The Rove A12-60 2.7K Quad HD 1440P car dash cam is one of the latest cameras on the market, released last December just before Christmas. We took a closer look at this camera to determine if it’s a suitable addition to your vehicle. This is the only dash cam that can currently record at 1440P at 60 frames per second. That is quite an achievement.

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But, it’s not the only beneficial feature of this camera. Explore the rest of the details with this in-depth Rove A12-60 dash cam review.

Advanced Chipset And Superior Night Vision

The advanced chipset and high-quality recording are the biggest advantages of this camera. The Rove A12-60 is equipped with the most advanced American-made chipset – the Ambarella A12-A75 CPU. Combined with the world-class 6-layered lens, you get more low-light capture during the nighttime. This results in superior night vision.

As mentioned, this camera records 1440P at 60 frames per second. With the night vision technology, you always get clear video in any weather conditions. This is the best video that you’re going to get with the current lineup of dash cams. In addition to recording clear video in any weather conditions, it also operates at nearly any temperature. The tested temperature range is -22 to 176-degrees Fahrenheit.

The Dash Cam Is Easy To Install In Most Vehicles

Before you can start testing out the superior night vision, you need to install the camera. Installation is easy. You get everything needed, including a dual USB in-car charger and USB data cable. It even comes with a 16GB class 10 MicroSD card. The 360-degree rotating car mount attaches to your windshield.  

Once in place, you simply connect to the camera to the provided power cable. It records in NTSC mode and stores video on a MicroSD card.

3-inch LCD Screen With 960 x 240-pixel Resolution

Another useful feature is the large LCD screen on the back of the camera. This dash cam is equipped with a 3-inch LCD screen with a clear resolution. This is helpful when you’re trying to see the view from the camera.

GPS Geo-Tagging And Timestamp With Vehicle Speed

The Rove A12-60 dash cam is also equipped with GPS-Geo tagging. This tags your video files with the GPS location of your vehicle when the video was recorded. This can be used to trace your route or provide proof of location. Along with the Geo-tagging, the camera adds a timestamp to your video. This timestamp also includes your speed. You can choose between MPH and KMPS.

How Does The Rove A12-60 Dash Cam Compare To Other Cameras?

The Rove A12-60 dash cam isn’t the only dashboard camera. There are dozens of other options. So, it makes sense to compare the Rove A12-60 to some of these choices. Street Guardian SG9665GC v3 2017 edition is a comparable dash cam with some similar features to the Rove A12-60 dash cam. Both cameras offer HD recording and simple installation. But, there are also differences.

First, the Street Guardian records full HD 1080P at 30 frames per second. This does not quite compare to the 1440P HD offered by the Rove A12-60 dash cam. Another difference is the special features found on the Rove A12-60 dash cam. With the Rove, you get ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems), which isn’t included with the Street Guardian. With ADAS, you get 2 safety features.

Final Thoughts On The Rove A12-60 Dash Cam

Overall, the Rove A12-60 dash cam possesses some advanced features that you can’t get from other dashboards. It’s the first dash cam to offer 1440P HD recording at 60 frames per second and it includes the most advanced chipset. The inclusion of special features, such as the ADAS, helps make this one of the top cameras.

Overall, this is a small, but powerful dash cam. It comes with everything needed to get started. And, it works in extreme temperatures. While the design and installation of this dash cam may not appeal to everyone, you can’t deny the powerful features. And, it’s affordable.

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