Top Mirror Dash Cams You Can Buy In 2019

If you are hunting for the top mirror dash cam in 2019, you have come to the right place. Below, we will review for you the top 10 dash cams that can be mounted right over your rearview mirror. Each of the cameras below has its specifics. Look for the information you require and select the most useful mirror dash cam for your needs.

1. CHICOM V21 9.66 inch Mirror Dash Cam

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Even if the V21 from CHICOM does not have the largest screen out of the top mirror dash cams in 2019, it tops our ranking because of its astounding image clarity. This modern device is equipped with a full HD front camera that records at a super-wide 170-degree angle. This is a dual system that can record simultaneously with the front and rear cameras.

Both cameras have an F 2.0 aperture, HDR and WDR. The recording quality offered by this device is fantastic, especially during the night. Both cameras can record at 1080p at the same time, with 30 fps. The cameras work great during the night thanks to the low exposure features and 6-glass lens. The image processing chip balances the contrast, increases brightness, and reduces glare.

You get to enjoy smooth videos, day and night, and clearly see all important details such as license plates or signposts. The fact that the rear camera is waterproof makes this dual-camera system even more impressive. Other features you will love about the CHICOM V21 are the ease of installation, parking time-lapse recording, and reverse assistance.

2. CHICOM Mirror Dash Camera 

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The second mirror dash cam on our list is a CHICOM product too. As you probably have realized so far, this brand manufactures astounding devices. This particular CHICOM dual lens camera stands out of the crowd due to its unique design and durability.

First things first, design. This mirror camera is the only one with an aluminum alloy. It looks exceptional and is super durable. Because of its built, it is extremely resistant to high temperatures. You can successfully use this dash cam in hot environments because the aluminum alloy is perfect at dissipating heat and protecting the unit from overheating.

This car camera also surprises drivers due to the multiple capabilities. You can adjust the view of the lens by simply touching the screen. The front camera uses a wide-angle lens, so it records a very wide angle. You can swipe the screen in each direction in order to get the best view for you.

Ultimately, you need to be aware that this top rear view mirror camera works in extreme climates. You can use it in both cold and hot climates, as it works perfectly at temperatures ranging from -4 to 158 degrees Fahrenheit.

3. Pormido Mirror Dash Cam 

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The Pormido Mirror Dash Cam is not one of the best when it comes to construction. It is not made of aluminum alloy or steel. However, this unit shines with its utility. When you buy this product, you also get long 26 feet extended wire. You can use it to install the rear camera on longer vehicles, including buses, RVs, or trucks. 

Thus, you can enjoy the utility of a backup camera without having to experience flickering due to signal loss. Obviously, a wired connection is more stable than a wireless connection, so the Pormido Mirror Dash Cam has an edge over backup wireless cameras.

You can use it on longer vehicles and still enjoy the unique design of a mirror dash cam that clamps over your rearview mirror. In terms of recording quality, this camera is equipped with an F 2.0 lens and offers 1080p videos. It is very flexible in terms of usage. You can swipe on the screen to adjust the view angle and also to change between front and rear cameras.

If you need a mirror dash camera for limousines, trucks, RVs, or other long vehicles, then the Pormido Mirror Dash Cam is a good choice for you in 2019.  

4. Junsun Mirror Dash Cam 

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Now, this is a camera worth checking out. We put it on our list of top dash cams in 2019 not only for its gorgeous design, or for its amazingly large 10” touchscreen. We believe this device is worth a spot on our list because it dramatically improves your experience as a driver.

The Junsun Mirror Dash Cam is indeed a camera that looks extremely fancy. It also has a large display that will brighten your days and make you really joyful behind the wheels. However, its strength lies in its features. For once, this dash cam is equipped with the full HD recording quality. The high-sensitivity sensor does its job amazingly well, providing you with exceptional images.

This recording system gives you full control over how you see the footage. It is easy to install, includes G-sensor and loop recording, and automatically detects rear motion and switches to the rear camera. If you are in for a more “exotic” mirror dash cam, then do not hesitate to give Junsun Mirror Dash Cam a try. 

5. TOGUARD 8″ Mirror Dash Cam 

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Even if the mirror dash cam from TOGUARD is only equipped with an 8” touchscreen, that doesn’t make it less impressive than its competitors. As a matter of fact, this dual dashcam is pretty impressive in many aspects. First of all, it features an adjustable lens in the front. You can manually rotate the lens of the front camera in order to adjust its position and choose the best field of view for you.

Second, you can leverage the advanced parking monitoring feature in order to protect your car in case of accidents or bumps. If your car is hit or touched when parked, the camera automatically turns on and records for around 30 seconds. The video recorded will be stored safely on the card and will not be erased by loop recording.  

This dashcam can be easily installed in just 4 steps. All you have to do is to clamp it over your rearview mirror, connect it to your car power source, and then hook it to the rear camera in the back of your car.

6. KDLINKS R100 Ultra HD 

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The KDLINKS R100 Ultra HD is one of the most powerful top mirror dash cams in 2019. This exquisite model offers impressive recording capabilities and has a unique clamp-on design which makes it super easy to set up. Some of the aspects you will love about this model are the ease of installation, superior night vision, advanced parking mode, and high-power built-in battery.

This top mirror dash cam protects your vehicle, even when it is turned off. If it detects movement or motion outside, it begins to record for a short duration of time. All the videos will be securely stored on the card. Even if the design of the R100 is not impressive and its IPS 5” screen doesn’t match the touchscreen capabilities of other similar dashcams, it is equipped with powerful features and capabilities.

One of the most impressive features of this unit is the high-power battery. Its 800 mAh enables the device to keep recording even when disconnected from a power source. You can keep it parked for long and the camera will be able to record all events in 30-seconds incremental.

Finally, the KDLINKS R100 Ultra HD is backed by premier service and warranty from the manufacturer. Thanks to the 1-year full warranty, you gain the peace of mind that you’ll get constant support for your new purchase. 

7. TekBow Auto Camera Dash Cam

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The TekBow is a sleek, slender, and super nice looking mirror dual dash cam equipped with impressive features and perks. Its 10” large screen can boost your car appeal and dramatically increase the interior design of your vehicle. This unit has impressive features. For starters, is offers stream media capabilities. This device displays the rear image on the screen, together with the front camera image. It displays both images synchronously.

Second, the image is digitally adjusted to get the right exposure and contrast. You get a comfortable view, especially when traveling through tunnels. You get to enjoy high-quality footage, regardless of the conditions outside. Thanks to the dual-lens synchronized recording feature, you can rest assured that the footage each camera records will be saved separately.

When reversing, the intelligent system will automatically switch to the rear camera. You will be able to see on the screen only the image in the rear, in high-quality. You will be able to notice all obstacles and park safe and sound. TekBow, just like KDLINKS, offers a one-year full warranty to their products. The TekBow Auto Camera Dash Cam benefits from this warranty. In case you experience any problems whatsoever with this unit, do not hesitate to contact the team from TekBow. 

Finally, the KDLINKS R100 Ultra HD is backed by premier service and warranty from the manufacturer. Thanks to the 1-year full warranty, you gain the peace of mind that you’ll get constant support for your new purchase. 

7. TekBow Auto Camera Dash Cam

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The AZDOME 10″ Mirror Dash Cam does not surprise by its design or looks. This dash cam does not look quite impressive. However, it surprises by its wide range of features and capabilities. The first thing you will love about this device is the LDWS feature. The lane departure warning system is an intelligent feature that protects you from accidents. In case you fall asleep at the wheel and your car goes on another lane, this system sounds a loud alarm to wake you up.

LDWS is saving thousands of lives every year all over the globe. The AZDOME is a mirror dash cam equipped with all the features you need. It has parking monitoring, G-sensor, one-key switch between cameras, and loop recording. The front camera is super flexible. You can easily slide it sideways to capture more of the road ahead. The rear camera can be mounted near the front camera, so it faces inside the vehicle.  

This could be really useful for Uber drivers who need to keep a close eye on what’s happening inside the cabin. 


These are our choice for top mirror dash cams in 2019. Choose the right one for your needs and rest assured that you will be protected when driving in 2019. Moreover, know that your vehicle is safe when parked and everything is caught on camera.