Esky ES-D1 New Dashboard Camera

The Esky ES-D1 Dash Cam is a complete video recording system. This is not your standard dashboard camera. You get two HD lenses, along with a DVR unit, GPS logger, LCD display, and other great features and accessories. If you are serious about recording road video, take a more detailed look at the Esky Ultra HD Car DVR Dual Dashcam with GPS Logger, G-Sensor, and 64 GB micro SD capacity.

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Technical Details And Specifications

The Esky ES-D1 Dash Cam comes equipped with two 140-degree HD cameras. The front camera records in 1080p full HD while the rear camera records in 720p HD. These cameras connect to a DVR unit, which records the video onto a micro SD card. This system can support micro SD cards up to 64 GB in size.  

The Esky dashboard recorder also includes a GPS logger for tagging your video with GPS coordinates. Other modern features include the G-Sensor, which is covered in detail below. You will also receive all of the equipment that you need to connect the device, this includes a power cable, car charger, USB cable, camera cables, DVR holder, cable clips, AV out cable, and one set of 3M stickers for connecting the cameras to your dashboard or windshields.

The Esky ES-D1 dashboard camera has been available since November 27, 2015. It is one of the latest models from Esky, but it is not their only quality camera. You may also want to examine the PowerLead Puda D003 Dash Cam. Compare models before coming to a final decision.

Pros Of The Esky ES-D1 Dashboard Cam System

The Esky dash cam recorder gives you everything you need to start recording from your vehicle. Here is a look at the main advantages of this product:

Complete Dashboard Camera System:
The Esky ES-D1 is a complete dashboard camera system. It comes equipped with two separate HD cameras, a DVR unit with a 2.7-inch color display, and is capable of recording to a 64 GB micro SD card.

G-Sensor Starts Recording Automatically:
The G-Sensor is used to detect abrupt changes, such as during a collision. The sensor then signals to the camera to begin recording. Some users have found that the g-sensor is very sensitive. If you experience this problem, you can adjust the sensitivity in the camera settings.

1-Year Warranty
You will receive a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. This covers any defects or issues with the camera during the first year. You can get parts replacement for free until the warranty expires. Afterward, you will still have access to Esky customer support for dealing with technical issues.

Customize Your Video:
A feature that is rarely covered in these reviews is the video settings. With the Esky unit, you can adjust the color balance, contrast, hue, and other settings. You may find that you like the look of the video in a specific setting. You can play around with these settings until you get the exact look that you want.

Easy to Set up and Mount:
The Esky ES-D1 comes with long cables for connecting the two cameras to the DVR system. There is a 10-foot cable for the front camera and a 16.8-foot cable for the rear camera. Most people have found that the setup is much easier than they initially expected. The only issue related to installation is choosing a spot for the DVR unit.

Cons Of The Esky ES-D1 Dash Cam

As wonderful as this product is, there are a couple of disadvantages to mention. Make sure that you factor this into your decision.

DVR Unit is Difficult to Mount
As discussed, the Esky dash cam system is easy to set up. But, there was one issue – the DVR unit is not easy to place. The two cameras can easily be mounted into position, but you may have trouble finding a good spot to place the DVR unit with the LCD display. If you already have a built-in dashboard monitor, then you should be able to connect this unit to your existing monitor.

Uninformative Instruction Manual
You may not find a lot of answers to your questions in the instruction manual. Luckily, the Esky ES-D1 is relatively easy to operate. You can also search online for any issues that you have or contact the Esky customer support team.

Poorly composed instruction manuals are increasingly common. Some products do not even include instruction manuals anymore, but it would be helpful for a product that contains as many features as the Esky ES-D1 dashboard cam.

Final Thoughts On The Esky ES-D1 Dash Cam System

This professional dashboard camera system is packed with features. The people that will get the most use out of these features are those interested in recording high-quality video. While you can still use this dash cam for security and liability in the event of an accident, it also offers exceptional recording capabilities.

There are plenty of great features, with only a couple of minor issues – the DVR unit is not easy to position and the instruction manual is not very useful. You should learn a little more about this camera and examine the features one by one, to gain a better sense of whether or not this is the right dash camera for you. It is a quality product, but everyone has different needs.

Remember to take your time and consider multiple cameras before making a final choice.