Suncer Dual Lens Dash Cam with GPS WIFI and ADAS

This Product Has Been Discontinued

The Suncer Dual Lens Dash Cam is an exceptional product that has just been launched on March 8, 2018. Even though it is not so well known on the market yet, this camera is getting more famous by the day. In fact, thanks to its features that you will simply love, the Suncer dash cam might be the most innovative product of the year.

In this Suncer Dual Lens Dash Cam review, we will take a closer look at the features and specifications of this product. In the end, you need to get a complete picture of this dashboard camera and decide for yourself if it goes blends with your needs.

Let’s start by taking a peek in the original box.

Suncer Dual Lens Dash Cam – Inside the Box

After you order the Suncer Dual Lens dash cam and you open up the box, you will be pleasantly surprised to discover a whole array of useful components. In addition to the actual camera, you will get a 4G console car DVD, a GPS antenna to mount on your dashboard or on the exterior of the car, a charger, a USB cable, the rear camera, and the user manual.

The whole package has a shipping weight of just 2.66 pounds, so it is fairly light and can be easily carried around.

Suncer Dual Lens Dash Cam – The Design

The design of this dash cam is not something out of the ordinary. While the front camera is embedded in the DVR screen, the back camera is a small, standalone unit that is extremely conceivable. Only trained eyes will notice it in the back of your car. Even though Suncer Dual Lens Dash Cam does not make a strong fashion statement and might not boost the appeal of your car, it definitely has the potential to save your life.

How? Keep reading to discover its multitude of ADAS features.

Suncer Dual Lens Dash Cam – Top Features Explained

By now, you’ve probably realized that Suncer is not a dash cam that sparks interest by how it looks or get customer interest due to its brand. Suncer is a new brand on the market, so they definitely don’t have a strong say in this industry. The way they are trying to penetrate this market, which is more and more competitive by the day, is by coming with innovative features and specs that few of their competitors have.

For instance, Suncer dashboard camera is equipped with 3 unique ADAS, namely LDWS (line departure warning system), FCWS (forward-collision warning system), and FVMA (forward vehicle moving alarm). On the other hand, Old Shark g60, one of the competing dash cams in the same price range, has no ADAS features whatsoever.

Rove a12-60 has only two ADAS features, LDWS and FCWS, but they are not as useful as the features offered by the Suncer Dual Lens dash cam simply because the Rove model cannot integrate with a mobile device. So in addition to the features, you will love about Suncer dual lens dash cam, its ADAS functions ensure that you are always protected and you will be warned well ahead of a potential accident.

Suncer Dual Lens Dash Cam – Recording Quality

In terms of recording quality, Suncer Dual Lens Dash Cam does not actually excel. It can record at full HD 1080p, but that’s pretty much all. The camera resolution is quite standard at 1920×1080. It records at 25 frames per second, using a 500 Megapixel sensor.

Suncer Dual Lens Dash Cam – Screen & Integration

This is where Suncer dash cam gets an edge over its competitors. What you will undoubtedly love about this model is the super wide screen. You literally have 8 inches of Full-HD screen where you can enjoy the live recordings or the old footage.

Another thing you will love about the screen is that it is not just for watching the dual recording. You can use it to watch your favorite movies in high-definition, stream your favorite YouTube videos, play the newest games, or even surf the web. That is because Suncer is more than a regular dashcam, it is a smart dashcam.

The integration part is simply fantastic about this dashboard camera. Once you install the car assist app on your mobile or tablet, you can use it to cast video content right on the screen. It’s similar to having a smart TV in your car. The benefits are endless, and the fun factor for your family is extraordinary.

This dashboard camera has Bluetooth integration, remote monitor, FM transmitter, 4G internet connectivity thanks to the built-in SIM card, and many more useful features.

Suncer Dual Lens Dash Cam – ADAS Keeps You Safe

The 3 ADAS features work together to ensure you are always safe, regardless of weather or traffic. Warnings are triggered whenever you are leaving your lane accidentally, or when a potential collision is detected, or when the vehicle ahead brakes suddenly. When you reverse park, the screen switches to the rear camera, so you can basically park safely without having to look in the rearview mirror.

This is a feature you will undoubtedly love, especially if you tend to hit other cars when you park in your tight spot.

Suncer Dual Lens Dash Cam – GPS Integration

This dashcam supports the GPS feature. You can download the map from your Google Maps account and check your driving in real-time. It’s like having Wave or Google Maps on your dashboard screen at all times. A famous competitor dashcam with the same GPS integration feature is Rexing v1 LG.

Suncer Dual Lens Dash Cam – Negative Aspects

Probably the only negative aspect of the Suncer Dual Lens Dash Cam is the unimpressive design. Compared to other dash cams such as Rove R2 that look really good, Suncer does not really enhance your vehicle interior design.

Suncer Dual Lens Dash Cam – Conclusion

All in all, the Suncer dual lens dash cam is a fantastic product that is slowly going mainstream. Thanks to the built-in Wifi, included SIM card, 1 GB of RAM, and 6 GB of internal memory, this smart dash cam is poised to bring a whole new level of innovation in the dashboard camera industry. Being fitted with numerous ADAS functions and a whole lot of useful features, this product is definitely a good buy in 2018.

By buying it, you can get access to GPS, parking mode, auto reverse parking view, mobile integration, loop recording, GPS track history, remote monitor, one key capture video, and many other features.