Akaso 2k 360 Degree Full View Dual Dash Cam

AKASO 2K is a modern dual dash cam that is coming with strong features and offers a completely unique design. It definitely looks better than most high-quality dash cams out there, including the famous Rexing V1P Pro. This camera also offers 2K crystal recordings, 360 degrees panoramic views, and a great 5” IPS touch screen.

The AKASO 2K has just been launched in March 2019. However, it already has almost as many sales as its competitor, Viofo A129, a model that’s been available since May 2018. The AKASO is definitely a dash cam worth considering if planning an upgrade in 2019, or if you simply want to purchase a stable & advanced dash cam that offers you a multitude of hot features.

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In this AKASO 2K dual dash cam review, we will take a closer look at the features and benefits of this modern camera. Let’s begin by looking at the design.

Akaso 2k Dual Dash Cam – Clean & Smooth Design

The AKASO 2K does not look like a regular dashcam. It lacks the advanced patterns than other dash cams have or the wow factor that is offered by dash cams that mount over the rearview mirror. However, it’s clean, the all-black design offers a unique sense of extravagance.

It looks good on any car and can easily complement any interior design.

Ultimate Recording Features

Probably one of the most interesting aspects of this modern dash cam is the fact that is records 4 unique modes. You can basically select your view mode, from wide mode and around mode to ball mode or four modes. The front camera is strategically placed so that it rotates 360 degrees. All you have to do is to swipe your finger across the screen and the camera rotates in your desired direction.

Another similar dashcam that comes with rotative cameras is EACHPAI X100. However, the dual cameras can only rotate 180 degrees each. Moreover, you can only rotate them manually. When it comes to usability and recording features, no other dash cam is able to beat AKASO 2K. The panoramic viewability is simply astounding, enabling you to gain the peace of mind that there are no dead angles when driving.

Recording Quality of Akaso 2k Dual Dash Cam

This dual dashcam comes equipped with 2 cameras, one placed in the front right under the screen and one in the rear. Both cameras are equipped with modern fisheye lenses, allowing them to capture the road ahead or behind and at the same time capture footage from inside the car.

Together, the cameras provide you with a full 360-degree panoramic view. You can basically see everything that is happening around you, in or outside the car. Both cameras can be easily adjusted up, down, left, and right, by simply swiping on the screen.

In terms of recording quality, expect AKASO 2K to leave you astounded. The front camera records in 2560*1440 super high quality and is equipped with advanced WDR to give you super night vision. You’ll be able to get sharper images at night and clearly see license plates, road signs, or objects that lie on the road.

Akaso 2k Dual Dash Cam and 5” IPS Touchscreen

Another aspect you’ll also love about this dash cam is the high–end touchscreen. The screen is super easy to use and offers flawless functionality. You can use it for video recording, playback, adjusting camera position, settings, and switching between viewing modes. The screen is large enough to clearly see the footage recorded and is perfectly designed to withstand scratches, bumps, or even hits.

Moreover, the screen features the reversing image function, which will automatically switch to the rear camera when you are parking or reversing. You also get to enjoy parking lines, which are so useful when parking.

Four Unique Viewing Modes

The AKASO 2K is one of the few dash cams that can boast itself with a full panoramic view. It has four unique viewing modes to help you enjoy various recording postures. In the first mode, called wide mode, you can see what’s happening in front of you. You can adjust the angle by swiping on the screen.

In the second mode, which is ball mode, you get a complete 360 – degree view of both the road ahead and the passengers inside. You can adjust the panorama again by swiping on the screen. The around mode shows both the front and rear view, allowing you to adjust the view so you can see both what’s happening inside the car and outside.

Lastly, in the fourth mode called “four modes”, you see the screen split into 4 sections. You can simultaneously see the image ahead, rear, left, and right. Each of these modes provides you with a fun factor and lets you create beautiful videos of you and of your passengers.

Akaso 2k Dual Dash Cam and Installation

Installing the AKASO 2K dual dashboard camera system is pretty simple and straightforward. What you basically have to do is mount the display over your rearview mirror, then install the rear camera right above your license plate and use a cable to connect the rear camera to the monitor.

Inside the package, you’ll have detailed instructions on how to do this operation.

Free 32 GB Card Included with Akaso 2k Dual Dash Cam

The great news is that you have included a 32 GB card inside the package, so you don’t have to purchase another one. As a sidenote, this model of dash cam only supports a maximum of 128 GB SD card, class 10 or above.

Other Features

AKASO 2K is also equipped with two imperative features: the G-sensor and loop recording. Together, they ensure you won’t lose important footage and that the camera will keep recording when the card is full. Another useful feature is the parking monitor. This dashcam from AKASO turns on automatically when your car is parked and records any incident. For that, you need to hardwire the system to a continuous power source.

Akaso 2K Conclusion

AKASO 2K is definitely a dash cam worth buying if you want to have fun with your friends and experiment with a multitude of viewing modes. Once installed, it provides you with continuous protection, both when driving and when parking.

Enjoy this camera’s panoramic view design and 5” IPS touchscreen equipped with real-time reversing image and stay safe behind the wheel.