Vantrue R3 1296P Dashboard Camera Super HD 2K

If you are looking for the best dashboard camera in 2018 and you are on a budget, stop right here! Vantrue R3 1296P Dash Cam might be exactly what you are looking for. This affordable dashboard camera is one of Amazon’s choices at the moment. This means that this product is highly rated, well priced, and available for shipment immediately.

Let’s take a look at this Vantrue R3 Review to find out if this model is a suitable choice for your need.

Vantrue R3 Dashboard Camera – An Overview

Vantrue R3 is equipped with everything you need in order to drive safely, enjoy your ride, and make the most out of each moment spent behind the wheel. Moreover, it has all the features necessary to give you all the proofs needed to win any case in court (of course if it was not your fault).

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For starters, this unique dash cam that has been launched in July 2017 is equipped with an advanced Ambarella chipset that can provide an impressive Super HD 2340*1296P@30fps recording quality. Make no mistake here, believing that a 2k camera does not compare with a 3k or 4k one.  

This device offers such an impressive recording quality that you can easily see the plate of any car at 5 meters ahead of you. This 2k dashboard camera is also equipped with 6 layers of a glass lens with an aperture of F 1.8. The result is an impressive night vision, with flawless exposure and good footage without any distortion whatsoever.  

This dash cam can easily capture 4 lanes of traffic due to its 170-degree wide lens. Another aspect you will love about this dash cam is the parking mode, GPS feature, time-lapse functions, and looping recording. You can’t but fall in love with how much this dashboard camera can offer. But before diving into the features, let’s start off by studying its looks. 

Vantrue R3 Dash Camera Design

Most drivers would agree that Vantrue R3 looks gorgeous. In fact, it looks better than all its predecessors: Vantrue X3 and Vantrue N2. This cool dash cam comes with a suction mount which enables you to mount it right beneath the mirror. Thus, the discretion factor increases considerably. You can easily mount the dash cam on your windshield and no one will ever notice it.

The black finish and rounded edges make this dash cam a truly appealing model that could easily win in a dash cam beauty contest. However, that’s now what Vantrue R3 is recognized for. Its features and specs are what make this a true master of dashboard cameras in 2018.

Vantrue R3 Image Clarity & Chipset

The Ambarella A12 chipset is simply extraordinary. The power consumption is greatly minimized, while the performance of the camera is enhanced. Thanks to Ambarella, you get to enjoy a seamless recording at 1296 ultra HD. You also get to enjoy all the features of this camera: event/normal save, loop recording, WDR, HDR, parking mode & super night vision.

As for image clarity, you will be thrilled to discover the great footage offered by this dashboard camera. Even though there are many cameras out there that offer 3k, even 4k at 2860p recording, the Vantrue R3 offers very good and reliable recordings at only 1296p. The 2k resolution offered by this camera is more than enough to read all street signs and plate numbers or capture any other important detail while on the road.

Vantrue R3 Top Features Explained

The Vantrue R3 is equipped with all the important features needed for a safe drive. Let’s start with the loop recording. What you’ll love about this feature is that you can select your favorite recording interval. You can choose to record in 1, 3, or 5-minute increments. The clip automatically rewrites over the old clip when your card is full. Of course, the footage that was intentionally saved won’t be erased.

Another exceptionally helpful feature is the G sensor. Your new Vantrue R3 automatically locks important video segments right in the “events” folder on the card. This list of important events includes but is not limited to the events you choose to save, collisions, thefts while in parking mode, attempted thefts, hits or bumps.

When in parking mode, expect R3 from Vantrue to turn on when motion is detected. Once you turn off the engine, the device automatically enters the parking mode. However, make sure you connect it to an external battery or hardwire it if you want to ensure each important event is recorded.

R3’s parking mode can record people who come close to your car at around 4 meters, or those who walk straight for your car. If you have parked in a crowded parking space where there are cameras, you might want to disable this feature in order to save battery. And last but not least, the optional GPS feature could come quite in handy.

In case of an accident, it helps to assess the actual status of the accident by listing the direction of the collision, vehicle speed, location on the map, and even the severity of the impact. In case you want to share a video you’ve just recorded, the GPS feature helps you to tag the location and save it right on your mobile device.

In order to leverage the GPS function, you need to purchase an additional GPS mount and connect it to the dash cam. The whole process is as easy as installing the Vantrue R3 in your car.

Vantrue R3 Conclusion

With numerous features, tons of benefits, and very few drawbacks, the Vantrue R3 1296P Dash Cam comes close to what an ideal dashboard camera should look like in 2018. Even though it is not equipped with Wifi and its 1.5 LCD is quite small, this modern camera offers impressive design, ease of installation, gorgeous footage, perfect night recording, G-sensor, parking mode, loop recording, and time-lapse.

With an extra GPS module, you will be able to pinpoint your exact location on Google Maps and check your speed, direction, and route in real-time. Overall, we can’t but recommend the Vantrue R3 dashboard camera as one of the top dash cams in 2018. However, the final say in this matter is yours. Choose wisely and reap the benefits of using a high-performance dash cam in 2018.

Best Dash Cams – Top Trends in the Dash Cams Industry in 2018

Every single day thousands of drivers upload dramatic footage of horrific high-speed accidents, near-death experiences, spectacular footage, or even cosmic events. These videos are all recorded automatically by modern dash cams and are then uploaded on video streaming networks. All this is due to the explosion of dashboard cameras.

If you are interested in understanding the top trends in the dash cams industry, discovering how to make the most out of this technological advancement, and finding out what are the top dash cams available on the market in 2017, keep reading this article about the future of dash cameras.

The Dash Cams Industry Is On The Rise

Also known as car DVDs, car cameras, or sometimes accident camcorders, dash cams have literally exploded on the market as of late. In 2017 alone, the dash cam market was valued at over $1.7 billion. By 2025, it is expected to increase by over 50%, reaching an astounding $2.45 billion.

In Russia, where the dash camera industry was born more than one decade ago, most private car owners already possess a dash cam. They were required to buy dash cams in order to stay protected against corrupt police offers who would fine them just for the fun of it. Slowly, this trend is transferred to western societies.

People are becoming increasingly aware of the astounding benefits of dash cams. As a driver, you can use a dash camera to:

  • Record your trips throughout the country and capture gorgeous pictures
  • Stay safe during your trips by being protected against theft, especially while your car is in park mode
  • Keep tabs on your location
  • Record accidents and gain evidence in court
  • Stay in control of everything that happens in your car, if you have a dual cam

Modern dash cams are equipped with a plethora of features, from advanced parking mode and the superior night vision to WiFi & GPS integration. All of these features work together to benefit the drivers and to offer them that feeling of safety and protection they need.

Leveraging The Features Of Dash Cams

Dash cams are quite useful at detecting scam artists who are more than eager to create “fake” accidents. If your car is not equipped with a dash camera, you might have to pay thousands of dollars out of your pocket, all based on a lie. Thus, we can state that a dashboard camera can save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

Dash cams provide efficient, straight to the point evidence in court. In case of an accident that wasn’t your fault, your dash cam could help save you thousands of dollars in expenses and can help you win the process much faster. Most of these footages are also accepted by big insurance companies, who can reduce operational costs and process the claims much easier.

Insurance companies can also identify fraudulent claims and punish drivers that misbehave while on the road. Modern dash cams, such as Pruveoo C2, offer parents the possibility to record inside the car. Thus, single parents who drive can keep tabs on their kids and stay in control of everything that happens inside the vehicle.

Technical Developments Of Dash Cams In Time

Dash cams were not as advanced decades ago as they are today. The first dash cams that hit the US have been used by the Dallas police back in the 1980s. They were literally HVS cassettes mounted on tripods. Years later, the first dashboard cameras became available to the masses. They were so bulky and expensive that few drivers would choose them.

As the technology advanced in quick strides, the dash cam adoption trend gained momentum. In 2014, the dash cam industry exploded, with tens of new dash cams hitting the market. The early dash cam was only able to record at VGA quality, had a limited 120-degree vision range, and had no features whatsoever.

KDLINKS® R100 Ultra HD 1296P Front + 1080P Rear 280° Wide Angle Anti-Glare Rearview Mirror Dual...
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  • Automatic Motion Detection - Once movement is detected, the R100 begins recording for a short period of time—and shuts off...
  • Superior Night Vision - The 6-glass lens design and wide dynamic range (WDR) give you high-definition video recording both...
  • High-Power, Built-In Battery - Each dash cam system not only features an HD IPS screen, it supports a 64GB or 128GB micro SD...
  • Trusted 1-Year Warranty - Every KDLINKS R100 dual dash cam kit is backed by premier customer support, unbeatable...

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Now, modern dash cams such as Falcon Zero offer dual recording, other offers up to 4k videos (2880p x 2160p), crash recording, auto shut-off feature, parking mode, GPS, WiFI, large LCD display, TV output, 128 GB SD card support and even built-in microphone & speaker.

Also new on the market Car Stereo Receivers With Bluetooth and GPS Navigation

  • – DVR Dash Cam, Rearview Backup Camera
  • – Touchscreen Display With Wi-Fi Web Browsing And App Download

Modern dash cams are autonomous, being able to replace existing memory with new recordings. You can also lock in certain sections of your recording and tag each section with the exact location on the GPS.

The Global Dash Cams Industry – Interesting Facts

The media grew considerably anxious to promote dashboard cameras. News channels like Daily Mail, BBC, and ABC News started to invest huge amounts of money in order to promote this new trend of dash cams. To top it all, tens of new companies sprang on the market in the US and UK, offering unique dash cams versions and meeting the growing needs of the market.

Due to the increased awareness of the benefits of dash cams, the dash cam market is expected to grow all across Europe, North America, and Southeast Asia. The global dash cam market is at the moment dominated by manufacturers from the Asia Pacific region, specifically Vietnam, Taiwan, China, South Korea, and Japan.

However, the competition that comes from North America is growing fiercer by the day. We should expect a decrease in the price of the dash cams and an increase in the number of standard features.

Top Trends In The Dash Cams Industry That Will Dominate 2018

Experts agree that the dash cam industry is hot. In fact, in addition to AI and a few other industries, it might be the hottest one to follow in 2018. If you are a driver, it is imperative to follow the dash cam trends for 2018.
Here is what to expect in this industry in the year to come:

1.The investment in it will rise:
whether it will be from the media, from drivers, from manufacturers, or from governmental programs, the dash cam industry will continue to skyrocket.

2. The dash cam industry will be integrated with IoT (Internet of Things):
IoT is growing just as big as the AI (Artificial intelligence). More and more car manufacturers are adopting these technologies in order to smooth out the driving process, detect errors quicker, and protect drivers against unexpected errors. Together with dash cams, these technologies take the safety of modern drivers to the next level.

3. Personalized package solutions:
automobile manufacturers are already starting to work with dash cam producers in order to offer personalized offers to drivers. For instance, if a new driver with a family of 4 wants to buy a new car, he can choose to have a dual dash cam, such as KDSLINKS R100, included in the package.

4. Incentives from auto insurance companies:
vehicle insurance companies have realized that drivers who own a dash cam can make their job much easier. Thus, they are willing to offer incentives to drivers who want to install their own dash cams. A 50% incentive plus free set up could be a great stimulus for any driver who is still considering if whether installing a dash cam is worth the effort.

5. Futuristic cop cars are here:
an amazing trend in the dash cam industry is the inclusion of dash cams in police cars. Specialists agree that modern cop cars released in 2018 will be equipped with AI & advanced dash cams. Their cars will also be connected to the IoT grid, which will enable them to easily spot suspects. The new dash cams will be AI-ready and will be able to identify suspects on the spot.

What To Look For When Buying A Dash Cam

When looking for a dash cam, you want to get the best one possible for your needs.
For starters, you need to choose a 4k or 2k dashboard camera. A 4k dash cam enables you to zoom in the image and still get the same clarity, offering a whopping 2880x2160p, while a 2k dash cam lets you record at up to 2880x2160p resolution. The only difference between the two is that the image is clearer in the case of 4k cameras.

However, WheelWitness HD PRO PLUS is an exception from the rule. This 2k camera offers the best image possible, both during the day and during the night. Another aspect to look at when selecting your new dashboard camera is the GPS feature. GPS marks the spot and could prove invaluable in court, in case you have a dispute that happened in a certain location.

Your new dashboard camera also needs to have a decent field of view. For example, the KDLINKS R100 Ultra HD has a super-wide 280 angle. Each of the cameras has a 140 viewing angle, together creating a 280-degree field of view. This dual camera is one of the best in the dual dash cam category.

Ultimately, you want to buy a dash cam that is has a gorgeous, yet minimalistic and simplistic design. One of the best to meet these criteria is the Falcon Zero Touch Pro HD dash cam. With a super large 4” inch screen, GPS tracking, G-sensor, loop recording, and parking security, this dash cam has everything you might need from a dashboard camera in 2018.


There is no doubt that the dash cam industry is on the rise. Everyone, from regular drivers to truck drivers, taxis, uber drivers, and even police cars is leveraging the benefits of dashboard cameras. Buying a dash cam in 2018 is a must, especially if you want to feel safe behind the wheel, stay protected against “evil” or scam drivers, record beautiful moments and please your insurance company.

XMOTION L30 Touch Screen Dashcam

The XMOTION L30 Dash cam is the more advanced version and the older brother of the world-renowned XMOTION L2 dash cam. Coming with better functionality, more advanced features, and a higher quality, the new model is set to exceed customer expectations and to help them enjoy a safer trip, especially during the night.

XMOTION L30 Dashcam QUADBLACK QHD Front (1440p) and Rear (1080p) 2 Ch Black Box 32GB
  • Both a Car Charger and hardwiring cable are included
  • XMOTION L30 Truel QHD in-car Dashcam with 32GB SD Card included. Made in Korea
  • True FHD Front(1440p) and Rear(1080p) high performance CPU
  • Advanced Night Vision, ADAS, Time Lapse, Motion Detection, Format Free, 3.5" Full Touch Screen LCD

Last update on 2024-06-19 / This is Amazon Affiliate link / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

With the dimensions of 6.5 x 5 x 4 inches XMOTION L30 is a slim, unobtrusive dashcam that can easily fit on any dashboard. In fact, due to its sleek design, it could easily pose as a DSLR pocket camera. In this XMOTION L30 Dash cam review, we will dive deeper into the features and benefits of this product. Take note of the benefits this dash cam brings to the table and decide if it is a good buy for you as a driver.

What’s In The Box

The package includes the front camera, the hardwire cable, a 16 GB micro SD card with an adapter, an advanced mount with 3M adhesive, a car charger, and the guide. Optionally, you can opt-in for a rear camera cable, a small rear camera device, and a GPS antenna.

Xmotion L30 Astounding Camera Quality

Since it was released in the mid 2017s, the XMOTION L30 managed to turn a lot of heads and make a lot of drivers fall in love with its features. With very high ratings and exceptional feedback from the driver community, this Korean dash cam is poised to take over the American market.

Xmotion, the Korean manufacturer of dash cams, has managed to make a name for themselves when releasing Xmotion L2 back in December 2016. After just 6 months, they released a more advanced model, the L30, which retains all of L2’s capabilities but has a more advanced CPU and offers much better performance at night. Moreover, the newer model records at QHD (1440p), an astounding quality both during the day and the night.

The components of this dash cam are all high-quality, making it to easily withstand bumps, scratches, or even water to some degree. The sleek design and large screen complement each other, giving you the feel of a high-quality product made to last. Thanks to its compact design, you can easily mount the dash cam behind your mirror. This makes it totally non-distracting, improving your driving and keeping you safe.

Screen And Recording Capability

As for screen quality, the large 3.5 inch TFT is superior to the one offered by the Kidcia 4k, which has only a 2.4 “ LCD. In fact, the screen is slightly better than the one embedded in its younger brother, XMOTION L2. The L30’s full HD 3.5” screen is convenient enough during both day and night, allowing you to do instant playback and play your video at the highest quality possible.

Probably one of the strongest points of the XMOTION L30 Dash cam is its recording capability. At 1440p, this device records much better than any other 1080p dash cam available on the market. Moreover, given that it is made in Korea and that drivers were ecstatic with how XMOTION L2 was able to record, we can’t but imagine how pleased they will be with L30’s recording capabilities.

The video is extremely clear with XMOTION L30. You can practically see all signage and license plates, even during the darkest night. Thanks to the advanced night vision feature, you can rest assured that you will capture every evidence needed in case of a trial.

Xmotion L30 And Time Lapse

Another interesting feature of this dash cam is time-lapse. When in time-lapse mode, your dashcam conserves energy and memory card space, capturing only 2 frames per second instead of the regular 15-20. When time-lapse is active, you can record up to 10 times more time. For example, if with the standard 16 GB card you could record for one full hour in normal mode, with time-lapse you can record 9 to 10 hours.

This feature is perfect when parking or when driving at high speeds on the interstate. However, make sure to disable it when driving in the city and you need to capture as many details as possible.

No Battery Drainage

Thanks to the fact that this cam is equipped with a feature that prevents your car battery from getting drained, you can rest assured that your car battery won’t run low while in parking mode. Many other dash cams have this problem, draining the car battery while the vehicle is parked. You definitely don’t want to be one of those “lucky” drivers who need to jump-start their vehicles due to battery drainage.

Warranty Of Xmotion L30

This dash cam is made in Korea but its warranty is based in the United States. You don’t have to worry about sending it to Korea or about any warranty issues whatsoever. With the 1 year full device and parts warranty, you can rest assured that your investment is safe.

Who Is This Dashcam For?

If you are a driver who likes to drive during the night, or you to go work every morning before sun rises, then there is no doubt that XMOTION L30 is a great pick for you. Due to its advanced night sensors, you can rest assured that your night trips or commutes will be perfectly safe.

This dash cam is also an excellent choice for people who drive a lot throughout the day and need to fit into tight parking spaces. Thanks to the embedded Advanced Driver Assistance System, parking will never be a problem anymore. XMOTION L30 is perfect for drivers who need high-quality recording and love to keep tabs on their trips.

Ultimately, the XMOTION L30 Dashcam is a great buy for drivers who need a sleek, non-obtrusive dash cam that complements their interior car design. This beautiful dash cam should be your main choice if you prefer sleek cameras over bulky, low-quality units.

Vantrue X3 Powerful 2.5 K HD Dashboard Camera

Dash cams continue to be a very affordable option and extra insurance in the form of peace of mind in case of accidents. More and more drivers from the United States are becoming eager to invest in a modern dash cam. Needless to say, dash cams are all the rage in 2017. One of the best dash cams of the moment is undoubtedly Vantrue X3 WIFI.

This dashboard camera powered by a very powerful processor boasts a super-wide 170-degree angle, high-resolution 2560X1440p@30fps mode, and a whole lot of modern features and connections. This modern dash cam uses Wifi together with an app in order to let you see images directly on your phone and download them.
Vantrue X3 WiFi Dash Cam, QHD 2.5K 1440P 30fps 1080P 60fps Dash Camera 170 Degree Wide Angle Car...
  • 【1440p@30fps or 1080P@60fps dash cam】Support 7 resolution mode, the resolution highest up to 2560 X 1440p @...
  • 【Car dash camera with night vision】Unique High Dynamic Range (HDR) video system for superior low light compensation -...
  • 【Wifi dash cam 】With built-in WIFI and WIFI-CarDV App(on Google or APP store) allow you to view real-time...
  • 【Parking mode and time lapse】Auto switch the dashcam to Parking Mode. Triggered by the motion sensor, the car recorder...
  • 【Loop recording & G-sensor】Seamless Loop recording will record the video on 1 /3 /5 minutes clips and automatically...

Last update on 2024-06-19 / This is Amazon Affiliate link / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

At 1440p at 30 fps, super HD recording quality, or 1080p full HD at 60 fps, this gorgeous dash cam can also take 16MP snapshots, even during the night. The parking monitor complements the emergency protect, HDR, and time-lapse to offer you a complete experience.

Inside The Box Of Vantrue X3

Once you open up the box, expect to find a charging cable with standard USB (it is also equipped with an extra port to help you charge your smartphone, which could come quite in handy), an instruction manual, a mounting system, the camera itself, and an additional cable for USB transfers. The box contains everything you need in order to leverage this device and take your driving experience to the next level.

Vantrue X3 WIFI – Outstanding Design

This beautiful dashcam is a sleek, all-black finish device that turns eyes and complements any type of dashboard. The controls are smartly placed to help you navigate the menu with ease, while the large 2.7 TFT screen offers you a flawless view of your photo or video capture.

Probably the only dashcam with a better design than Vantrue X3 is Vantrue N2 dual. Of course, it all comes down to personal preferences. I personally like N2 more due to its sturdier look and design. However, many other experienced drivers like X3’s design due to its round shape and sleek design.

Ultimate Connectivity Features

One of the most powerful benefits of Vantrue X3 that makes it stand head and shoulders over its competitors is the built-in Wi-Fi. You can leverage it to operate your dashcam from an external device, such as a smartphone or tablet. You can also use the Wi-Fi app to instantly download recordings on your tablet and phone.
Once there, you can share the videos on your preferred social media channels and share unique moments with your best friends. Thanks to the advanced connectivity features, Vantrue X3 supports up to 3 connections at the same time. All of your family can take advantage of this beautiful dashcam and share their favorite moments of the trip on their social media accounts.

Wide Viewing Angle

Another outstanding benefit of the Vantrue X3 dash cam is the super-wide recording angle. At 170 degrees, this modern dashcam reduces all blind spots and gives you full 4-lane coverage. Not the same can be said about Vantrue N1, its younger brother, which can only record at a limited 156 degrees.

Vantrue X3 – The Power Within

Another feature that defines this Wifi dashboard camera and sets it apart from its competitors is the powerful A12 Ambarella chipset. The 4M CMOS sensor and an Ambarella processor make this dashcam one of the top performers in the dashcam industry. The videos and photos are super clear, while the 6 full HD lens ensures that the image quality is exceptional, even during harsh weather conditions like snow or rain.

Extraordinary Image Quality, Even During The Night

Thanks to the power within, Vantrue X3 can record at 2560X1440@30, offering a super 2.5K resolution. The quality of the shots is super high, offering vivid images with clear details. Using auxiliary lighting plus super night vision, Vantrue X3 allows you to enjoy accurate colors even during night or in low-light environments. The F1.8 aperture is complemented by the high 3.0umx 3.0um sensitivity sensor for clearer footage.
With Vantrue X3, reading license plates, street signs and important details is a breeze. To better accommodate drivers’ needs, the manufacturer has enabled this dashcam to provide several resolutions. In other words, you can choose to record at 1080p@60fps, 1080p@30fps, 1296p@30fps or 1440p@30fps.

Top Features

If at this point you are not fully convinced that Vantrue X3 is an exceptional dashcam that could be a very good option for your car, then the following features might convince you. For starters, Vantrue X3 is equipped with G-sensor and the seamless loop feature, being able to continually overwrite footage when the card reaches its maximum capacity. However, the great news is that it locks important events inside the “Events” folder.
Whether it’s a bump, scratch, hit, or any other major event, they will all get saved so you can use them later. Another useful feature is the parking monitor. When you park, the car automatically switches to park mode. Then the camera remains open while you go away. This ensures that any car that hits your vehicle is automatically captured on the camera.
Use the time-lapse feature to take beautiful photos at a pre-set time interval and then edit them to create a unique video. Ultimately, the GPS feature helps you to keep tabs on your current location and share footage on social media with the location automatically embedded in it. Moreover, this feature records the vehicle speed, the severity of impact, and the direction of collision in case of a severe accident.
The GPS function is a must, especially when you are driving on the interstate.


With almost no drawbacks and a ton of features & benefits, the Vantrue X3 is definitely one of the best dashboard cameras of the year. The instant video access allows you and your family to share beautiful memories on social media, while the loop recording & G-sensor ensure that you will never run out of beautiful footage.
Using a super night vision and a wide 170-degree angle, this powerful dashcam allows you to capture vivid footage with real colors. Use it everywhere you go and never miss an important moment again.

Frizione 2.4 Dashboard Camera With GPS And WIFI

The Frizione 2.4 is a small but powerful dash cam consisting of many features, and having a Wide View Angle of 150 Degrees. Although all of 2.4 inches in size, it packs a punch and is one of the versatile dash cameras available on the market. Read the full Frizione 2.4 review and find out what this camera has to offer.

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Futures Of Frizione 2.4 Dash Cam

The Frizione 2.4 dashcam has a number of features, like parking mode, loop recording, and emergency mode. These multiple modes give it a touch of versatility. You can also get other useful bells and whistles such as Motion Detection, Parking Monitoring, Loop Recording, G-Sensor, and WiFi.

All the features are quite impressive, and these make the setup and use much easier. When the in-built G-sensor senses a sudden impact or deceleration, the emergency mode and loop recording features of the camera can be engaged automatically. The camera has a perfect suction cup bracket that can make you easily stick it to a car windshield.

The dashcam can stick securely, and prevent it from falling off. The camera is able to save video files and lock them automatically in parking mode or emergency mode. The Frizione 2.4 automatically deletes the older videos when the memory card is filled to capacity. However, all event videos are automatically overwrite-protected.

Frizione 2.4 Dash Cam Quality

The dashcam consists of front and rear-facing cameras, which can keep you protected from legal hassles in case of accidents, vehicular mishaps, and collisions and offer you a solid chance to explain yourself. The video quality and auto control are excellent in this camera. It has an amazing 4K video quality, which is much better than the 1080p. The videos recorded are not shaky, and there is overall stability.

The Frizione 2.4 consists of perfect night vision, which is comparable to that of Kdlinks X1 Dashboard Camera that is known for recording stunning video and image footage during the night. The high-resolution image and video quality ensure that your footages are highly detailed. Even videos shot directly under the sun are clear and there is nothing to lose. The picture quality is clear and highly precise.

The Frizione 2.4 dashcam works like an integrated system. Its rear camera is weatherproof and can be mounted close to the license plate bracket at the rear, outside the car. You may even mount it under the lid of your trunk.

WDR Processing

The WDR processing and 1080P resolution of the front camera allow capturing of footages with minimal noise. The HD screen of the Frizione 2.4 that measures 2.45 inches in size can display footages in sharp and clear detail. It is bright enough to allow easy viewing of footage in daylight, as compared to the in-built backup camera screens in many cars.

The WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) processing is assistive and ensures clearer and more aesthetic footage. Even at night, the camera is practical to use.

GPS Geo-Tagging

Much like other dashcams like Falcon Zero Touch PRO, this camera boasts of fantastic auto control and perfect video quality. It is a bright and clear screen, which makes videos easy to see. The in-built WiFi and GPS are amazing. The GPS has excellent functioning and is extremely accurate about car speeds.

The GPS Geo-Tagging works very well. The Frizione 2.4 can record GPS data with high accuracy, and easily record information about the route, vehicle speed, and location. You may get the “Lerccenker” APP downloaded to your smartphone for remote controlling your dashcam, playback, video recording, photo taking, real-time viewing, changing settings, video playback, video editing (by downloading recorded files to your smartphone), and video sharing on various social networking websites.

Motion Detection

The Frizione 2.4 dash cam works with motion detection enabled. Whenever the recorder senses any movement, the camera begins to record. As soon as motion detection comes to a stop, the camera enters the standby motion detection state automatically once the motion detection is completed. The camera function restarts once the moving object is again detected.

Loop Recording

If loop recording is enabled on the Frizione 2.4 camera, you can get the option for video recording in 3, 5, or 10-minute loops. Until the entire space is filled up, all the video files are recorded on the TF card. Once space is exhausted, the oldest file would be overwritten automatically. However, automatic overwriting of files on an emergency basis is impossible matching parking monitoring, motion detection, or gravity sensing.

Parking Monitoring

When the car engine is turned off and the Parking Mode is kept turned on, the camera automatically turns off. In case of any crash or collision, the recording will be restarted and the files will immediately be saved. Normally, it records videos for 60 seconds and then automatically gets turned off.

Once the camera again detects a collision, the Frizione 2.4 camera begins functioning once more. The videos recorded are saved as well as locked, and loop recording does not cover it.


During sudden events like an abrupt turn or a vehicular collision, images can be recorded and stored automatically – which can help you offer pieces of evidence regarding accidents. You can professionally wire the Frizione 2.4 camera into the ignition. It can turn on automatically and begin recording when you start the vehicle and shut it off as soon as the car turns off. The setup is very easy, and you will love the installation.

Should You Buy the Frizione 2.4 Dash Cam?

The Frizione 2.4 dash camera is amazing. It comes with wonderful night vision and clear video quality. It is offered with instructions, which might not be completely clear, but can be useful for you to install the device in your car. With a very clear and detailed image and video quality, the camera can be a wonderful shooter for you.

You can conveniently install it on your vehicle. The dashcam features an instant-on functionality, and you can immediately set it up. The camera is worth buying, especially if you want a shooter that can capture both front and rear footages. Although small in size, it is powerful in functionality.