Gaminol Dash Camera 5.0 with Advanced Dual Lens and 7 Functions

This Product Has Been Discontinued

The Gaminol dash camera 5.0 is a sleek, awe-inspiring device equipped with a super wide-angle, G-sensor, night vision, loop recording, ultra-large screen, and ADAS. With this modern dashboard camera, you won’t miss anymore important events and moments.

With the advanced dual-lens, LDWS, FCWS, motion detection, parking monitor, and dual recording, this unit will not just meet your recording needs, but will also exceed your wildest expectations It literally comes equipped with everything you need in order to enjoy a safe driving experience and to stay protected while on the road.

In this Gaminol dash camera 5.0, we will take an in-depth look at the features and benefits of this dashboard camera, and try to help you understand how these features could save your life and protect you from harm. Let’s start with the design.

Gaminol Dash Camera 5.0 – Design And Personality

The dash cam from Gaminol is one of the few models that actually have their own personalities. This gorgeous unit comes in the form of your rearview mirror, with a 5-inch camera in the middle and high-quality glass around it. It is a multi-purpose device that enables you to see the road ahead while also look see what lingers he back.

The actual lens is placed in the front of the mirror, which makes it totally unobtrusive. You can be sure that few people will notice the sleek camera recording every event outside. This gives you the peace of mind that any important event will be recorded seamlessly.

In terms of looks, the Gaminol Dash Camera 5.0 can make quite a statement and boost the appeal of your vehicle. At the end, who wouldn’t want to have a sleek screen embedded in his rearview mirror? That’s something unheard of for most drivers today. There is no doubt that the Gaminol Dash Camera 5.0 has a great personality.

Who knows, maybe it can boost your own personality too. The pride and satisfaction you can get by owning one of these devices could make you become a much better driver.

Gaminol Dash Camera 5.0 – Recording Quality And Navigation

This dual dash cam has an ultra HD resolution of 2304*1296p. The wide-angle camera captures everything at a whopping area of 170 degrees. The large field of view helps to provide clearer evidence and gives you the peace of mind that you are capturing all the details needed in case you need them in court later on.

At 2304*1296p, you can rest assured that the recording quality is exceptional. The advanced dual-lens is backed by a high-performance processor that can withstand a multitude of formats. Once the footage is ready, you can easily transfer it to the device of your choice.

However, in terms of software, the Gaminol camera is not as competitive as other models in the industry. For example, the WHLZD 2K Super HD dash cam is equipped with an Ambarella A12 processor that uses 6 lenses, a Sony Exmor sensor, and an F 1.8 big iris to offer you an astounding recording quality, with crisp images and sharp details. Gaminol Dash Camera 5.0 is not as good as WHLZD 2K Super HD in this regard.

The 5” IPS touch screen is extremely easy to use and very bright. An added feature is the switch between the front and rear cameras. At the touch of a button, you can switch between front and rear in an instant. This feature is extremely useful, especially when you want to park your car and you need an extra eye in the back.

The design of this dash cam is sleek and compact. The recording quality is exceptional, both during the day and during the night. The navigation is a breeze thanks to the smart control panel. The viewing angle is wider than what most other dash cams on the market can offer. So what else? What else makes the Gaminol Dash Camera 5.0 stand out of the crowd?

Gaminol Dash Camera 5.0 – Features And Functionalities

Gaminol Dash Camera 5.0 comes fully equipped for the road. Its features and capabilities are specially designed to make your life easy behind the wheels. For starters, the G sensor ensures that the video footage is safe in case of an accident. If a heavy collision occurs, or someone tries to break into your car while in parking mode, the whole video recorded a few seconds before the incident and during it is saved on the card and locked.

This way it can’t be erased or overwritten. As an alternative to the G-sensor, which is an automatic feature, you can use the one-button lock to manually lock a video that you would like to see later. Another great feature is the parking monitor. The camera will turn on if the sensors sense vibrations or movements in or around the car.

In other words, you can go shopping or enjoy your walk in the park resting assured that your vehicle is in good hands. And now, the best feature of them all is the lane departure warning system (LDWS). This ADAS feature employs a complex mechanism to alert you whenever you are about to accidentally turn to another lane.  

This system is designed to minimize accidents caused by sleep, distractions, human error, or substance abuse. This powerful system works hand in hand with another ADAS feature that this camera possesses: forward-collision warning system (FCWS). When the distance between you and the car in front of you is dangerously small or when the sensors detect a potential collision between you and a passerby, it immediately warns you to reduce speed.

The LDWS and FCWS blend into the complex features of the Gaminol Dash Camera 5.0 to dramatically improve your driving experience and to take your safety to the next level. Rest assured that you and your family are safe in case the driver accidentally falls asleep or another driver decides to collide with you on purpose. Here are other great dash cams with adas that you might be interested in.

Gaminol Dash Camera 5.0 – Conclusion

Gaminol Dash Camera 5.0 is a modern, sleek, fully-equipped dashcam whose aim is to increase your safety, boost your vehicle appeal and offer you peace of mind in case of accidents that weren’t your fault. With this gorgeous device on board, your driving experience will be greatly improved.