BlackVue DR900S – 2CH dash cam with 64GB Micro SD Card Power Magic WiFi GPS 4K Recording

BlackVue DR900S – 2CH is a high-end dashboard camera that is stirring the waters in 2019 among drivers with healthy budgets. The size, design, and construction of this unit make it one of the most fashionable dash cams ever released on the market. It also comes with some impressive features that make it one of the most wanted dashcams available online in 2019.

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If you want to find out more about this dash cam everyone is raving about, let’s take a look at this BlackVue DR900S – 2CH review. Together, we will try to see if this product is a good fit for you.

BlackVue DR900S – 2CH – Overview

This dash cam has hit the market in April 2018. It weighs 2.37 pounds and has the following dimensions: 9.5 x 6.3 x 4.7 inches. What really sets this product apart in its already-competitive industry are improved video compression technology, built-in Wifi, and permanent cloud connectivity. This 4k camera offers you ultra HD recordings that are just unbelievably crisp & clear.

We dare to say that BlackVue DR900S – 2CH records better than many high-end smartphones available on the market. BlackVue DR900S – 2CH includes 2 separate cameras, so you can record both front and rear at the same time. You can also visualize both recordings at once in real-time thanks to the dual-channel feature.

The dual-channel camera system from BlackVue also shines when it comes to setting up. The system comes with 5 cable clips, double-sided tape for the mounting brackets, and a power supply. What you will definitely love about how this camera is set up is that it is totally inconspicuous. You can literally hide the front camera in front of the rearview mirror, so no one can see it from the inside or from the sides.

Even from the exterior, it becomes quite easy to miss. This is a very compact unit that doesn’t have a screen of its own and doesn’t have to be mounted on the dashboard. Thus, it doesn’t take up too much of your precious space.

BlackVue DR900S – 2CH – Design & Appearance

This camera is lighter, smaller, and has a much better design than the famous Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual Dash Cam. Even though it looks similar thanks to the all-black design, DR900S 2CH from BlackVue has a smooth led section and several unique buttons. If you like high-end gadgets, you will definitely love how this modern dash cam looks.

The components all have a premium look to them, and all the cables were built to last. You can expect this dash cam to last for a long time and the connection to maintain its stability over the course of the years.

4K Recording Capability & Improved Compression

Two of the features that make this device an extremely appealing choice are the 4K recording and enhanced H.265 compression range. Both cameras record in ultra-smooth quality. This means you’ll get to enjoy a resolution 4 times better than what a 1080p camera can offer. Note that the front camera can record at 3840×2160, while the rear one at 1920×1080.

The front camera is also equipped with a super large 8 MP sensor, while the rear camera with a standard 2.1 MP sensor. The front camera has an angle of view of 162, while the rear camera can only capture 139 degrees. BlackVue DR900S – 2CH is probably the first dash cam available on the market that records in true 4K. That’s quite a feat.

In terms of compression rating, this device surprises drivers by using the most advanced compression technology available to date. The H.265 codec enables you to store 4K videos utilizing 4 times less space. Thus, a 4K video that looks fantastic takes as much space as a standard 1080p video. This is really helpful, especially if storage space is a problem for you.

Fortunately, this system comes with an included 64 GB micro SD card, so you can record seamlessly for a few hours. The maximum capacity is 128 GB.

BlackVue DR900S – 2CH – Power Magic Pro Upgrade

Another aspect you will love about this system is the Power Magic Pro Upgrade. This addition is connected to your power source and ensures the voltage and timer are just perfect for the unit. As a result, your new dash cam will never be affected by accidental battery discharges.

BlackVue DR900S – 2CH – Buffered Parking Mode

This advanced system supports a unique mode called buffered parking. When active, the cameras can record continually when your car is parked. The recordings are stored in the RAM of your device. In case of an event, the G-sensor is triggered, so the unit stores the one-minute scene on the card.

This mode of operation, also known as true parking, could be extremely helpful in court, in case of hits-and-runs.

BlackVue DR900S 2CH – The Cloud

Now, the ultimate feature of this dash cam is the BlackVue cloud. BlackVue DR900S – 2CH connects automatically to the private BlackVue cloud. At the moment, this is the only way to stream live videos from your dashboard camera. The cloud is exceptionally useful for people who want to share the precious moments they experiences.

Moreover, it is a very good feature for people who want to have access to their recordings at all times, on any device. After you purchase this unit, you gain access to a free, standard version of the cloud. However, you can upgrade it if you want to stream unlimited footage and leverage all other premium features.

BlackVue DR900S – 2CH – GPS & WiFi

Because this system doesn’t have a screen, the set-up is done via Wifi. You need to install the BlackVue app on your mobile and then follow the instructions to set up the device. Note that the BlackVue DR900S – 2CH dashcam supports both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies. The GPS antenna is embedded in the system.

Each video is tagged with the location, speed of your vehicle, and time. You can visualize your exact car location on your phone and keep tabs on your speed.

Good Temperature Range 

Lastly, one aspect that you will really like about the BlackVue DR900S – 2CH dashboard camera is the wide range of temperatures. It can operate flawlessly anywhere from -20 Celsius to 70 Celsius (-4 Fahrenheit to 158 Fahrenheit). It is also equipped with a supercapacitor instead of a battery and comes with an integrated speaker.

Conclusion Final Words

BlackVue DR900S – 2CH is undoubtedly an excellent choice for drivers who own high-end cars and need a gorgeous gadget to complement the interior design. It is also great for drivers who value connectivity above all else and for those who love to share their trips with their peers online.