Awesafe Mirror Dash Cam Dual Lens 10 ” Touch Full Screen

Awesafe is a modern mirror dash cam with a sleek and great design that has captured the minds and hearts of thousands of drivers. In addition to its great looks, this dash cam satisfies drivers due to its features and powerful additions. Even if this device looks exactly like its competitor, the Junsun mirror camera, it comes with better features than the camera from Junsun.

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Awesafe mirror dash cam is more versatile than its competitor and offers improved night vision thanks to the 6 groups of glass and 6 PIC IR LEDs. Let’s take a closer look at why Awesafe mirror dash cam could be an ideal choice for you in 2019 as an all-purpose dashboard camera.

Awesafe Mirror Dash Cam – Beautiful Design

The first thing you will notice about the Awesafe mirror dash cam is its amazing design. The all-black finish has a red line in the middle which brings a whole new sense of fashion and uniqueness. You can easily complement the interior design of your car with this modern and sleek dash cam. All in all, this product looks super sleek and can dramatically boost the appeal of your vehicle.

The Components

All components of the Awesafe dashboard camera are made of high-quality plastic. They are made to last a lifetime and to withstand impact. In case of an accident, you won’t lose any precious information stored on the card. The case protects the card like nothing else.

The first component of this unit is the monitor. At 10” wide, the LCD is a full touchscreen. It has a super high level of responsiveness and zero blind areas. You can touch it anywhere you want to zoom in and adjust the view sideways or up and down. Thanks to the visual field adjustment, you can park in the utmost safety knowing that you can rotate the camera in all directions. The monitor records audio and is also equipped with a cool screen saver.

The second component of this unit is the two cameras. The first camera is embedded in the back of the monitor, facing front. It records at full HD and it can be adjusted up and down by simply dragging it out. The rear camera is 720p and has to be connected to the main unit with a cable.

While the front camera has a viewing angle of 170 degrees, the rear camera records at 140 degrees. Few cameras have more than 310 degrees angle recording. One of them is the Pormido mirror dash cam, a powerful competitor of Awesafe that records at 320 degrees. Nevertheless, 310 degrees is more than enough for a safe trip to your favorite location, and for ease of parking. You can easily rotate both cameras by touching the LCD, so parking and driving become a breeze.

Other components you will find in the box are the 6.5 meters long cable for the rear camera, the power cord, clamps, and a 32 GB card, 2 rubber straps, a card reader, and a crowbar. Yes, you read that well. You get a free 32 GB card included in the package. This is a great bonus offered by the guys from Awesafe to attract more customers into buying their top dash cam. However, note that this unit only works with a maximum of 64 GB cards, so you might be forced to copy the footage on the laptop regularly.

Setting up Awesafe

Setting up the Awesafe is a breeze. Simply take the monitor out of the box and clamp it over your rearview mirror. Use the clamps to secure it in place, then hook it to your cigarette lighter and then to the rear camera. Installing this unit takes less than 10 minutes. After you mount it, format the SD card and place it inside. You can then start using the camera and record while driving.

In case you can’t seem to get a hold of how installation works, you can call the company and their friendly customer support staff will help you step by step.

Modes of Awesafe Mirror Dash Cam

This dash cam has two unique display modes. The first one is the full-display of the front camera, while the second is a full display of the rear camera. Unfortunately, Awesafe does not support the split view, so you can’t see both recordings at the same time. Awesafe dash cam also lacks lane departure and other ADAS features. Moreover, it won’t work when your car is turned off unless you use an obd cable to power the camera to the car.

However, Awesafe mirror dash cam is equipped with a smart option called reverse assist. This feature enables the camera to switch automatically between front and rear cameras when you go in reverse. Moreover, when parking, you have some parking lines to help you park in safety.

Loop Recording & G Sensor

This camera is equipped with these 2 basic features. It automatically rewrites old footage, but it saves accidents or important footage on a separate spot on the card. Note that it also comes with 24 – hour monitoring, but you need to hardwire it to a continuous power source to make it work.

The G-sensor uses the advanced sensors of the unit in order to detect sudden collisions and lock the footage in a special place to protect it from being overwritten.


Despite some obvious drawbacks, Awesafe is a modern dashboard camera that continues to impress with its looks and reliability. Use it both during the day and night to drive safely and to park knowing that you won’t accidentally scratch your car. You’ll definitely enjoy how smooth and easy it is to control the cameras by simply swiping on the screen.

You’ll be able to see traffic conditions in real-time and stay protected in case of accidents, thanks to the G-sensor that locks the files away. Moreover, you can hardwire the camera and enjoy its powerful 24/7 parking monitoring feature that protects your vehicle from thieves or criminals.