A Review of Coxpal Dual Dash Cam

COXPAL Dual Dash Cam A9D | GPS | WIFI | Supercapacitor | Infrared Night Vision | WDR | 24 HR Parking Monitor | Wide Temp Range | Up To 256 GB | Android App

Every driver ideally should equip their car with a dash cam. These devices are invaluable for if unexpected events take place, you’ll be thankful that you have one installed. Not only do these dash cams provide security throughout your vehicle, they may even serve leisure purposes.

With this, a dash cam is an excellent addition to your vehicle. If you agree, then wait no further and get one now. However, what about if you don’t have an idea what to acquire? Luckily, we got you covered. In this guide, we’ll recommend a solid choice for a dash cam.

Coxpal Dual Dash Cam with GPS, WiFi, Supercapacitor, Front 2K@30FPS, Dual FHD 1080P Front and Inside...
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Coxpal Dual Dash Cam with GPS, WiFi, Supercapacitor, Front 2K@30FPS, Dual FHD 1080P Front and Inside...
  • 【Main Applications】: Rideshare such as Uber, Lyft drivers etc; small and medium-sized fleets for business; trucks;...
  • 【Dual 1080P@30FPS】: It is the optimum balance between image clarity and storage space, it is clear enough by advanced...
  • 【Image Good is Not Enough】: Reliability and user friendly are important for a good camera, Supercapacitor, ultra large...
  • 【Adhesive Mount】: Solved 2 critically important issues which can't be completely solved by suction cup mount: 1),...
  • 【And more】: Seamless loop recording 1/3/5/OFF optional; G-sensor for auto emergency video lock; Shortcut key for manual...

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Let’s Review Coxpal Dual Dash Cam A9D

Similar to the other dual dash cams we had reviewed, this one’s a bang for the buck. It’s well priced yet feature-packed dash cam. The number of features it offers is unlikely for its price point. If you ask us whether it’s good or not, we’ll confidently respond yes.


● Seamless loop recording
● 140° wide camera angle
● Weatherproof
● Universal compatibility to mounts
● Smart parking monitor
● Built-in GPS
● WiFi Capable
● Infrared vision
● Mobile and desktop apps
● 5° rotatable inside lens
● USB Type C power interface
● Supports up to 256GB MicroSD card
● Excellent heat management features


Seamless Loop Recording

Unlike other dual dash cams such as the famous APEMAN C880, the Coxpal Dual Dash Cam handles long-form recording very well. These devices are installed mainly for security. Thus, the recording capabilities are of utmost importance. Fortunately, the device we’re reviewing hits this function well.

It has two great Sony IMX335 and IMX307 image sensors for both the front and back cameras, so you’ll always get visually clear footage. Besides that, one of its vantage points is the seamless loop recording. In short, whenever the SD card is full, it will automatically overwrite the oldest files to make room for new footage.

140° Wide Camera Angle

If your car has more room inside, then the Coxpal Dual Dash Cam is even more suited for you. Why? You might ask. As you see, the device has a 140° wide-angle view. Therefore, all corners of your car’s inside are covered.

Unlike dash cams for motorcycles, car security cams should have at least 120° for an optimum view. Since it has a 140° view, it’s more than enough for everyday use. If you’re looking for a device that hits both excellent camera quality and angle view, look no further than the Coxpal Dual Dash Cam.

The wide-angle camera is equipped with Advance Wide Dynamic Range (WDR). In detail, what it does is optimize the camera quality to capture close to life colors for both bright and dark situations. Also, it automatically gives an overexposed or underexposed scene, so the footage will be clear and balanced to look at.


Trucks and cars go through different climates and weather, so dash cams ideally must be weatherproof. Though these dash cams are installed inside the vehicle, the weather will affect the temperature of the interior. With this in mind, it’s essential to choose a dash cam that can adapt to different conditions.

coxpal a9d

Looking at the Coxpal Dual Dash Cam, it can work from -4°F to 158°F. Consequently, even if you’re in a hot or freezing environment, you can rely on it to continue functioning. Moreover, it has a supercapacitor built-in so the chance of it blowing up or catching fires is lesser.

Universal Compatibility To Mounts

It’s best to place a dash cam in the most optimal position to capture your car’s surroundings well. For instance, you should mount it at the highest angle. However, if your dash cam doesn’t support a wide array of mounts, then your choices and control are limited.

With Coxpal Dual Dash Cam, you can install it in every vehicle you own. This is made possible because of its universal compatibility with mounts. If you already own a car mount, there’s no need to purchase a new one for the Coxpal Dual Dash Cam is ready to go.

Smart Parking Monitor

Like most dash cams we had reviewed in the past, the Coxpal Dual Dash Cam also features an excellent parking monitor. However, it differentiates itself from the bunch with its smart features. Yes, it records seamlessly for up to 24 hours, but it’s more than that.

First, it intelligently detects when you park your car and automatically switches from normal to parking mode recording. Its parking features include 1 FPS time-lapse, up to 720P lowest resolution, Guard Time, and many more. Indeed, Coxpal Dual Dash Cam handles parking exceptionally.

Built-in GPS

GPS is an excellent way to secure vehicles; with it, you can track and locate your car if it’s stolen or operated by someone else. Fortunately, modern dash cams have this feature. Regarding the Coxpal Dual Dash Cam, yes, it is GPS capable.

What’s more appealing is that it provides free applications that users can install to track their car. Aside from geolocation, it also has G-sensors that autosaves video and last location during a collision or other similar instances. Lastly, it records your speed and driving route so you can view it later.

WiFi Capable

It even has a built-in WiFi module so that you can stream footage directly on your phone or computer. With the reliability of a WiFi connection, you’re guaranteed an uninterrupted video feed. As a result, what you see on your device’s screen will be similar to what the dash cam’s camera captures.

Infrared Vision

If you drive during night time, then you’ll be happy with it. Many modern cameras, such as the Imazing Dual Dash Cam, are capable of capturing night videos. On the other hand, the Coxpal Dual Dash Cam is no exception.

It has infrared vision, so videos taken at night will not be as dark as it’s supposed to be. Also, it’s great for detecting other vehicles ahead due to the light it can emit. When you review your footage, the information and crucial details will be highly visible, making it a more effective option.

Mobile And Desktop Apps

Many dash cam providers charge users via subscription to use their software. Since applications are essential to benefit from a dash cam’s functionalities, you have no other choice but to pay the sum. Luckily, Coxpal didn’t go this route and provided all its programs for free.

Users can install both mobile and desktop applications for free. Furthermore, the features you can do with the applications are the following: track car speed, location, and driving route, review live or recorded footage, view logs and reports on incidents, and many more. In other words, its suite of applications offers excellent control for your dash cam.

5° Rotatable Inside Lens

It can’t be stressed enough how a dash cam should provide enough choices for different viewing angles. For example, the Coxpal Dual Dash Cam is universally compatible with various mounts, offers wide viewing angle and quality camera quality. Still, how about the camera rotation, is it also adjustable? Yes, it is.

The Coxpal Dual Dash Cam rotates in all directions. In particular, it is adjustable up to 5°, so if you want to point specifically in a direction, you can do so with it. Lastly, no matter where you position it, the lens angle inside is still fixed.

USB Type C Power Interface

What USB-C Supports ?. As more and more devices move to USB-C, it’s great to know that your dash cam also supports it. This new standard offers a unified connection for power, file transfer, and other peripherals. Another thing that makes it special is that you only need to carry one cable and you’ll go on with your day.

Since the Coxpal Dual Dash Cam uses a USB Type C interface, you can use your phone’s charging cable to power it or transfer files over to your other devices. How great is that? If you’re trying to move on from traditional technologies and are looking for a new dash cam, this is definitely for you.

Supports Up To 256GB MicroSD Card

Recording long-form videos also require large storage. If you want to record a day’s worth of footage, you’re going to need at least 8GB. However, it’s a conservative estimate; with 1080p recording, a dash cam will consume more than that. Moreover, if you’re the type that likes to keep videos longer, then you should look for a dash cam that supports high-capacity storage cards.

Luckily, the Coxpal Dual Dash Cam supports 8GB up to 256GB MicroSD card. Ideally, with this amount of storage, you can capture non-stop week or more worth of 1080p videos. Although all SD cards will work, it’s best to choose reputed brands such as Samsung EVO or Sandisk to avoid data corruption. Lastly, you can format or purchase SD cards that are meant for dash cam use.

Excellent Heat Management Features

Dash cams should be able to withstand extreme weather conditions. Additionally, video qualities should not be affected by varying temperature. Hence, it’s important to select a dash cam that checks all this.

Aside from being weatherproof in its exterior, the Coxpal Dual Dash Cam also has excellent heat management. First, it has both convection vents from top to bottom. Next, it’s cooled with a massive heat-sink to sustain performance under such circumstances. 

Lastly, the largest thermal area is applied with silica gel to further improve cooling performance. Due to these methods, the dash cam can still work and maintain camera quality during hot weather.

Is The Coxpal Dual Dash Cam Right For You?

The Coxpal Dual Dash Cam ticks all the checkboxes for a quality dash cam:

● The video quality and a wide-angle view are both excellent.
● It handles file management very well, so all security footage is guaranteed safe, up-to-date, and viewable from other devices.
● The build and performance are highly reliable and weatherproof, so you don’t have to sweat about extreme weather conditions.

We highly recommend the Coxpal Dual Dash Cam for every driver, including you. It is an affordable yet feature-packed dash cam, so you’ll never miss out on anything. Wait no more and get it now.