Campark DC40 Dash Cam Review: Everything That You Need To Know

Campark DC40 Dash Cam 3 Channel  | 4K+1080P Dual Channel | Infrared Night Vision | Super Capacitor | 24 Hours Parking Guard | 2.4’’ IPS HD Display | Easy installation | and more …

Nowadays, dashcams have become a necessary part of our lives. If you have your own vehicle, then this is something you should definitely miss on. After all, it is a means of protecting you better from all sorts of road trouble and many more. But what kind of dashcam should you look out for?

Choosing the perfect dash cam for your needs can be a bit difficult to do. With so many options to choose from, you just don’t know which one you should settle for. This much is true most especially if you are a novice at something like this. At this rate, you might even end up spending more than you need.

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Well, worry no more as we are here to help you out with your troubles. If dashcams are what you are looking for, then Campark DC40 might just be what you are searching for.

Getting to know the newest dashcam in the market – Campark DC40 Dash cam

When choosing a dashcam for your personal use, there are certainly a lot of factors you should consider. This is why you should definitely consider your options wisely. However, this does not mean that you have to look so far for it. Those which are readily available around your area should do just fine. And one such dashcam is the newly released Campark DC40 dashcam.

It may not be the top nor the best option out there, but it definitely is something worth noting. After all, it certainly has a lot to offer aside from being aesthetically pleasing to look at. And since it is one of the newly released dashcams out there, the features are surely great. You will surely get to enjoy some of the latest technology available when it comes to dashcams.

And on top of that, when compared to its peers, you are surely able to save more with this one. Interested to know more about the Campark DC40 Dashcam? Well, if you are, let us check what exactly this dashcam has in store for us.


• Display: 2.4” IPS display
• Image Sensor: Sony IMX335 Sensor
• Video File Format: MP4
• Front + Cabin + Rear Mode Resolution: 1440P + 1080P + 1080P
• Front Lens Angle: 170°
• Cabin Lens Angle: 120°
• Rear Lens Angle: 140°
• Storage: Micro SD card (U3 or higher; expandable up to 256Gb)


• 4k Ultra HD Recording
• Sony Sensor
• Parking Mode
• G Sensor
• Loop Recording
• All-around Recording

Why Choose Campark DC40 Dash cam?

Even with the specifications and features known, surely some of you are still not convinced. If you are one of these few individuals, then allow us to help you out further. Worry not as this is a perfectly normal thing to do.

This is common most especially if you are one of the few who does not know much about dashcams. Because of such, you still can’t get a grasp of what makes this dashcam option so good.

So, why exactly should you consider choosing Campark DC40 Dash cam?

Now, Campark DC40 is such a good option because of the features themselves that it provides. What makes this device unique is that not a lot of other dashcams out there that can offer the same. And for the price that it comes with, it certainly is worth every penny you spend.

So, what exactly are these great features that we are talking about? Well, allow us to summarize these into the different points below.

Video Quality

One of the main purposes of having a dashcam is to be able to record all sorts of roadside activities. With all sorts of trouble just around the corner, having a dashcam is a good way to protect yourself. Everything else is basically just bonus features. And this is exactly why the Campark DC40 dashcam is such a great option.

Campark DC40 Dash cam offers 4K recording capabilities making your recorded videos very crisp and clear. With this alone, you do not have to worry about having blurry images and the like. Rest assured, any important details such as plate numbers, etc will be recorded in the best quality possible.

4K recordings are great because they allow you to record clear videos with minimal noise and outstanding picture quality. With this, you do not have to worry about being held liable for something that you did not do. Everything will be, after all, captured clearly in your dashcam recording.

Although, the downside of this is that it uses up more space on your memory card than normal. You might want to invest in a huge storage capability if you plan on fully enjoying this dashcam’s 4K capabilities. However, other video resolutions are also available for selecting on this dashcam’s settings. If you wish to save some memory on your SD card, then this is surely one of your options.

All-around Video Recording Capable

Another great feature worth mentioning about the Campark DC40 Dashcam is that it has three-channel recording capabilities. This means that this dashcam is able to record not only the front side of your vehicle. It is also able to record the inside and the rear side of your vehicles.

Being able to record the inside of your vehicle is great especially for those who provide transportation services. Since most of those you let inside your cars are strangers, then you might as well protect yourself from harm.

Aside from that, the viewing angle that is being offered by this dashcam is another thing worth noting about it. With front, inside, and rearview angles of 170°, 120°, and 140° respectively, you have no blind spots at all. A wide-angle view is great as you will be able to capture everything easily and without a hitch.

Parking Mode Features

The Campark DC40 Dashcam also offers parking mode features for its potential users. Such features allow you to protect your vehicle even when you are not around. Basically, this means that you will still be able to see what exactly happened during the time of the incident.

Now, there are two main features of this so-called parking mode that are worth mentioning. One is what you call impact detection and the other is called motion detection.

Impact detection works by having your dashcam’s G-sensor detect any form of impact with your vehicle. Once any impact or movement is detected, it then transmits a signal to your dash camera. When your dashcam receives this, it then will automatically record a video that will be available for viewing later on.

On the other hand, motion detection simply is a monitoring feature that is activated when your vehicle is parked. What it does is whenever your dashcam’s sensor detects any movement in front of the camera, it automatically starts recording. And once movement is no longer to be detected, then it goes back to sleep mode.

If you wish to make full use of these features, make sure you provide a power source for your dashcam. This is to make sure that they are able to keep functioning properly. A power bank or any other source would surely be able to do the trick.

Loop Recording

Last but not least, Campark DC40 Dashcam has seamless loop recording capabilities. Now, for those who do not know, what exactly is referred to when we say loop recording?

Well, loop recording is a dashcam related feature that deletes the oldest file saved when you are short on memory. With this feature, you do not have to worry about manually deleting old recorded files on your micro SD card. All you need to do is have your dashcam keep recording and your dashcam will do everything else for you.

Because of this feature, you do not have to worry about your dashcam suddenly having insufficient memory problems at all.

Package Inclusions

With the features all being said and known, another concern would probably take birth. And this is the question regarding what exactly comes out of the box. For thrifty spenders, this is extremely necessary as this allows them to gauge further if the product is worth it. And with this being said, here are the different things that come along with your purchased Campark DC40 Dashcam.

• Three-channel dash camera
• Rear camera
• Dashcam mount
• Car charger
• Cable clamps
• Crowbar
• User Manual

There are a lot of different other accessories that you may also purchase independently to upgrade your dashcam. Some examples of this are GPS antennas and the like.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Is the 4K recording capability available for all three channels?
– No. Unfortunately, the 4K recording capability of this camera is only available for the single front recording or dual-channel mode. This means that you can only use the 4K recording feature with the front cam and the cabin cam.

2. What is the recording capability of the rear camera?
– The rear camera is able to use 2K resolution for its recorded videos.

3. Are the front, inside, and rear cameras covered by the micro SD card used on the dashcam?
– Yes. The SD card used on the dashcam will become the storage unit for all the recorded videos from all cameras.

4. Does the Campark DC40 Dascham provide an international warranty?
– The Campark DC40 does not provide international warranty support for all its models.

5. How good is the quality of footage at night?
– Quite good. Thanks to its sensor, IR lights, and night vision, it is able to record high-quality videos even under low light.

6. Are all the saved recordings in the same file format?
– Yes they are. All the videos recorded on the Campark DC40 will be saved as an MP4 video.

7. What kind of Micro SD card should you use for this dashcam?
– In order to prevent file corruption, we recommend you use branded SD cards that are high-quality U3 or above.

8. What are the dimensions of this product?
– The dashcam’s dimensions are 3.62 by 1.88 by 1.19 inches.

9. Where can you purchase the product?
– You can avail of the product by going to the brand’s website or via any external online shops available.

10. Is the product available for purchase worldwide?
– Yes it is.

Campark DC40 Dash cam vs Thinkware FA200 Dashcam

Another model that was released almost just recently is the Thinkware FA200 Dashcam. And since it is one of the new ones, it is certain to be one of the popular dashcam choices.

If you are torn between the Thinkware FA200 or Campark DC40, then this should help you out decide. Depending on what you need, one option might end up better than the other.

In terms of price, the Thinkware FA200 has got the Campark DC40 beat. This is because although their prices are not that far apart, the Thinkware FA200 is comparably cheaper. And being able to save a few dollars will always be more preferred by those who are tight on budget.

Campark DC40 takes home the bacon in terms of camera capability and the like. This is because the Campark DC40’s three-channel feature certainly is better than the dual-channel feature of the Thinkware FA200. Plus with the Campark DC40’s 4K capabilities, you certainly cannot deny how much better the DC40’s video quality is.

However, even if the three-channel feature of the Campark DC40 is certainly great, it is not without downsides. The Campark DC40 does not have built-in wifi support, unlike the Thinkware FA200. With this, you have no means to monitor the recordings on the SD card remotely. And this is where the Thinkware FA200 takes the lead over the previous option.

Although all of these may be the case, both devices are certainly great choices when talking about dashcams. They both offer unique features that are perfectly tailored depending on your needs. They are also both small and compact so they do not take up much space. Lastly, both of them are also very sleek looking making them blend quite easily into your car’s interior.


The Campark DC40 is definitely one of the best dashcams available out there. You will certainly not be disappointed with getting one for yourself with the kind of features that it offers.

It also has great video quality and it is quite easy to use and navigate around. So no matter what your age is, you will surely not have a hard time using setting up the device.

Keep yourself protected and backed up with recorded evidence in case of road accidents during your travels. With the Campark DC40, you do not have to worry about being held liable for something that isn’t your fault. This makes this device a great partner for all your future journeys.