Apeman C860 Dual Dash Cam With Super Night Vision

The Apeman C860 dash cam is a modern dashcam that can record seamlessly at super Full HD 1440 x 1080p. Since it was released at the end of April 2017, this dashcam has become increasingly famous online. Of course, “famous” is a big word for a dashcam that has just hit the market 6 months ago, but the overall feedback from the drivers shows that this dashcam has managed to create a very good impression.

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In this Apeman C860 dash cam review, we will take a closer look at the features of this modern dashcam and determine how it compares to its predecessors, the C760 and C550 models.

Apeman C860 – An Updated, Improved Version

The guys from Apeman deserve all props for managing to build on top of the features offered by the previous versions and fine-tune their dashcam. The newly released model is undoubtedly much better than the old versions released in 2016 (the C760 was released at the beginning of April 2017, while the C550 dashcam hit the market in May 2016).

Of course, it also comes with a higher price tag, but that’s all normal – a new product will always cost more in the first few months since its release. The good news is that the price is slowly decreasing. The Apeman C860 is the only one equipped with 6 high-quality lenses that boost Full HD Quality. At 1440p x 1080p, this dashcam offers much better, crispier images & video footage than what its predecessors have managed to offer at 1080p.

However, a disadvantage of the new version is that it records at only 150 degrees, while both C760 and C550 give you a wider, 170-degree surrounding. All Apeman dash cams are equipped with loop recording, motion detection, WDR, G-sensor, parking monitoring & emergency accident lock. However, the Apeman C860 dash cam comes with super night vision, which makes it unbelievably useful in low-light conditions.

Of course, each of the predecessor versions has a unique feature that beats the efficiency of the new Apeman dashcam. For example, the C760 is equipped with an advanced SONY IMX323 Sensor, which offers you improved recording performance. On the other hand, the C550 features a hidden, rotating lens, which can rotate in any direction you need in order to shoot the video from the right angle and never miss a thing.

With these said, let’s take a closer look at the features of the new Apeman C860 dashcam in order to decide if it’s a good buy for you.

Practical User Friendly Design Of Apeman C860

The beautiful, compact design makes this dual dashcam to fit extremely easy on both your front and back windshields. In addition to being extremely easy to install, this compact dashcam looks gorgeous and can easily complement the interior design of your car.

Moreover, it is undisruptive, so you can gain the peace of mind that it won’t prevent your children from having the fun of their lives in the car without ruining your investment.

Astounding Recording Quality

This dual dash cam is equipped with very high WDR and full 6G lenses, providing a super clear & crisp image quality. The image is clearer than what other dashcams can offers, with more vivid colors and three-dimensional touches. The dark spots are brightened while the bright areas are dimmed, with perfect contrast and display.

The advanced MPEG4/H.264 compression quality goes hand in hand with the 1440p x 1080x super HD recording quality, allowing you to capture 12 MP-quality photos and keep tabs on everything that is happening around you. You won’t miss again any more license plates or small details that could help you in court or save your life.

Parking Mode Enabled

The Apeman C860 is your bodyguard against thieves and evil-doers. This dash cam is equipped with the parking monitoring feature. This useful feature guards your car 24/7 and ensures that any motion triggers the camera to start. Once on, it records the entire event. With this device active in your vehicle, you can get the peace of mind that no thief will ever go unpunished.

Emergency Lock

Another great feature is the emergency lock. Triggered by the G-sensor, this option locks your video the moment a collision happens. This has two main benefits: it prevents unauthorized people from “accidentally” erasing the video with the accident and prevents overlap. This means that you will always have extra assurance in court, especially if the accident was none of your faults.

Powerful Features

The Apeman C860 dash cam is equipped with numerous features that would make most other dashcams manufacturers jealous. For example, the Kidcia Dashcam 4k GPS WIFI benefits from only half of the features the Apeman C860 is equipped with.

The new Apeman dashcam has loop recording, WDR, G-sensor, motion detection, driver fatigue alarm, parking monitoring, light-on notice, and auto shut-off. With a 2.7-inch FTF screen, this dashcam offers crisp, realistic footage. Thanks to the 2.0 USB port, you can quickly transfer the footage to your laptop, tablet, or hard disk.

You need to use a micro SD card of at least 32 GB to store the footage. Unfortunately, the SD card is not included in the package.


In a conclusion, the new Apeman C860 dash cam is a reliable, modern dashcam equipped with tons of amazing features. While it might lack some of the features offered by other dashcams, this dashcam makes up by supporting dual-cameras, boosting a super-high recording quality at 1440p x 1080p, having super night quality, and including all the important features for a safe driving experience.

The only drawbacks of the C860 are the lack of Wi-Fi connection, the standard 150-degree wide lens, and the lack of micro SD media. However, you get a camera that is unobtrusive, is easy to install, features quick response, is made of high-quality materials, and comes with an extra cable and car charger.