Jrcx Mirror Dash Cam 10 Inch Touch Screen

The Jrcx mirror dash cam is a well-built dash cam with raving reviews from tens of thousands of drivers from all over the globe. Even if it has just been launched on March 11, 2019, this modern device has already captured the hearts of numerous drivers. This modern device is equipped with 2 cameras, the front one recording 170 degrees and the rear one 140 degrees.

The device offers you constant protection against any threats thanks to the parking monitor feature and built-in G-sensor. The unit looks really sleek, with an all-black touch that can dramatically boost the appeal of your vehicle. Its large 10” screen is super slim and features just the right buttons and connections you need.

Mirror Dash Cam, Dual 1080P Front and Rear, 10 Inch Touch Screen Front 1080P 170° Full HD Front...
  • Full HD IPS streaming media touchscreen, 1080P front camera records highest quality videos day and night. With an 170°...
  • Rear camera with 1080P 140° viewing angle, F2. 0 6-glass lens that greatly enhances night vision, supporting the reversing...
  • Loop recording means fully automatic and continuous recording (the locked video footage will not be overwritten) by...
  • Build-in G-Sensor detect any sudden braking, impact, rapid acceleration or sharp cornering. Lock and secure the footage for...
  • 90 days hassle free money back , and lifetime (the main part). If you have any questions about the product, please contact us...

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Jrcx mirror dash cam has the power button on the top and USB, AV-in, TF card and GPS connections on the bottom. Thanks to its unique design, the Jrcx screen literally clamps over your rearview mirror. It completely hides the mirror and replaces it with an all-black, smooth IPS streaming media touchscreen.

Jrcx mirror dash cam – Perfect Resolution

The large screen can easily adapt to all climates. The screen is super rich in clarity and contains millions of colors. It offers you a viewing quality similar to what modern smartphones can offer. You can view the footage or play videos on the screen and enjoy a smooth 1024×400 resolution. This screen is unlike you’ve ever seen in a dashboard camera.

It is similar to the screen offered by Tekbow mirror dash cam, but it’s slightly more versatile and offers a better resolution. The screen has a very good resolution which enables you to get the best experience ever when viewing videos. You can also set the balance, exposure, color, and sharpness. You can even stream your favorite videos from an external device using the USB or AV-in.

Great Recording Capabilities

The Jrcx is a modern dashcam equipped with two advanced cameras. Each camera records in full HD, and is equipped with 6 lenses and has an F 2.0 aperture. Moreover, cameras are protected from direct sunlight and glare. The cameras can seamlessly record even when the sun is blinding your eyes.  

They can also capture footage during heavy snow or storms. The rear camera, when placed externally, is protected from elements thanks to its IP67 rating.

No more Worries About Parking

Parking becomes a breeze with this camera from Jrcx. Just like the Junsun mirror dash cam, this device will automatically display the image in the rear on the screen when you go in reverse. When you want to park and you go in reverse, the camera in the rear will automatically display the whole image it records on the screen. Thus, you get to view an unobstructed, full view of what lies behind you.

When parking, you also get to enjoy the parking lines offered by the manufacturer. You can easily adjust the angle of the lines in order to make it easier for you to park. You are completely assisted when parking, so you can gain the peace of mind that your vehicle will be safe from any accidents.

24-Hour Recording & Parking Monitoring

A feature of this modern dashcam from Jrcx you will definitely love is the 24-hour recording. The camera system once hooked to a constant power source, can stay in idle mode when your vehicle is parked. If it senses a bump, hit, or crash, it turns on instantly and starts recording. The recording is safely stored on the card and cannot be erased by loop recording. Moreover, the recordings saved with the G-sensor are also stored and cannot be erased.

This unit, when you are driving, can record for 24 hours continuously. It starts by itself and turns off all by itself. Your storage will update indefinitely, clearing space for the new recordings. Old recordings will be overwritten, all except for the important files with accidents or bumps.

Things You Will Love About Jrcx Mirror Dash Cam

For starters, you will love the Jrcx mirror dash cam due to its responsive controls. Beside touch-responsiveness is quite amazing. The software is super easy to understand, the camera very easy to operate, and the touch responds instantly to your commands.

Second, you’ll be hooked by the image clarity. You can perfectly see the image during sunshine conditions, in tunnels, or during the darkest night. You can also see clearly behind you when trying to park. Third, this dashcam comes ready to use. The original package contains high-quality rubbers straps which you can use to strap the unit over your current mirror.

Installing this unit is also a breeze. You won’t spend more than 5 minutes on the initial install. Of course, you have a complete guide inside the package that explains to you how to properly install the Jrcx mirror dash cam.

Things You Might Not Love About This Device

The Jrcx mirror dash cam is not a perfect dashboard camera. There isn’t a perfect model, at least not yet. This device lacks useful ADAS features, together with WiFi integration and GPS module. You cannot connect it to your mobile or to the cloud.

Another aspect you won’t appreciate about this device is that it supports only a maximum 64 GB SD card. That’s pretty basic, considering that many other dashcams available in 2019 support up to 256 GB. Moreover, it doesn’t actually shine in terms of design. The all-black plastic cover does not seem well built and might not last very much.

The Bottom Line

Even if it comes with obvious drawbacks, the Jrcx mirror dash cam is one of the most appreciated mirror dual cameras of the year. It has obvious strong points which make it superior in certain areas than its competitors. It offers one of the best screens available for dash cams. It is also super easy to use and to navigate. Its touch responsiveness is astounding.

If you need a reliable dash cam that is easy to install, smooth to use and very effective at recording everything around you, then the Jrcx mirror dash cam could prove to be quite a good choice for you.

Pormido Mirror Dash Cam Backup Camera 9.88″ Full HD Touch Screen

Pormido mirror dash cam is a modern dashboard, a backup camera system that features a super large 9.88” Full HD touchscreen, wide 170 degrees viewing lens, G-sensor, GPS, and 24/7 parking. This unique dash cam from Pormido comes with a unique design, clamping over your rearview mirror with ease. It also offers super-smooth operation by simply swiping the screen.

During the night, this modern camcorder offers exceptional recordings, with minimal glare and increased brightness. The 2019 Pormido mirror dash cam is equipped with a longer rear camera extension cable, so it can be successfully used in longer vehicles such as RVs, limousines, buses, vans, trucks, or trailers. The front camera of this system is flexible. You can adjust it to capture a different angle and enjoy better images.

Mirror Dash Cam Backup Camera 9.88" Full HD Touch Screen Car Dash Camera Stream Media Dual Lens...
  • 【9.88" Full Touch Screen with 1080P front and rear dash camera & wide view field】The 9.88"streaming media mirror with...
  • 【Wide Rearview & Night Vision】The rear view mirror camera recording at 1080p resolution,giving you nice,detailed footage...
  • 【G-sensor & Loop recording】When collision occurs,G-sensor will automatically lock the video,which cannot be overwritten...
  • 【Auto Recording & 24 hours Parking Monitor & GPS】The dual dash cam starts automatically once your car starts up,thus no...

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Moreover, this device offers exceptional resistance to bad weather and extreme temperatures. Pormido is similar to Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual Dash Cam in terms of temperature resistance. They both work extremely well in all climates, from -20 Celsius to 70 degrees Celsius (-4 degrees Fahrenheit up to 158 Fahrenheit). However, Pormido is only capable of recording at over 4 degrees Celsius, so it’s not as resistant to cold as Vantrue N2 Uber.

Pormido Mirror Dash Cam – A New Dash cam in 2019

This unit from Pormido has just been released a few months ago, on November 30, 2018. However, it’s already considered one of the top dash cams in 2019 due to its unique traits and multiple advantages. The item weighs 1,78 pounds. The package includes 2 cameras, the LCD display, multiple cables, a GPS antenna, a bonus 32GB card, 4 mounting straps, a 15 meters bonus extension cable, and a mini USB.

The battery is Li-Pol. While it’s not as good and reliable as a supercapacitor, the Li-Pol battery is much better than Li-Ion standard battery that most dashcams have.

Pormido Mirror Dash Cam – Usability

This unit is extremely versatile and super easy to set up. Just like AUTO-VOX X2 Mirror Dash Cam, Pormido mirror dash cam can be installed in a matter of minutes. Simply clamp the screen over the rearview mirror, connect it to the power source, and then set the rear camera in the back of your car and connect it via cable to the main unit.

While the rear camera is standalone, the front camera lies right in front of the screen. So basically, you have the screen pointing towards you, while the front camera is on the other side of the screen, facing the front side. The camera is totally unobtrusive and can be hardly noticed from the outside.

Pormido mirror dash cam is highly usable in any type of weather or environment. You can use it for any type of vehicle, and you can gain the peace of mind that your vehicle is safe. The GPS tracking records the direction, route, speed, and the exact location on the map.

Pormido Mirror Dash Cam – Recording Quality

One aspect you will thoroughly love about the Pormido mirror dash cam is the amazing recording quality. Both cameras have the same recording potential, which is great. Most dashcams present on the market come with a rear camera that does not record as good as the front camera. But not Pormido. Both cameras record in full HD and have 7 lenses.

The only difference between the cameras is that the front one has a viewing angle of 170 degrees, while the rear one has 150 degrees. However, that’s a total of 330 degrees field of vision, which is more than necessary. You capture the whole road ahead and in the back, with minimal effort.

Flexible Front Camera

Another aspect you will love about this modern dual dash cam is that the front camera is quite flexible. You can literally pull the front camera in and out. Thus, you can adjust the viewing angle and get better, non-deforming images. You can also rotate the camera up and down, plus sideways, so you get a complete recording angle.

Because of the front camera’s flexibility, you can get to record much more than the standard 170 degrees. You stay in full control of what you record.

Premium Reverse System

The rear camera is also very smart and unobtrusive. It looks just the same as the front camera, but it is a standalone unit. Even if you cannot change its position, you can get to enjoy smart reverse parking. When you go in reverse, the system automatically shows on the screen the recording from the rear.  

You can easily see in Full HD clarity everything that lies behind you. You can park your car hassle-free, knowing that you won’t hit any object by accident.

Pormido Mirror Dash Cam – Super Night Vision

Pormido mirror dash cam contains 2 cameras that do not just record amazing during the day, but also during the night. Thanks to the super night vision sensor and 7-lens, you can enjoy high-quality recordings at night. The brightness is automatically enhanced, while glare is reduced to a minimum. At the same time, lighter areas aren’t washed out, which makes it very easy for you to drive.

You can literally drive by looking at the screen, because you’ll see the road ahead in much better colors and tones than by looking at it through the windshield, with the naked eye.

Pormido Mirror Dash Cam – Parking Monitor

This device is not just excellent at recording the road ahead and behind. Pormido mirror dash cam is also a true helper when it comes to keeping your car safe. Let’s say that you park your car in busy areas quite often. Those areas are preferred by car thieves, especially if they are not protected by CCTV cameras.  

If you park your car for more days, you want to get the peace of mind that your vehicle is safe. A standard alarm won’t do. In this case, you can rely on the dash cam from Pormido to do the anti-theft job. All you need to do is to connect the system to the fuse box using a hardwire kit 5V/2A, and you’ll get a complete surveillance monitor. The cameras record whenever an impact is detected or a thief tries to break into your car. 

Pormido Mirror Dash Cam – A top Dashcam 

The Pormido mirror dash cam is undoubtedly one of the best dashcams in 2019. It has all the features you need in order to stay protected while parked and to enjoy seamless recording capabilities, both during the day and night.

Owl Car Camera One Of The Smartest Dash Cam Right Now

Product no longer available 

The Owl Car Cam is a modern, even futuristic dashboard camera that is extremely famous today on the market. Tens of thousands of drivers from all around the globe have already leveraged the features offered by this amazing device. Even if it was just released online in October 2018, the Owl has managed to break new ground in the dashboard camera industry.

This is the first dash cam that is equipped with a built-in 4G connectivity. This device connects directly with your smartphone and stays connected indefinitely. We could even state that this is the first real smart dash cam that has hit the market. The masterminds behind the Owl Car Cam have managed to turn a simple product into a whole security system.

Some of the things you will love about it include its excellent design, minimalistic size, easy connectivity, solid security, and simple operation. Below, we’ll dive deeper into what the Owl car cam is and how it can help to keep you safe as a driver and protect you from every potential threat.

Owl Car Cam – Overview

The Owl car dash cam is a groundbreaking product capable of protecting yourself, your family, and your car like nothing else. Even if it is one of the most expensive dash cams available on the market, it is equipped with a multitude of bells and whistles that would make any other driver jealous.

After just a few months after release, the scientists from Owl have already improved the low-light video, fixed some bugs, and added the OnStar emergency service. They are definitely doing a great job at solving customer’s problems and improving the performance of this dash cam.

In Which Cars Owl Car Cam Can Be Installed

This camera supports almost all vehicles built after 1996. Its sophisticated design makes for a great addition to your vehicle and can dramatically boost the value of your car. What you will definitely love about this product is that it gives you capabilities and features that most dash cams out there lack. This includes a permanent cellular connection, advanced security options, and constant feedback right on your smartphone.

Owl Cam Car Real-Time Surveillance

The Owl car camera comes with a unique capability. You will be surprised at how reliable this product is. It offers automatic, real-time upload of footage to your smartphone. It also automatically uploads any recorded accidents or crashes to your smartphone and to the cloud. Thus, you can rest assured that all the data you need in court is saved in two places: on your smartphone and securely in the cloud (the company’s portal).

Let’s say that your car is parked, and someone tries to break in. They hit the door, the alarm rings, and they run away. In less than one second, you get the whole footage on your smartphone. You can then go to the police with the footage or simply share it online on your social media accounts and on Youtube. What’s even funnier is that you can use the camera built-in speaker to tell the thieves to hit the road.

Or you can just tell them that they will get famous on Twitter and YouTube within just 2 hours. Those experiences could literally make your day.

Owl Cam Car Design & Appeal

The Owl car looks simply astounding. If the out-of-the-box experience is vital for you, then we assure you that you won’t be disappointed. What I mean here is that the product arrives in an attractive, high-grade box, and offers you that “wow” feeling you get after opening the box. But the same could be said about the Street Guardian SGGCX2PRO another great dash cam on the market.

The design and the package are both luxurious. Owl’s unique design allows you to mount the camera right on the crevice where your dashboard meets the window. It takes less than 6 minutes to install and it requires no dangling cables, adhesives, or professional help. You will definitely enjoy the innocuous, tiny suction cup that allows you to vary the height of the camera.

For a stroke of genius, we recommend you to play with the camera position until you enjoy a safe and secure driving position that is not affected by the camera. We also recommend you to hide the cable from the camera in the dash/window crevice. You can basically connect the camera to the OBD-II connector to make the camera totally inconspicuous.

Owl Cam Car Recording Quality

In terms of recording, the Owl car cam is surprisingly good. The front camera records at 1440p and it is equipped with 4MP 6-lens. The rear camera records at 720p, and it only has 1MP quality. Both cameras have a standard 120-degree field of view, which is not impressive at all. Other dash cams such as AUTO-VOX X2 Mirror Dash Cam span wider recording angles of 140 degrees.

The recording quality during the night is pretty amazing. After the last update, it records really nice, even in low-light conditions. You won’t experience a lot of lens flare from other headlights, while the contrast is quite balanced.

What’s amazing about this product is that it has a huge 14-day loop that can be accessed by anywhere. In other words, it stores all the previous recordings made within the last 14 days in the cloud, so you can access them on demand.

Things to Remember

The camera stops recording after 24 hours. It also stops recording if the battery gets lower than 5 percent. Note that this camera does not come with an SD card. All the footage is stored on your mobile phone and in the cloud. The screen is not quite amazing. It doesn’t even compare to the 7” screen Pyle PLDVRCAMAND75 is equipped with.

Owl Cam Car Anti-Theft Security

The Owl system comes with a unique anti-theft security system. When your car is parked, you will notice a flashing green beacon inside it. If a thief or someone else touches your car or bumps into it, you will get a video alert straight to your phone. This way, you will be able to see the entire act and even talk to the culprits.

The Owl system comes with a unique anti-theft security system. When your car is parked, you will notice a flashing green beacon inside it. If a thief or someone else touches your car or bumps into it, you will get a video alert straight to your phone. This way, you will be able to see the entire act and even talk to the culprits.

Owl Cam Car Specs

The Owl dash cam comes equipped with integrated GPS function, a gravity sensor, and a dual-array microphone. Because this device does not use your phone network and it doesn’t rely on your data plan, you can rest assured that you won’t have to pay extra for the videos you receive. The Owl car cam sends you the videos using its embedded 4G LTE connection.

The Bluetooth connection is the real crown of the jewel. This device recognizes your Bluetooth device when you approach the car, so it will turn off any alerts. This way, Owl will make sure that the green lights won’t flood your car when the real owner gets into the car.

Owl Cam Car Video Alerts 24/7

What you will definitely love about the Owl car cam are the video alerts you receive permanently. When the camera senses movement, bumps, or broken glass on your car, it sends the footage to your mobile device right away. If something happens, you’ll be the first one to know.

Owl Cam Car Live View  

The live view feature is extremely useful, as it allows you to see exactly what is happening around your car at any time. You can do that even if you are miles away from your vehicle. You can even use the microphone to communicate with whoever is trying to mess with your property. Now that is what coolness looks like.

Quick Share 

You can make the most out of Owl car’s app to easily share your footage all across the social media. No more cables, SD cards, or precious time spent connecting to your laptop. This feature is perfect for handling insurance claims in an instant, dealing with thieves, keeping your friends up-to-date, or simply going viral on YouTube within hours.

Professional Service & Guarantees

Lastly, what you will definitely love about the Owl car camera is that it comes with a full 12-months service. That includes a limited trial of the Crash Response feature and 100% theft replacement. The remote alerts are free of charge. You are only charged when you stream videos or check your video history.

Is this Dash Cam For You?

The Owl dash cam is definitely an exquisite piece of equipment. This device is perfect for you if you want a super sleek camera that mounts within minutes and is extremely easy to use. The owl is also a very good choice for you if you got tired of wires, SD cards, or connectivity issues. Get this product if you want to be fully protected against thieves and keep a close eye on your vehicle using your mobile device.

Keep in mind, the camera has just been launched, so there is a lot of untapped potentials here. Be ready for new cool updates and better features in the months to come.

Aukey Dual Dash Cam DR03 Sony Exmor IMX323

AUKEY Dual Dash Cam DRO3 is yet another dash cam released in 2018 that wants to take over the market. This gorgeous device deserves your full attention, especially if you are thinking of purchasing a camera that offers sharp nighttime recordings, almost full road coverage, and easy installation.

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The Aukey Dual Dash Cam DR03 is a model released in May 2018. Since it has hit the market, the latest camera model from Aukey has managed to gather rave reviews from numerous users. Compared to its predecessor, the Aukey Dual Dash Cam DR02 D dashcam, the newer model looks better, has improved road coverage (330 degrees instead of 322), is made of higher-quality components, and is also equipped with better features.

In this AUKEY Dual Dash Cam DRO3 Review, we want to take a closer look at what Aukey DR03 offers you as a driver and discover if this product is a good fit for you. Let’s start with the looks.

Aukey Dual Dash Cam DR03 – Outstanding Design

In terms of design, the Aukey Dual Dash Cam DR03 is well ahead of most other dash cams present on the market. This device looks simply spectacular. The rounded edges, high-quality design, matte finish, large screen, and innovative suction method make this unit a must-have for drivers who want to boost the appeal of their vehicles.

This unit will increase the value of your car, that’s for sure. It will also make you feel better when picking up relatives or friends. It can easily complement a dark car interior and can make it look more professional. The upgraded 2.7” screen is much better than the average dashcam screen. It can easily show you both streams, from the camera in front and from the camera in the rear.

The image is high-quality, and the footage covers all six lanes of traffic. You can also use the screen to visualize the footage recorded by the cameras.

Ease Of Installation

In addition to its looks, Aukey Dual Dash Cam DR03 will impress you by how easy it is to install. All you need to do is to take the units out of the box, use the 3M adhesive pads to attach both cameras to your windshield and rear window, then plug in the car charger and connect each camera to the car charger using the mini-B cables in the box.

This whole operation can be completed in a matter of minutes. If you want to use the cameras in another car, take them off and follow the same installation rules. The entire process should take less than 5 minutes.

Full HD Monitoring – Both Front And Back

The Aukey DR03 records seamlessly during your ride. The front camera records at 170 degrees, while the rear one gets any detail at a wide area of 160 degrees. Together, they record a whopping 330 degrees. There are only 2 dead angles sideways of your car of around 15 degrees each.

Thanks to the wide-angle lens, the camera gets to capture crucial peripheral events that could prove invaluable in case the footage needs to be analyzed by a jury from a federal court. You can rest assured that justice will be served thanks to the footage the camera recorded.

Both cameras are equipped with Sony Exmor IMX323 sensors and Novatek NT96663 processors, being able to capture super high-quality recordings of 1080p. The optional in-car audio makes it easy for you to keep tabs on what happens outside your car and to prevent any unexpected accident.

Emergency Recording – Videos Are Locked Right Away

A great feature of this camera is the advanced emergency recording mode. Aukey DR03 functions intelligently, recording automatically events that are happening outside your car. For example, if you are driving on your lane and a driver gets in front of you and hits your vehicle, the camera records that moment and saves it in a special place. The event can only be deleted by entering the pin.

Another example of how intelligent this camera is. If it is turned off and the car is in park mode, the camera turns on and records within milliseconds if someone hits or bumps in the car. In case someone tries to hit your car accidentally and runs, you will have footage of the incident right on your SD card.

Supercapacitor – Next Level System

We all know that batteries are quite unreliable in extreme heat or cold. At over 105 degrees in summer or below 10 during cold winter months, the regular dash cams might stop working altogether. This is why the Aukey Dual Dash Cam DR03 is equipped with a next-gen supercapacitor. This makes it work perfectly, even at 10 degrees Fahrenheit, at over 105 degrees or even at -20.

The power is supplied via the USB port, so you can rest assured that the camera will never stop running. You will definitely love this feature of the camera, especially if you live in Nordic regions with harsh winters.

Aukey Dual Dash Cam DR03 Great Nighttime Recordings

In addition to all the features listed above, Aukey Dual Dash Cam DR03 will pleasantly surprise you thanks to the advanced WDR function. WDR, HDR, and other enhancements make this camera record flawlessly during the night or at dusk. You will never again miss any plate numbers or important details around your car.

The f/2.0 lens are perfect for capturing small details during the night, across all 6 lanes. The solid video evidence will back you up in case of a driving incident, accident or dispute, and will give you an unfair advantage in court.

Other Aspects Related To The Camera

Aukey DR03 is a dual dashboard camera that works only with Class 10 micro SD cards of up to 128 GB. Note that the card is not included in the package.

Aukey Dual Dash Cam DR03 Conclusion

The AUKEY 1080p Dual Dash Cam is a next-gen device that can dramatically improve the way you drive by giving you the peace of mind that you are safe. Equipped with 2 cameras, you get 330 degrees road coverage, plus excellent night vision and emergency recording.

This camera is an excellent choice for people who want to boost the appeal of their cars, need a reliable recording device in low temperatures, and want to stay protected in court, against unfair claims.

Vantrue R3 1296P Dashboard Camera Super HD 2K

If you are looking for the best dashboard camera in 2018 and you are on a budget, stop right here! Vantrue R3 1296P Dash Cam might be exactly what you are looking for. This affordable dashboard camera is one of Amazon’s choices at the moment. This means that this product is highly rated, well priced, and available for shipment immediately.

Let’s take a look at this Vantrue R3 Review to find out if this model is a suitable choice for your need.

Vantrue R3 Dashboard Camera – An Overview

Vantrue R3 is equipped with everything you need in order to drive safely, enjoy your ride, and make the most out of each moment spent behind the wheel. Moreover, it has all the features necessary to give you all the proofs needed to win any case in court (of course if it was not your fault).

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For starters, this unique dash cam that has been launched in July 2017 is equipped with an advanced Ambarella chipset that can provide an impressive Super HD 2340*1296P@30fps recording quality. Make no mistake here, believing that a 2k camera does not compare with a 3k or 4k one.  

This device offers such an impressive recording quality that you can easily see the plate of any car at 5 meters ahead of you. This 2k dashboard camera is also equipped with 6 layers of a glass lens with an aperture of F 1.8. The result is an impressive night vision, with flawless exposure and good footage without any distortion whatsoever.  

This dash cam can easily capture 4 lanes of traffic due to its 170-degree wide lens. Another aspect you will love about this dash cam is the parking mode, GPS feature, time-lapse functions, and looping recording. You can’t but fall in love with how much this dashboard camera can offer. But before diving into the features, let’s start off by studying its looks. 

Vantrue R3 Dash Camera Design

Most drivers would agree that Vantrue R3 looks gorgeous. In fact, it looks better than all its predecessors: Vantrue X3 and Vantrue N2. This cool dash cam comes with a suction mount which enables you to mount it right beneath the mirror. Thus, the discretion factor increases considerably. You can easily mount the dash cam on your windshield and no one will ever notice it.

The black finish and rounded edges make this dash cam a truly appealing model that could easily win in a dash cam beauty contest. However, that’s now what Vantrue R3 is recognized for. Its features and specs are what make this a true master of dashboard cameras in 2018.

Vantrue R3 Image Clarity & Chipset

The Ambarella A12 chipset is simply extraordinary. The power consumption is greatly minimized, while the performance of the camera is enhanced. Thanks to Ambarella, you get to enjoy a seamless recording at 1296 ultra HD. You also get to enjoy all the features of this camera: event/normal save, loop recording, WDR, HDR, parking mode & super night vision.

As for image clarity, you will be thrilled to discover the great footage offered by this dashboard camera. Even though there are many cameras out there that offer 3k, even 4k at 2860p recording, the Vantrue R3 offers very good and reliable recordings at only 1296p. The 2k resolution offered by this camera is more than enough to read all street signs and plate numbers or capture any other important detail while on the road.

Vantrue R3 Top Features Explained

The Vantrue R3 is equipped with all the important features needed for a safe drive. Let’s start with the loop recording. What you’ll love about this feature is that you can select your favorite recording interval. You can choose to record in 1, 3, or 5-minute increments. The clip automatically rewrites over the old clip when your card is full. Of course, the footage that was intentionally saved won’t be erased.

Another exceptionally helpful feature is the G sensor. Your new Vantrue R3 automatically locks important video segments right in the “events” folder on the card. This list of important events includes but is not limited to the events you choose to save, collisions, thefts while in parking mode, attempted thefts, hits or bumps.

When in parking mode, expect R3 from Vantrue to turn on when motion is detected. Once you turn off the engine, the device automatically enters the parking mode. However, make sure you connect it to an external battery or hardwire it if you want to ensure each important event is recorded.

R3’s parking mode can record people who come close to your car at around 4 meters, or those who walk straight for your car. If you have parked in a crowded parking space where there are cameras, you might want to disable this feature in order to save battery. And last but not least, the optional GPS feature could come quite in handy.

In case of an accident, it helps to assess the actual status of the accident by listing the direction of the collision, vehicle speed, location on the map, and even the severity of the impact. In case you want to share a video you’ve just recorded, the GPS feature helps you to tag the location and save it right on your mobile device.

In order to leverage the GPS function, you need to purchase an additional GPS mount and connect it to the dash cam. The whole process is as easy as installing the Vantrue R3 in your car.

Vantrue R3 Conclusion

With numerous features, tons of benefits, and very few drawbacks, the Vantrue R3 1296P Dash Cam comes close to what an ideal dashboard camera should look like in 2018. Even though it is not equipped with Wifi and its 1.5 LCD is quite small, this modern camera offers impressive design, ease of installation, gorgeous footage, perfect night recording, G-sensor, parking mode, loop recording, and time-lapse.

With an extra GPS module, you will be able to pinpoint your exact location on Google Maps and check your speed, direction, and route in real-time. Overall, we can’t but recommend the Vantrue R3 dashboard camera as one of the top dash cams in 2018. However, the final say in this matter is yours. Choose wisely and reap the benefits of using a high-performance dash cam in 2018.