You’re Okay with AUKEY 4K Dash Cam DRS1

AUKEY 4K Dash Cam DRS1 | Supercapacitor | 6-Lane Lens with HDR | Loop Recording | WIFI Function To Connect To Phone | GPS Supportable | 24h Motion Detection | and more …

Checking out dash camera reviews for your first—or next—purchase? That’s a big help in making a well-informed decision. See our 2019, 2020, and 2021 dash cam reviews here. Or, read our review for AUKEY 4K Dash Cam now.

When looking for a dash cam available online, set your eyes on AUKEY 4K Dash Cam, because it’s what you need. It is packed with features that can help you have a good, worry-free drive. AUKEY dash cam may have the same features as the others but it stands out on its own. Continue reading to know why.

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– 4K Full HD Screen
– Loop Recording
– Built-in G-sensor
– Two Mounting Options
– Built-in Wi-Fi
– Can withstand all Weather Conditions
– GPS Compatible
– Time-Lapse Video Recording
– 170° Wide Angle Lens

Let’s discuss these features one by one so you would appreciate the AUKEY 4K Dash Cam even more:

4K Full HD Screen

AUKEY DRS1 dash camera is able to create sharper images and video recordings because of the superior technology it uses. The first one is the IMX415 Sony Sensor. Combined with 7 layers of glass lens, NT96670 CPU, and f/1.8 aperture, you perfectly get the 4K FHD you need when your insurance company asks for it.

Regardless if you are driving in a low-light condition or during the night, you still get a sharper image. Therefore, you know you are still protected even if something happens along the way. When the insurance company or the accident investigators request proof, you would be confident to show them the images and videos your AUKEY dash cam is able to provide. All the details shown would offer huge help in the investigation.

Loop Recording

Your micro SD running out of storage space is not possible with loop recording. When your SD card reaches its full capacity, it would automatically overwrite the oldest files. Subsequently, this feature lets you avoid spending your money on another micro SD card.

Built-in G-sensor

Because the AUKEY 4K Dash Cam includes a built-in G-sensor, you must not feel anxious. Even with the loop recording feature that automatically overwrites the oldest files, the G-sensor secures important recordings. By important videos, AUKEY means that these are the videos that were locked when the G-sensor detected motion or collision.

Therefore, loop recording would not overwrite them. So when you present them as evidence for your insurance claim, you are confident you have them on your dash cam. Additionally, you would not feel awkward browsing your dash camfiles knowing that you would not accidentally delete protected files.

Two Mounting Options

A typical dash cam would either have a suction mount or a 3M sticker. So, how do you want to attach your dash cam to your car: through a suction mount or 3M sticker? With AUKEY 4K Dash Cam, you do not have to choose because both options are available. What’s even good is that either of these two mounting options would not damage your vehicle.

Built-in Wi-Fi

Avoid using a micro SD card to transfer video recordings. Viewing your dash cam videos through your phone would be possible because AUKEY 4K Dash Cam has built-in Wi-Fi. You may also download them so you can keep them as your own files. You can share them on social media or with your friends.

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Can withstand all Weather Conditions

One of the primary questions you should have when buying a dash cam online is this: Can this device withstand all weather conditions? You have to be sure of the durability of the dash cam, from -22°F to 167°F. You have to know if it would operate regardless of the weather condition so you won’t make a worthless purchase.

With AUKEY DRS1 dash camera, this is not an issue and you are sure that you get high value for your money. AUKEY can withstand all weather conditions– from -22°F to 167°F. Therefore, you can drive around and still use it. Keep safe, however.

GPS Compatible

AUKEY dash cam has no built-in GPS, but you can purchase one and connect it. By using GPS, you would get all the location information that would become vital later on: date, time, and location.

Time-Lapse Video Recording

AUKEY 4K Dash Cam has a time-lapse video recording feature that lets you save on storage space. Unlike other dash cams that require many frames per second, AUKEY only uses a few to record a video. This is especially helpful if you would want to keep your dash cam active all the time.

Additionally, this is a lot better if you are parked in a busy parking lot, where people pass by every time. There’s a tendency that the dash cam would detect movement many times and therefore, turning your dash cam on many times as well. Because of the time-lapse video recording feature, your storage space would not become full easily. If the quality of the image is a concern, rest assured that AUKEY retains its 4K quality despite the time-lapse recording.

170° Wide Angle Lens

It would be a disappointment when your dash cam would not capture the area where the evidence is located. You would feel like your dash cam betrayed you, right? But with AUKEY DRS1 dash camera, you would not feel any frustration because of its 170° wide-angle lens. You can be sure that when something happens to you on the road, your dash cam would provide help.

It is able to record right where you can obtain useful details for investigation. AUKEY 4K covers three lanes and even blind spots.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the SD card included in the package or should I buy it separately? What is the maximum GB would the AUKEY 4K Dash Cam support?

No, the micro SD card is not included in the purchase. It supports up to 128GB of storage space. Use a Class 10+ SD card and format it on the dash cam for reliable performance.

2. Can the AUKEY dash cam continue to record and make a report even if the driver is not near it?

No. It’s not Bluetooth or wireless. AUKEY 4K Dash Cam is an excellent device but only with basic features. It records videos using a micro SD card.

3. Does this camera embed details like date, time, and vehicle speed in the videos?

No, it does not because it has no built-in GPS. You would need to purchase GPS separately to get the details you want to be embedded in the dash cam videos.

4. The description says the device includes a “charger”. How long would it operate if the supercapacitor is fully charged?

AUKEY 4K Dash Cam needs the charger so you can connect it to the power coming from the car. It does not have the typical battery you know. The supercapacitor, on the other hand, stores power and releases this quickly soon as the car engine turns off. It protects the last recording from being damaged.

Additionally, the supercapacitor works well between -22°F and -167°F. Meaning, it can endure extreme heat and cold and has a longer lifespan than a standard battery.

5. Is there something in the setting that turns the dash cam on only during the driving and not during parking?

When you parked your vehicle with the engine off, then the dash cam is off. Therefore, it is not recording. But you can set it to motion detection so when the G-sensor of the dash cam detects a collision, the AUKEY 4K Dash Cam would turn on automatically and begin recording. In this way, you can easily find out what or who causes the impact on your car.

6. Can anyone rate the night-time video recordings for this dash cam? How is the license plate recording quality?

One user replied that the night-time recordings are sharp. Another one said that the videos created during the night are excellent. The third user confirmed that the 4K quality of the AUKEY Dash Cam is sufficient to illuminate the plate number of the vehicle in front of you.

7. Would the AUKEY DRS1 dash camera help a lot in incidents of vandalism when the car is parked?

Yes, it would. AUKEY has the motion detection feature that turns it on soon as it detects movement. Hence, you would be able to know who causes vandalism in your car.

8. What is the yellow symbol on the bottom left side of the dash cam screen for? What does it do?

The yellow triangle with an exclamation point, if you press it, would take pictures while it is recording. So, if you want an image of a particular frame, just press it and you would have them.

9. Can you set the AUKEY dash cam so it records longer than the 3-minute loop? Can it just continue recording until the SD card is full then start again?

Three-minute loops are already long enough. As you drive, you have nothing to worry about the dash cam as it continues to record and doesn’t miss anything. It just saves the recording on another file.

When the SD card is full it overwrites the oldest files; thus, you do not have to buy another SD card for this. If you are worried about files that have important videos, these are locked files; thus, they would not be deleted.

10. How is the 3M adhesive sticker? Can it secure the dash cam even in hot weather?

Just make sure that you stick it right the first time and it would work fine.

Package Inclusions
Aside from the AUKEY 4K Dash Came, you would also receive the following:
– Dual-Port USB car charger
– User manual
– 4m/13ft USB mini-B cable sticker
– Trim removal tool
– Cable clips (6)
– Suction mount
– 3M stickers (2)

Comparing AUKEY 4K Dash Cam with ROVE STEALTH 4K PRO

Both AUKEY 4K Dash Cam and ROVE STEALTH 4K PRO have these features: G-sensor, loop recording, time-lapse, and Wi-Fi. Rove, however, has a built-in GPS. AUKEY 4K Dash Cam, on the other hand, is compatible with GPS but you have to buy this piece separately.

As for the image and video quality, both produce 4K resolutions. Meaning, you would never be disappointed in case you would need to present some images and video recordings as proof for your insurance claim. AUKEY has a wider angle, however, at 170° while ROVE is at 150°.

Aukey 4k Dash Cam Conclusion 

AUKEY 4K Dash Cam deserves no second thought. It delivers 4K quality images and video recordings that would offer a lot of help for you in the future. It has the same features as the other dash cams but, it gives you the option to choose how you want to attach it to your car: through a suction mount or 3M sticker. It is also easy to install and understand—which is very important for buyers.