APEMAN C880 Dual Dash Cam 2K In Review

APEMAN Dual Dash Cam C880 | 16-128 GB Class 10 SD card | 170 ° wide-angle lens front | 140 ° Inside | GPS optional not included | Super Night Vision | Parking Monitor | Easy to Install

Are you looking for a new dash cam to buy or are you a first-time dash cam buyer? Are you reading dash camera reviews? Regardless, the APEMAN C880 Dual Dash Cam may be the best choice for you.

Dash Cams Are A Necessity

Dash cams are very popular not only because they are trendy but because they have become a necessity. They get to record what’s happening inside and even outside the cars. Therefore, they make every driver or car owner feel secure. In case an accident happens, you always have proof to show to your insurance company or to authorities.

However, you must understand that not all dash cams are the same. Yes, they have similar features, but they differ in many ways. As a car owner, your focus when choosing a dash cam to buy is the quality. Yes, pricing may somehow affect your search behavior and decision, but, think that quality and use are more important.

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Because of this, let’s check the specifications and features of the APEMAN C880 Dual Dash Cam.


Display:  LCD
Display Size:  2.31”
Color:  Black
Battery Cell Type: Lithium Polymer


• Dual Cameras
• Sony IMX335 Sensor and IR Vision
• 170° Wide Angle Lens
• Accident Lock
• Loop Recording
• Parking Monitor
• Time-Lapse Video Recording
• Optional GPS

Making a well-informed decision is best when buying. Physical appearance may make you fall in love with a device immediately but do not be easily swayed. It’s important for you to know and understand each feature. For that, let’s discuss these features one-by-one.

Dual Cameras

Some dash cams do not offer dual cameras. For a more secure feeling while driving or out on a trip, getting the APEMAN C880 Dual Dash Cam is your best option. However, this is not all. The APEMAN C880 boasts of its quality video recordings.

The Forward-facing camera for APEMAN C880 Dual Dash Cam has a resolution of 2560x1440P. On the other hand, the rear-facing camera has 1920×1080 pixels. Therefore, monitoring your travel is not an issue at all as you have two cameras doing this work for you inside and outside your car.

APEMAN C880 is ideal for taxi or ride-sharing drivers because this offers extra protection.

Sony IMX335 Sensor And IR Vision

​“My friend’s dash cam was of no use during an investigation because of the poor quality of images it provided. If all dash cams are like that, why would I need one?” 

You may be having this same question on your mind. No worries; this is not the case with APEMAN C880 Dual Dash Cam. You’ll get sharp images, regardless of low-lighting conditions.

With the addition of the Sony IMX335 Sensor to its 2K resolution lens in the front and 4 IR light inside, APEMAN C880 can capture highly detailed images. Hence, when you need to verify road signs or license plates, this dual dash cam can be of huge help.

You’ll have no issue reading numbers and letters even if the incident happens on a dark night or on a gloomy day because of its F1.8 aperture. You can clearly read what’s written or vividly see what needs to be seen.

170° Wide Angle Lens

Some dash cam owners have issues with how wide the angle their dash cam lenses can cover. They were disappointed because their dash cams were not helpful during investigations. They were not able to capture the most important spot of the accident. With APEMAN C880 Dash Cam, this will not be the case.

Apeman c880

In the front, APEMAN C880 Dual Dash Cam features a lens that boasts of a 170° wide angle. Because of this ultra-wide angle, it can cover 3 lanes and capture even the so-called blind spots.

Inside, it covers 140° wide-angle, enough to record what is happening in the passenger seat. So in case you are a taxi driver, you will feel protected knowing that. In case an untoward incident happened on your back, you always have proof to defend yourself.

Accident Lock

​Are you scared of losing important video recordings? Is this the reason why you avoid browsing through your recorded clips? With the APEMAN C880 Dual Dash Cam, this is not a possibility. 

Soon as the device detects an accident through the built-in G-sensor, the video is automatically locked. Hence, you do not have to worry about accidentally deleting it. It is always accessible for future use. When your insurance company asks for evidence, you will always have something to show them.

However, the time will come when your micro SD card will be full of locked files. If it will be up to you if you want to delete them or buy a new SD card to use so you can still keep them.

Loop Recording

With APEMAN C880 Dual Dash Cam, there’s no need for you to have an extra SD card in your car. When the SD card runs out of storage, rest assured that your device will find a solution. It will automatically remove the old files—not the locked ones—so the SD card can store new ones. In the event of an accident, you can be sure that the video is recorded.

​APEMAN C880 makes use of 32GB to 128GB micro SD card (Class 10). You need to buy it, though, as it is not included in the package. You also have to format it before using it.

You may also need to format it when it runs out of storage so you can use it again. However, if you do, you’ll lose all the files you have on your SD card. So, as mentioned earlier, you may choose to buy a new one so you can keep your old locked files.

Parking Monitor

Are you the type of person who constantly worries whenever you leave your car in the parking lot? Buying APEMAN C880 Dash Cam will help you eliminate this worry because it features a parking monitor. Parking thieves are then discouraged not to even go near your car. Or else, they’ll be easily identified.

Time-Lapse Video Recording

For car owners or drivers who park their cars in busy parking lots regularly, having a dash cam with a time-lapse video recording feature is a gift. As you get your dash cam active most of the time, the time-lapse format helps reduce the amount of storage you’ll use for each video clip.

Yes, your dash cam continuously captures anything that’s happening inside and outside your car while it is parked. But, with the time-lapse format, APEMAN C880 Dual Dash Cam records videos in two frames per second instead of 15 frames. You have nothing to worry about because even with the time-lapse feature, you get the same high-quality images.

Optional GPS

APEMAN C880 does not come with a GPS tracker. You may choose to buy one if you prefer to have this device for your dash cam. You can, therefore, record your journey with information like location and speed. This becomes helpful if you met an accident and you need your location and speed to prove that it is not your fault.

Package Inclusions

APEMAN C880 Dual Dash Cam includes:

• User manual
• USB Type-C Cable
• Car Charger
• Suction Cup
• Plastic Crowbar

APEMAN C880 includes an internal battery. Having a small capacity, you must instead plug your dash cam using the car charger. When you have a problem with car charging, that’s the only time that you use the internal battery. Yes, it’s only meant for backup power.

24/7 Customer Service

APEMAN C880 is easy to install. You can also move it from one vehicle to another with ease. But, in case you have an issue with installation and others, you can contact its customer service. They promise to be available 24/7 online. You may also email the after-sales team at [email protected].

How is APEMAN C880 Compared with APEMAN 4K Max C770 Dashcam with Oled Touch 3″ Screen?

Have you heard about the APEMAN 4K Max C770 Dashcam With Oled Touch 3″ Screen? Are you also considering this model? If yes, let us do a comparison for these two dash cam models.

APEMAN 4K, when using front and rear cameras, the resolution for the front camera is 1080P. The APEMAN C880 Dual Dash Cam’s forward-facing camera, however, offers a higher resolution at 2K.

APEMAN 4K has Wi-Fi connectivity; unlike APEMAN C880, which has none. If a Wi-Fi connection is a primary concern, the APEMAN 4K may be your choice.

Both dash cams have Sony IMX335 Sensor and IR Vision. Hence, if your preference goes to the device that can offer you quality images, particularly during darker nights or gloomy days, you can choose either dash cam model.

APEMAN C880 and APEMAN 4K also feature emergency video lock, loop recording, parking monitor, and time-lapse.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can USB Power The Dash Cam?

According to the manufacturer, the answer is YES. However, it did not elaborate on their answer and instead ask interested buyers or buyers to contact them through their email address.

Do You Need To Use A Hardwire Kit For APEMAN C880?

Yes, it is suggested that you use a hardwire kit if you’ll be recording videos when parked.

Can I Change Its Level Of Motion Detection Sensitivity?

The G-sensor function can be set to “low”, “medium”, and “high”.

APEMAN C880 Dual Dash Cam Conclusion

C880 Dual Dash Cam is a worthy investment for your car because it is rich in features. Primarily, it can protect you from false accusations in case of an accident because you always have clear images to prove this. While your car is parked, you can also rely on its parking monitor to drive away thieves.