Boscam R2 Mirror Dash Cam Backup Camera

The Boscam R2 Mirror Dash Cam Backup Camera is definitely not your regular dual dashboard camera. This modern device adds a unique air of fashion and coolness to your vehicle and allows you to enjoy a superior driving experience. Its features are unique and make it a very good option for drivers who own expensive cars.

Of course, you can purchase this product even if your car is not brand new. The fully laminated display and high-quality build can dramatically improve your vehicle aesthetics and can boost your car value. Moreover, its Starlight night vision is simply exceptional, so you can enjoy crystal-clear recordings even during the blackest night.

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The customized reversing angle that allows you to slide the screen up and down in order to find the perfect angle gives you peace of mind during parking. Moreover, the parking mode which drains no battery ensures you are safe from bumps, scratches or break-ins.

Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at how the Boscam R2 Mirror Dash Cam compares with other units on the market.

Boscom R2 Design & Main Specs

Boscam R2 Mirror Dash Cam is a totally unique dual dash cam that comes with impressive features. Even if it cannot boast with the largest screen or with the best design out there, it is superior to most of the dashcams available on the market.

In terms of screen size, the 9.35” screen is pretty good, even if other dashcams such as DMYCO dual dash cam boasts a larger, 12” screen size. The design of R2 is quite impressive, featuring a 9.35” anti-glare display. However, other cameras, such as the Duteri dual dash cam, might be more appealing to certain drivers who put a lot of emphasis on looks.

Boscam R2 features a standard 9.35” anti-glare display, but the black plastic looks cheap and might not withstand the test of time. Even if the design is pretty basic, this camera comes with the best screen you’ll ever come across. Not even modern smartphones can pride themselves with such an innovative screen.

Fully Laminated Touch Display for a Superior Streaming Experience

This is by far the most impressive feature of this dual dashcam. The display is fully laminated, which means it contains no air gaps whatsoever. On top of the display, the manufacturer has added a layer of slim glass, and then it covered it with another layer of thicker glass.

Standard screens that are not laminated have air between layers and will make the light to bounce between layers. As a result, the final image will have a lower quality. The screen of Boscam R2 Mirror Dash Cam is simply exceptional and allows you to enjoy a matte image. Of course, the starlight night vision and 6 sets of blue glass lenses help too.

Blue Glass Lenses & Starlight Night Vision

The R2 is equipped with 6 unique sets of blue glass lenses that offer a superior recording quality. They reduce blinding light and diminish glare, so the end result is improved lighting and better image clarity. During the night, you can enjoy exceptional image contrast and never worry again when the cars behind you or on the other land have the high beams turned on. The blue lens will deviate that light so you can perfectly see all the details.

Also while driving at night, the Sony IMX 307 sensor kicks in. Also known as Starlight, this sensor captures footage in HDR clarity and enables you to see all license plates with ease. Even if this backup camera can only record in 1080p, the Sony sensor and blue lenses offer a much better output than the cameras that record in 3k or 4k. You’ll certainly notice the difference, especially if you’ve used one of these 4k dashcams before.

Usability & Features Of Boscam R2 Mirror Dash Cam

This modern dashcam comes with a few impressive features that make it unique. For example, the screen is not pixelated at all, but very bright and crisp. The unit has no lag whatsoever, so you’ll be able to see on the screen the actual image in real-time.

What you’ll love about this camera is that when the screen is turned off, it has the same clarity as a regular rearview mirror. That’s because of the laminated & anti-glare properties. You can easily adjust the rearview angle by simply swiping on the screen. This feature is quite common for the front camera, but not so common for the rear camera.

Boscam R2 definitely has an edge here over other products, because it offers a feature that is quite uncommon. Your angle settings will be saved automatically, so each time you’ll reverse your car, you’ll be able to enjoy the same viewing angle. Of course, you can change the angle at any time.

Supercapacitor & No Battery-Drained Parking Mode

Two other useful features that make this dual dashcam stand in a league of its own are the supercapacitor and the feature that prevents battery drainage when your car is parked. First of all, because this device is equipped with a supercapacitor instead of a regular battery, it is totally explosion-proof, withstands lower temperatures, and also has a longer lifespan. Dashcams that are equipped with a supercapacitor are made to withstand the test of time and to provide you with continual support over the years.

Second, when your car is parked, the unit turns on and records for 30 seconds without draining your battery life. You’ll never run out of your car’s battery power because the device is powered by its supercapacitor. Of course, once you turn on your vehicle, the supercapacitor slowly recharges.

More Extras in Boscam R2

Expect to use the parking lines if you want to park like a pro and protect your car from accidents. Also, enjoy the IP68 waterproof rear camera in any weather. You can even rinse your camera lens with water and it will continue to work flawlessly. Because of the C-type interface of the power cable, you’ll be able to enjoy a longer service life and a continuous power supply.

Boscam R2Mirror Dash Cam – A Top Dashcam Perfect for Anybody

As you have probably realized so far, this modern dashcam is a top product suitable for everyone. It contains premium features and works to keep you safe and to protect your car when it is parked. Because of its features and specifically the Starlight night vision, blinding light suppression, and fully laminated display, this dual mirror dashcam is one of the most sought after backup cameras available at the end of 2019 and beginning of 2020.

Jrcx Mirror Dash Cam 10 Inch Touch Screen

The Jrcx mirror dash cam is a well-built dash cam with raving reviews from tens of thousands of drivers from all over the globe. Even if it has just been launched on March 11, 2019, this modern device has already captured the hearts of numerous drivers. This modern device is equipped with 2 cameras, the front one recording 170 degrees and the rear one 140 degrees.

The device offers you constant protection against any threats thanks to the parking monitor feature and built-in G-sensor. The unit looks really sleek, with an all-black touch that can dramatically boost the appeal of your vehicle. Its large 10” screen is super slim and features just the right buttons and connections you need.

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Jrcx mirror dash cam has the power button on the top and USB, AV-in, TF card and GPS connections on the bottom. Thanks to its unique design, the Jrcx screen literally clamps over your rearview mirror. It completely hides the mirror and replaces it with an all-black, smooth IPS streaming media touchscreen.

Jrcx mirror dash cam – Perfect Resolution

The large screen can easily adapt to all climates. The screen is super rich in clarity and contains millions of colors. It offers you a viewing quality similar to what modern smartphones can offer. You can view the footage or play videos on the screen and enjoy a smooth 1024×400 resolution. This screen is unlike you’ve ever seen in a dashboard camera.

It is similar to the screen offered by Tekbow mirror dash cam, but it’s slightly more versatile and offers a better resolution. The screen has a very good resolution which enables you to get the best experience ever when viewing videos. You can also set the balance, exposure, color, and sharpness. You can even stream your favorite videos from an external device using the USB or AV-in.

Great Recording Capabilities

The Jrcx is a modern dashcam equipped with two advanced cameras. Each camera records in full HD, and is equipped with 6 lenses and has an F 2.0 aperture. Moreover, cameras are protected from direct sunlight and glare. The cameras can seamlessly record even when the sun is blinding your eyes.  

They can also capture footage during heavy snow or storms. The rear camera, when placed externally, is protected from elements thanks to its IP67 rating.

No more Worries About Parking

Parking becomes a breeze with this camera from Jrcx. Just like the Junsun mirror dash cam, this device will automatically display the image in the rear on the screen when you go in reverse. When you want to park and you go in reverse, the camera in the rear will automatically display the whole image it records on the screen. Thus, you get to view an unobstructed, full view of what lies behind you.

When parking, you also get to enjoy the parking lines offered by the manufacturer. You can easily adjust the angle of the lines in order to make it easier for you to park. You are completely assisted when parking, so you can gain the peace of mind that your vehicle will be safe from any accidents.

24-Hour Recording & Parking Monitoring

A feature of this modern dashcam from Jrcx you will definitely love is the 24-hour recording. The camera system once hooked to a constant power source, can stay in idle mode when your vehicle is parked. If it senses a bump, hit, or crash, it turns on instantly and starts recording. The recording is safely stored on the card and cannot be erased by loop recording. Moreover, the recordings saved with the G-sensor are also stored and cannot be erased.

This unit, when you are driving, can record for 24 hours continuously. It starts by itself and turns off all by itself. Your storage will update indefinitely, clearing space for the new recordings. Old recordings will be overwritten, all except for the important files with accidents or bumps.

Things You Will Love About Jrcx Mirror Dash Cam

For starters, you will love the Jrcx mirror dash cam due to its responsive controls. Beside touch-responsiveness is quite amazing. The software is super easy to understand, the camera very easy to operate, and the touch responds instantly to your commands.

Second, you’ll be hooked by the image clarity. You can perfectly see the image during sunshine conditions, in tunnels, or during the darkest night. You can also see clearly behind you when trying to park. Third, this dashcam comes ready to use. The original package contains high-quality rubbers straps which you can use to strap the unit over your current mirror.

Installing this unit is also a breeze. You won’t spend more than 5 minutes on the initial install. Of course, you have a complete guide inside the package that explains to you how to properly install the Jrcx mirror dash cam.

Things You Might Not Love About This Device

The Jrcx mirror dash cam is not a perfect dashboard camera. There isn’t a perfect model, at least not yet. This device lacks useful ADAS features, together with WiFi integration and GPS module. You cannot connect it to your mobile or to the cloud.

Another aspect you won’t appreciate about this device is that it supports only a maximum 64 GB SD card. That’s pretty basic, considering that many other dashcams available in 2019 support up to 256 GB. Moreover, it doesn’t actually shine in terms of design. The all-black plastic cover does not seem well built and might not last very much.

The Bottom Line

Even if it comes with obvious drawbacks, the Jrcx mirror dash cam is one of the most appreciated mirror dual cameras of the year. It has obvious strong points which make it superior in certain areas than its competitors. It offers one of the best screens available for dash cams. It is also super easy to use and to navigate. Its touch responsiveness is astounding.

If you need a reliable dash cam that is easy to install, smooth to use and very effective at recording everything around you, then the Jrcx mirror dash cam could prove to be quite a good choice for you.