Vantrue T2 Surveillance Super Capacitor Dashboard Camera

Vantrue T2 is probably one of the most intriguing dash cams you have ever come across. This 24/7 surveillance dashboard camera is equipped with a supercapacitor, being extremely heat resistant. It can work seamlessly at a temperature of between -20 and 70 Celsius degrees (-4 to 158 Fahrenheit), so it can be a valid option for people who live in extremely hot climates.

VANTRUE T2 1080P 24/7 Recording Dash Cam with Motion Detection Parking Mode, 2'' LCD Car Camera with...
  • 【Real 24/7 recording dash camera】The built-in Super Capacitor allows the T2 to resist extreme temperatures from -4°to...
  • 【24 Hours Wave Guard Parking Mode】A built-in wave sensor detects when an object is near the camera in front, prompting...
  • 【Enhanced Night Vision】Based on advanced Starvis CMOS sensor, this car dash cam captures the road front (160°) to get...
  • 【Optional GPS& Looping Recording & G-Sensor】Loop recording automatically overwrites the oldest recordings. While the G...
  • 【Worry-free 18 Months Warranty】The T2 Dash cam comes with Worry-free 18 Months Warranty and professional after-sale...

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However, it can also work perfectly in humid climates and even in areas with mild winters. Vantrue T2 is quite a new camera, being released first on June 18, 2018. However, due to its exquisite features and advanced functions, this dashboard camera has quickly taken over the market.

It is equipped with an emergency lock, time-lapse, loop recording, parking monitor, night vision, and collision detection. It also has optional GPS function, which enables you to track the location, speed, and driving route right on your computer

Vantrue T2 – What You Need To Know

Once you order the dash cam and you open the box, you will notice the actual camera, a 10 feet car charger cable, one suction mount, one OBD cable, 3 feet USB cable, and of course the user manual and the quick guide. Before using the device, make sure to format your SD card to FAT32. In case windshield mounts are not legal in your state, do not forget to buy the dashboard adhesive disk.

This device works with external micro SD cards of up to 258 GB. What we recommend here are Samsung Endurance SD cards, as they seem to work best in high temperatures. Now let’s take a deeper look into the features of Vantrue T2 and find out if whether this dashcam is a good option for you or you should look somewhere else.

 Recording Capabilities

Vantrue T2 is equipped with a high-class NOVATEK NT96655 processor and runs on an F/1.8 aperture. It can easily capture the road using a wide range lens of 160 degrees. You can get high-quality footage at 1920x1080P@ 30fps, or if you want to get only the minimum details and save memory, you can go with the HD 1280X720P @30fps resolution.

In terms of recording quality, Vantrue T2 does not outsmart its competition. There are many dashcams that can record seamlessly at 3K or even 4K. As a matter of fact, even its younger brother, the Vantrue X3, can record at a higher quality, of 2560×1440 @30fps. However, the Sony IMX323 Sensor that T2 is equipped with is superior to many other sensors available in high-end dash cams.

This means that the recording quality is slightly better than what other dash cams that record at 1920x1080P@ 30fps can provide. The 2” inch display is more than enough for a serious driver who wants to stay in control of his vehicle and see what he is recording.

Vantrue T2 – Night Vision

Vantrue T2 is an advanced dashboard camera that is equipped with super night vision. Thanks to the Sony sensor, the HDR technology is just exquisite. During the night, you will be able to clearly see all plates ahead, road signs and even objects around you. The detail is greater than even before, even in pitch blackness.

One feature that you will really love about Vantrue V2 is the Auto LCD off during the night. After the recording begins, the screen will turn off, so you won’t be disturbed by a permanent glow on your windshield or dashboard.

 Super Heat Capacitor

And now the “piece de resistance”. The superheat capacitor is something unique to this dashboard camera. Even its cousin, the well-famed Vantrue N2 Pro Uber, is equipped with a simple built-in battery. The supercapacitor allows this dashboard camera to record in extreme temperatures, going as low as -4 and as high as 158 degrees Fahrenheit.

Another benefit of the supercapacitor is that it extends the battery life and enables the dash cam to run for many years to come. If you live in areas with extreme temperatures, or with high fluctuations of temperature, then the Vantrue T2 is undoubtedly the right choice for you.

Vantrue T2 – 24 Hours Parking Monitoring

Another exceptionally useful feature of the T2 dashcam from Vantrue is its outstanding protection. When the microwaves inside the camera detect movement around your car when parked, it will trigger your camera to turn on. To enjoy this feature, you need to use the OBD power installation with a low voltage of 12V.  

This way, the camera will be able to protect your vehicle 24/7, without any interruptions whatsoever.

 G Sensor & Audio Recording

Another two features that you will simply love about the Vantrue T2 24/7 Surveillance dashboard camera is the audio recording and G sensor. The built-in speaker and microphone will come in handy, especially when you want to record audio for an important event – crash, car damage, theft, gorgeous view, personal notes, etc.

The G Sensor does its job flawlessly, detecting sudden collisions or shakes and locking the file to the safe Event folder in order to prevent accidental removal.

Vantrue T2 – Other Useful Features

Of course, this dashboard camera is also equipped with seamless loop recording, giving you the peace of mind that the recording will not stop. Of course, this feature combines with the G sensor feature to ensure you get all the footage without losing important events that might be useful in the future. Another great feature of this dashboard camera is time-lapse.

With this feature, your camera will start taking static photos at a pre-set time interval. The end result is a gorgeous collage that can be shared on social media or saved for future reference. Optionally, you can purchase a GPS mount to use the GPS function. This will help you track your route, check your location on your laptop or mobile, or find out your speed in real-time.

Vantrue T2 – Conclusion

Vantrue T2 is a dashboard camera like no other. Being equipped with 24/7 surveillance, supercapacitor, and a great Sony Exmor sensor, this device has the capacity to record seamlessly in any season, on any continent on the globe.

With a great design that blends easily with your vehicle interior, G-sensor, loop recording, advanced night vision, and many other cool features, the T2 outperforms many other dashboard cameras launched in 2018 and could prove to be a very good purchase for anybody, regardless of vehicle or driving style.