you to record everything around at 240 degrees. The viewing angle setup is endless. You can turn the cameras around as you see fit.
  •  3.5 LCD Monitor: thanks to the included LCD monitor, you get to see a preview of what is recorded by both cameras.

This built-in monitor has 3 distinct functions:

  • 1. Lets you change functions without the use of a computer or other external device.
  • 2. Lets you see what the cameras record in real-time.
  • 3. Lets you playback photos and videos.

Save Space on the Dashboard: another huge benefit of the Falcon Zero F360 HD camera is the fact that it can be mounted on the rear-view mirror, so if your dashboard is already cluttered with many GPS/smartphone mounts, you don’t have to find another place to put the dashcam.

Night Vision: the high-quality lens allows you to record during the night. This feature helps you capture smaller details that can’t be seen while driving at night.

Cord Management: when buying the product, you also get a 10 feet power cord, USB cord, dual USB charger, and cord management clips. All these can keep all wires in a safe location, inside the vehicle.

Included SD Card: the 32 GB SD card included is a genuine product that lets you record for more than 6 hours. Thanks to the loop recording feature, the camera can continue recording without having to replace the SD card. However, if you want to record for a longer period of time, it is advisable to buy a 256 or 512 GB SD card.

Easy to Set up: this camera can easily be set up by following the instructions listed in the manual.

Negative Aspects Of Falcon Zero F360 HD

Here are two negative aspects that have been noted by reviewers.

  •  Does not record well in sunny conditions: the auto white balance is out of sync in bright conditions. Moreover, you can’t change the settings manually. Additionally, the video gets unfocused when sunny outside.
  •  Difficult to keep in a steady position: because it is mounted on the mirror, this dash cam does not have a stable position, so if you want to move it, you need to move the rearview mirror with it.

All in all, the Falcon Zero F360 HD is a good dash cam that comes with a 47% off on Amazon. If you want a reliable camera recorder for your vehicle, this product should be a good buy.

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