Kdlinks X1 Dashboard Camera Is Still One Of The Best in 2016

This Product Has Been Discontinued

Kdlinks X1 Dashboard Camera

As you’ll recall from our first review, the KDLINKS X1 is a full HD camera that you can easily attach to your dashboard. This has a ton of uses – whether you want to use it to protect yourself against insurance fraud, or you just like watching back the footage of your longer, more exciting drives.

It also comes absolutely packed with features, which helped to make it future proof at the time of release. Those include built-in GPS to add GPS data to your video clips, and excellent night-vision function, 8GB micro SD storage, a large screen, and accident auto-detection.

Kdlinks X1 Dashboard Camera – Why It’s Still Going Strong

As for why the KDLINKS X1 dashboard camera is still forging on where other dashboard cameras have fallen out of favor, this comes down to a few things. For starters, this is a very resilient device. If you bought one at the time of our first review, then chances are that it is still trundling along nicely. It is a relatively affordable model – especially now that it has come down in price – but that doesn’t mean it has a cheap build quality.

Far from it in fact: this is a tough nut to crack and will last well. It’s also just one of those ‘reliable’ devices in terms of performance. We all have a few devices like that – while our fancy new toys are all breaking around us, certain favorites just perform well when we need them to. That’s certainly the case here, thanks to a very simple and easy operation as well as fantastic battery power.

It’s always going to be ready to go when you are and for the price, it offers incredible video quality. And it just knocks it out of the park in all the areas where it counts. It’s light, it has a very wide-angle lens, it performs admirably in low light and it boots up in a second.

Outstanding Quality Technical Support

Another advantage of the KDLINKS X1 dashboard camera is the quality of technical support from KDLINKS. If you have any inquiries just contact them directly at [email protected], and you should get a response within 24 hours. The team at KDLINKS guarantees your satisfaction and even includes a one-year warranty to cover any issues.

In conclusion, then, the KDLINKS X1 was a fantastic model when it was first released and it’s still a great model today. It’s perhaps the best value for money out there and now that we’ve had a chance to test it over the long term, we can safely say that it’s a resilient and well-made piece of equipment too!

So Let’s Take One More Look At All The Futures Of This Great Dash Cam

The KDLINKS X1 Full-HD car dashboard camera is compact, easy to install, and records sharp, vibrant video. Find out what else you can do with this camera to determine if it’s the right fit for your vehicle. If you are currently trying to find the best dash cam, then take a look at this review of the KDLINKS X1 Full-HD 1920*1080 165 Wide Angle Car Dashboard Camcorder with GPS, G-Sensor & WDR Superior Night Mode.

Main Features Of The KDLINKS X1 Full-HD Dashboard Camera

Dashboard cameras are a great security feature and fun gadget. With the right camera, you will have a record in the event of an accident, a crash, or any other incident – including vandalism or theft. But, you need to look at the main features to find the right dash cam.

Full High-Definition Recording
One of the main features of the KDLINKS X1 dashboard camera is the full high-definition recording. You get full HD. A record at 1920 x 1080 pixels at 30 frames per second. The camera also features a super-wide 165-degree angle lens. This is just a few degrees less than the 170-degree angle lens found on the Rexing s300 dash cam.

But, the KDLINKS dash cam still offers a great view of your surroundings.

GPS Tracking
The KDLINKS X1 includes a built-in GPS module. Automatically add GPS data to your video clips. You can then check the location, speed, and route of your trip on Google Map. You just use the KDLINKS Player Software to review your video. This offers the perfect solution for detailing the evidence of an accident, theft, or vandalism.

Emergency Lock Button and Other Safety Features
You will also get several safety features that help capture the scene of a crime or accident. This includes the emergency lock button, accident auto-detection, and the g-sensor. When a crash is detected via the g-sensor, your current video file is automatically locked. This prevents you from deleting the video when using loop recording.

Advantages Of The KDLINKS X1 Dash Cam

There are several great advantages to the KDLINKS X1 dashboard camera. Beyond the full high-definition recording, GPS tracking, and other features, you will love these benefits. Explore each advantage in detail.

Easy to Install and Mount
As with most dash cams, the KDLINKS X1 is easy to install. You simply attach the dashboard camera to your windshield using the provided suction cups. You even get an extra suction cup. You will need to connect the car charger cable in order to power the camera.

Super Night Vision Technology
The KDLINKS X1 dash cam also includes superior night vision technology. Typically, you get snow or static on the screen when filming at night. This is not the case with the KDLINKS full-HD dash cam. You can record at night, with no loss in quality.

Loop Recording and Included Memory Card
With the KDLINKS X1 dashboard camera, you do not have to worry about running out of room on your memory card. The camera uses a loop recording. When your memory card runs out of space, the camera will begin recording over the oldest video files.

Large 2.7-inch Screen
You will also enjoy the large display. The 2.7-inch screen gives you a good view of your shot and the positioning of your camera. Compared to the 1.5-inch screen found on the Street Guardian, the screen on the KDLINKS X1 is more than adequate.

High Heat Resistance
The KDLINKS X1 dashboard camera can operate under hot conditions. Though, if the vehicle gets too hot, it may shut off or stop operating properly. The KDLINKS X1 dash cam has been tested to work in temperatures up to 170-degrees Fahrenheit for at least 6 hours. Luckily, this should only be a concern if you leave your car parked in the hot sun.

If you intend to be away from your vehicle all day, you should try to park in a shaded area, such as under a tree.

Disadvantages Of The KDLINKS X1 Dashboard Camera

There are only a couple of minor issues with this dash cam. They are both related to the easy installation. While the dashboard camera is easy to set up and use, the following two disadvantages should be discussed.

The Suction Cups May Not Always Stick
As mentioned, the KDLINKS X1 is easy to install. But, the suction cup is not the greatest quality. If you have trouble getting your dashboard camera to remain in place, you should try using the extra suction cup that is provided in the package.

The Camera Battery Does Not Last Long
The other issue is the long cable. You need to keep the camera plugged in, as the internal battery does not last very long. Though, this is a fairly common occurrence with dashboard cameras. If you find the cord to be too long or inconvenient, you could always use a twist-tie or rubber band to tuck away the extra cable.

Final Thoughts On The KDLINKS X1 Full-HD Dash Cam

Overall, the KDLINKS X1 Full-HD dashboard camera remains the best dash cam to date. It provides everything you would expect from a quality dash cam. This includes full HD recording, superior night vision, loop recording, and let’s don’t forget this great technical support. It has the lowest rate of returns for dash cams, which shows how much people love this camera.

KDLINKS X1 is one of the most trusted dashboard cameras on the market. You get high-quality video, combined with all the features that you could want in a dash cam. Read about kdlinks new release – kdlinks DX2