IdealTech X1D Dash Cam Front and Rear 1080P+1080P Dual Lens

IdealTech X1D Dash Cam is a modern, sleek, dual-cam recording system that can be used by any type of car in 2019. This all-black dashcam features smooth lines and great curves, so it can perfectly complement modern vehicles and high-end dashboards.

This dual-camera system was first available on Christmas, December 25, 2018. It came out as a real competitor to most other dash cams out there, offering astounding recording features and great built. This small, unobtrusive camera is unlike other dash cameras with super large touchscreens.

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A good example of such is the well-famed Pormido 9.88” touch screen dual-camera. Unlike Pormido, which clamps over the rearview mirror, IdealTech X1D Dash Cam is just set in the center of your windshield or right over the dashboard.

IdealTech X1D Dash Cam Design and Built

First things first, let’s look at the design of the IdealTech X1D Dash Cam. This is a heavy-duty dashcam that is specially made to withstand impact, heat, cold, rust, and anything else you could think of. The all-black design makes it look quite elegant. This unit can easily complement the interior of your vehicle and improve the appeal of your car. Your passengers will definitely notice the aspect improvement this device manages to bring to the table.

The cameras are as heavy-duty as you could possibly want. They withstand impact and can work at temperatures of between -22 degrees and 185 degrees Fahrenheit. No other dashcam available on the market can withstand so heavy cold or heat. This unit is built to last a long time and to give you the reliability needed in order to keep recording for days. Also, thanks to the maximum SD card capacity of 256 GB, you’ll get to enjoy several hours of full HD footage.

Super capacitor for Extra Protection

One of the aspects that make the IdealTech X1D totally unique is the super capacitor. This unit is much safer to operate than any other similar dashcams on the market. The super capacitor works together with the ergonomic design and high-quality built to improve the camera system reliability and protect it from overheating.

In simple terms, this unit will never overheat or explode in high temperatures. Moreover, it won’t freeze in minus degrees or super-low temperatures. Thanks to the enlarged interior space and microscopic components placed strategically, this unit benefit from excellent ventilation.

IdealTech X1D contains a supercapacitor and two heat ventilation grills that allow you to use the camera at any temperature, on any place on the globe. You can use it successfully when driving through Sahara, as well as camping in Siberia. You are safe, and your camera is there to help you record the most amazing views you’ve ever seen.

IdealTech X1D Dash Cam Recording Quality

IdealTech X1D Dash Cam is similar to another high-end dashcam in terms of recording quality. This unit has the same recording capabilities as the TOGUARD Uber Dual Dash Cam. Each camera records in Full HD, 1080p.

Powered by a modern, powerful Novatek processor, this heavy-duty unit records flawlessly in full HD. Thanks to the advanced image sensor, you get to enjoy flawless images. The clarity and brightness are perfectly balanced to help you enjoy great images, both during extreme light or deep darkness.

IdealTech X1D Dash Cam Loop & G-Sensor

This camera is equipped with important loop & G-sensor functions. It loops the recording and overwrites the old footage. However, if any incident or accident has been locked by the G-sensor, it won’t be erased by loop recording. Thus, you can get the peace of mind that your proof is safe and sound.

IdealTech X1D Dash Cam Surveillance Mode

A unique feature of the IdealTech X1D is the surveillance mode. Thanks to it, you can enjoy a huge recording time interval of around 16 days. You can keep your car parked for 16 days while knowing that the device will keep recording any important events. However, you need to set up the camera properly and connect it to a constant power source.

For surveillance mode to work, you need to purchase a separate hardwire kit. Plug the camera’s power cord straight into your car’s fuse box and you’ll get a constant supply of power.

IdealTech X1D Dash Cam Integrated WiFi

In addition to all of the above, IdealTech X1D Dash Cam has a modern, extremely useful feature. It connects with your smartphone via the WiFi and allows you to control and operate the device remotely. You can easily pause, start, stop or playback the footage. Thanks to these advanced features, you can easily show evidence in court right on your cell phone.

You can also share with ease your favorite footage on social media and show your family and friends the places you’ve been. You’ll love how easy it is to transfer files between the camera and your phone. You will finally be able to stay in control of all the footage you record.

Of course, you can view the footage one the small screen, or on your mobile, but we recommend you to view the footage in full HD right on your laptop. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy the exquisite recording quality of this dual-dashboard camera.

SD Memory Card – 256 GB Storage

Most dashcams available on the market only work with SD cards of a maximum of 128 GB. That is quite frustrating sometimes because you cannot capture all your footage before the loop recording feature kicks in and erases your favorite videos. IdealTech X1D Dash Cam is one of the few dashcams that allow you to use a 256 GB SD Card. The manufacturer recommends you use Lexar or Samsung, Class 10, or higher SD cards.

The Bottom Line

IdealTech X1D Dash Cam is not just a sleek, fine-looking unit, but also one of the most reliable dashcams in 2019. Expect from it nothing less than a device that allows you to record in full HD all your trips. Thanks to the 256 GB card, you can get the peace of mind that you will never run out of memory. Additionally, the WiFi integration ensures you have a smooth experience and you can control the unit right on your smartphone.

To top it all, IdealTech X1D is ideal for any weather. Its supercapacitor protects the device from extreme cold or heat, so you can use it anywhere on the planet.