Akeeyo D7 Dual Dash Camera With 3″ OLED Screen

AKEEYO D7 Dash Cam was launched in December 2019. Since then, it has been creating a lasting impression on the minds of many people all around the world. The ever-rising sales figures clearly reassert this conclusion.

This unique dashcam comes with many innovative features to offer maximum benefits for the users. You can find it as a user-friendly device that offers high image quality. The advanced OLED screen and flexible cameras make this dashcam highly endearing to several car owners.

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It is needless to say that the younger version, AKEEYO X2 Mirror Dashcam impressed many people instantly. However, the AKEEYO D7 Dash cam comes with some more added features and benefits for the buyers.

This AKEEYO D7 Dash Cam is an honest attempt to analyze the pros and cons of this product. Our focus is to guide you in the right direction and help you make an informed buying decision.

What Type Of Display Akeeyo D7 Dash Cam Offers

This Dual Dashboard Camera comes with a 3 inch wide OLED touch screen. You don’t need to depend on any manual buttons to operate this device. Your fingertips can be used to operate this dashcam.

With a simple touch, you can use this extremely user-friendly OLED screen. It is more energy-efficient than devices that are equipped with an LCD display.

Super-Efficient Cameras And Great Vision 

This product is equipped with two FHD front and rear cameras. They come with 2 million pixels, 6 layers of glass, and FHD definition (1080p). You can record the outside and inside areas simultaneously with these cameras.

There is no separation between the front and rear cameras. Providing a range between 0 and 55 angle on both sides of the camera, this AKEEYO D7 offers appreciable flexibility and rotatability. You can change these angles according to your preferences and needs.

The front, as well as back rear camera, makes use of the Sony IMX307 Sensor. This sensor comes with the feature of STARVIS. It keeps the camera highly efficient high even during low light conditions and night.

You can find the cameras producing clear footage and details irrespective of the condition. This high image quality makes the AKEEYO D7 Dash Cam a perfect choice for Taxi, Lyft, Uber, and truck drivers.

Wide Dynamic Range And Excellent Recording Efficiency

The AKEEYO D7 Dash Cam has a wide dynamic range. This feature optimizes the image clarity efficiently. You don’t need to worry about the faint area or brightness of overexposure while capturing images. The wide dynamic range improves the contrast ratio to create a balancing effect.

The loop recording feature makes the recording seamless. The camera keeps on recording until there is space available on the memory card. When there is no space, the previous files are deleted automatically.

This dashcam comes with a G-sensor. It starts the emergency recording immediately when your vehicle meets with an accident or collides with an external object. The G-sensor locks the footage instantly to prevent erasing due to loop recording.

The AKEEYO D7 comes with a 32GB memory card. A 32GB memory card with FHD 1080P definition and two cameras can record about 3 hours of videos. You can use a higher volume card belonging to the class 10 category or above. Many users use a 128GB card. It is always advisable to replace the within every three months. 

Highly Vibrant GPS And Dashcam Players 

The AKEEYO D7 Dash Cam allows you to track more information using the GPS feature. You can locate many details including position, direction, and speed accurately. This feature also helps you playback your historical driving route on the map. You don’t have to buy the GPS separately. The package comes with the GPS antenna being a built-in part of the device.

There is also a built-in Wi-Fi module attached to the AKEEYO D7 Dash Cam. You can install a dashcam player app on your mobile phone to watch the footage. It can also be used to begin the recording or alter the setting.

Akeeyo D7- What Does The Entire Package Contain?

When you buy AKEEYO D7 Dash Cam, you get a complete package containing a 3-inch OLED monitor with front and rear cameras and other related tools and accessories. With this device, you also get one GPS, one cigarette lighter, one USB cable, 1 bracket, one 32GB Micro SD Card, and a user manual.

The weight of the item is 13.6 ounces. The package dimension is 6.1 x 5.5 x 3.1 inches. To make this device functional, you need one Lithium Metal battery. The manufacturer offers this battery as a part of the package.

Akeeyo D7 Dash Cam Is Easy To Install

When it comes to installing the AKEEYO D7 Dash Cam, you need to choose a location that does not obstruct your view. The surface needs to be dust and stain-free to prevent any fall off.

You don’t have to hire any professional help to install this dashcam. First of all, you need to insert the memory card to activate and power up the device. Then, install the bracket with the dashcam before peeling off the protective film on the bracket. Stick the film to the real mirror surface.

After peeling off the protective film on the lens, you should change the lens angle according to your preference. The next step is to connect one side of the cigarette lighter to the USB port on the AKEEYO D7 Dash Cam. This step completes the installation process. You can make the final changes to the lens angle after starting the vehicle engine and powering up the device. 

The Bottom Line

The AKEEYO D7 Dash Cam is a flexible, user-friendly device that can be installed easily. This device makes driving smooth, safe, and convenient with a perfect combination of innovative technology and smart features.

It comes with innovative features such as excellent night vision, wide dynamic range, emergency lock, top-quality cameras, and a 3-inch OLED touch screen. All these features along with the GPS player and built-in Wi-Fi module make this device one of the best available today.

Technical Support For Akeeyo D7 Dash Cam

In case of any problem with Akeeyo dash cam please contact technical support at Ultra Fun