The Saimly 2.7 Car Dash Cam is a new dashcam in the market. It measures 2.7 inches, and this car camera Recorder can record videos in 1440P – just like the Rove A12-60, Super HD resolution with a 170-degree view field. So does it make the cut among the plethora of dash cameras such as Falcon Zero Touch PRO HD or Street Guardian SG9665GC v3 being launched these days with regularity? Let’s find out from this Saimly 2.7 dash cam review.

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Dashboard Camera Ease Of Use

The camera comes with a user manual included with the package. The directions can easily be read and followed, and you can easily set up the dashboard camera on your car windshield for photo and video recording purposes. It can easily capture all that you can see on the road. Although small in size, the dashcam offers a dependable performance when it comes to capturing footage.

Saimly 2.7 Dash Cam Quality

The Saimly 2.7 Dash Cam can give you a wide-angle of 170°. The wide-angle lens is able to cover three lanes. The photos and videos are distortion-free, and the quality is smooth and real. The footages can easily be restored in case of a possible accident. You can mount the camera easily onto the windshield.

This Car Dash Cam has 960X240 Screen Resolution, and can support multiple video resolutions such as HDR 1920X1080P 30fps HDR 2560X1440P 30fps, 1280X720P(60fps), 1920X1080P(30fps), 1920X1080P(60fps), 2304X1296P(30fps) and 2560X1440P(30fps). It is equipped with state of the art H.264 video compression technology.

The device has a high-speed chip built into it, which can record images at 1440 HD quality. You can get a unique driving experience. The Saimly 2.7 Dash Cam supports video transmission in high-quality HDMI format. The detail and clarity are amazing, and you can easily view signage and license plates from a significant distance.

Picture Quality

The dash cam boasts of pretty decent picture quality, although it can sometimes get slightly pixelated and grainy. You may choose whichever resolution you wish to record images and videos in. For a dashcam, it has a very large LCD screen. The photos are detailed and vibrant. You may also replay the videos on the Saimly 2.7 Dash Cam screen if you want.

In bright light situations, it offers decent video quality. It has a very smooth viewing motion and the view is extremely smooth for the files that you record during the daytime. The quality and night vision is good enough for its price. You are likely to be completely satisfied with the video quality of the camera. The still photos and high-resolution videos are one of the best that you can find in dashcams at this price range, such as PAPAGO GoSafe 388.

Keep in mind that you have to buy a memory card separately, and install it into the camera. A microSD card offered with the device would have been great. However, it is very easy to install and remove the memory card from the Saimly 2.7″ Car Dash Cam.

Features Of The Saimly 2.7 Dash Cam

The Saimly 2.7 Dash Cam has a wide range of features, and you are going to love all of them. The built-in axis acceleration sensor can record as well as store images automatically in case of abrupt turns or car collisions, to offer evidence of an accident. It consists of dual monitoring wake modes – light trigger and collision trigger. There are motion detection and parking monitoring function.

The Parking Mode only works when the Saimly 2.7″ Car Dash Cam is automatically turned off. You cannot manually turn it off. The in-built night visual function can analyze the extra sources of light automatically at night via star photoelectric. It can offer clear videos and pictures. A 3D astronomical lens with a 7 layer glass makes this possible. The Saimly 2.7 Dash Cam has GPS GEO-TAGGING facility, which lets you record GPS data accurately into video footage.

Thus, you can precisely check the route, speed, or location of the vehicle on Google Maps with the help of the built-in ROVE Dash Cam Player Software. The USB, included with the package, allows charging of the car as well as the transmission of videos. It is easy to review the footage that you record. You will only need to connect the USB cable to your PC.


The Saimly 2.7 Dash Cam has a number of security features, such as motion detection, accident auto-detection G-Sensor, and emergency lock button. The ADAS Security Alerts is one of the highlights of this dashcam. It offers front-distance monitoring and lane offset warnings in real-time. It can rectify erroneous driving behaviors by providing drivers with security alerts.

The dashboard camera consists of a strong ADAS (ADVANCED DRIVER ASSISTANCE SYSTEMS) function, which comprises of dual safety features. There is LDWS (Lane Departure Warning System) that makes an audible noise to alert drivers whenever you start driving your car out into arterial roads and freeways from the lane. The FCWS (Forward Collision Warning System) is another safety feature that you will love.

It uses image recognition to recognize you and make an audible sound to alert you whenever you are too near to the car at the front, thus avoiding an accident. The metal case of the Saimly 2.7 Dash Cam is capable of wonderful heat dissipation. It is an explosion and anti-collision proof as well. Although the camera cannot prevent accidents and collisions, it can help you to explain the event if anything goes wrong.

This can be of great help when you need auto insurance compensation, personal injury compensation, vehicular damage compensation, or even extricate yourself from legal hassles after a possible accident or collision involving your car.

Saimly 2.7 Dash Cam Final Thoughts

All said and done, the Saimly 2.7 Dash Cam can make for a good buy. It has a nice and compact quality, and can easily be operated. The powerful wide-angle camera perfectly complements its compact, sleek design. There are plenty of video quality options, and you can choose one based on your own needs.