Falcon Zero F360 X Dash Cam With 5 Year Manufacturer Warranty

The Falcon Zero F360 X is a very good dash cam released by the world-renowned dash cam manufacturer, Falcon Zero. Thanks to its features and unique traits, this modern device can be easily used on multiple vehicles. It also offers very good night vision and allows drivers to record and take interior shots.

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The F360 X is one of the least known models from Falcon Zero. The Falcon Zero Touch PRO HD is one of their best models, coming with multi-vehicle use, a large 4” touch screen, quick-mount bracket, 2 adjustable cameras, and full-HD recording. There is no doubt that the PRO HD is still one of the best dash cams available in 2018.

However, you would be pleasantly surprised to discover that F360 X is slowly catching up. The latter is definitely a dash cam worth checking out. In this Falcon Zero F360 X review, we will take a closer look at how this device can become your eyewitness that never blinks. Let’s start by looking at how Falcon Zero tries to stand out in the oversaturated dash cam market.

Falcon Zero – Why to Consider This Company When Looking For A Dashboard Camera?

Falcon Zero is a modern company established just 6 years ago, in 2012. They have managed to grow and expand like no other dash cam company out there, all thanks to their clear mission, strong goals, and innovative products. Their vision is to make driving safer and cheaper at the same time.

Needless to say, Falcon Zero dash cam are less expensive than their counterparts from other companies. What you will love about this company is that they are really good at maximizing the features of a dash cam. You will also love that their products are fairly priced and are intelligently designed with useful features that can help drivers drive safer.

As one of today’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of dashboard cameras, Falcon Zero has managed to establish itself as an incontestable leader. This company’s dash cams have very good reviews, and they are extremely appreciated by drivers due to their unique features and benefits.

To top it all, all of the dash cams are produced in the United States using only the highest quality parts and materials.

Falcon Zero F360 X Dash Cam – Overview

As you can notice, the company behind this dash cam is not your regular Chinese manufacturer of dash cams. This North American company is so certain of their products’ quality, that they offer a whopping 5 years warranty for all F360 X dash cam.

Yes, that’s 5 years of constant support and free repairs. You can’t but love Falcon Zero for that. Another great feature that you will love about F360 X is the 360-degree rotation. This unit includes 2 cameras, each with a rotating angle of 180 degrees.

Each camera has a 120-degree viewing angle, which gives you a maximum of 240 degrees at a time. Since you can rotate each camera at a maximum of 360 degrees, you get to enjoy unlimited footage capture. The viewing angles can be set up in endless ways. You can basically record at the same time in the front and rear, record the side or front window, record at a super wide range by placing each camera next to each other, or record at 120 degrees on each side.

Thanks to its innovative design, Falcon Zero F360 X allows you to personalize your ride and choose the best recording option that suits you. No other dash cam allows you to do that.

Falcon Zero F360 X Dash Cam – Design

The moment you open up the box and see the dash cam, you will be thrilled to discover a gorgeous dash cam that literally replaces your windshield rearview mirror. This dual HD mirror cam video recorder has a rearview mirror-shape, with a 3.5” TFT screen right in the middle. The two cameras are both located on the lower right side, the passenger’s side.

The camera looks solid and is built of high-quality polished plastic. Thanks to its all-black design, the Falcon Zero F360 X can easily complement any interior design and can boost your vehicle’s appeal.

Falcon Zero F360 X Dash Cam – Recording Quality

The F360 X is equipped with the same camera as its younger brother, the Falcon Zero F360+. Probably not the fanciest and expensive camera out there. However, it does its job and provides very good recordings and photos, both during the day and during the night. The 1080p resolution cameras could be more than what you expect from a dash cam in this price range.

One gorgeous feature you will definitely love is the fact that you can record inside your vehicle during the night. This feature alone is worth thousands of dollars for Uber, taxi, limo, and Lyft drivers who want to stay protected against potentially dangerous passengers.

Falcon Zero F360 X Dash Cam – Top Features Explained

Falcon Zero F360 X is not your average dashboard camera. Its features are totally unique. For starters, the 5-years warranty is out-of-this-world. No other dash cam manufacturer gives you that. Even Falcon Zero does not give that much to its other cameras. For instance, Falcon Zero F360+ has just one year.

However, it seems that the company considers that the F360 X is their top-notch dash cam, so they are not afraid to exceed their customers’ expectations by offering a whopping 5 years of warranty. Another exceptional feature is the dual cameras that can rotate to 180 degrees. You can move them around as you please and record anything you like.  

You will always get 240 degrees of footage and capture a lot of details. Falcon Zero F360 X is extremely easy to install. That is why both pros and first-timers are super happy with it. You can install it in one of your vehicles and then re-install it in another, should you need to. All you have to do is to clamp it over your windshield and connect it to your cigarette lighter or power source and you are good to go.

The recording quality is very good, especially during the night. The camera is also equipped with a built-in microphone and speaker.

Falcon Zero F360 X Dash Cam – Conclusion

Falcon Zero F360 X is an exceptional dash cam that is gaining in popularity in 2018. Thanks to its great recording quality, dual-cameras, ease of installation, and recording personalization feature, this unit is perfect for Uber, taxi, and limo drivers. It is also a great choice for drivers with more than one car or for parents with small children.