The Rexing V1P Pro Dual dash cam is quickly becoming one of the most appreciated and sought-after dashboard cameras released in 2018. The manufacturer of this dash cam is well-renowned for its formidable products and exquisite quality dash cams. Of course, their dedicated customer service and attention to detail have helped them outrank the competition.

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The 2.4” large screen, built-in supercapacitor, 170-degree wide-angle, WIfi, and GPS logger make the Rexing V1P a true beast. To top it all, its futuristic design is extremely appealing, as it can take your car value to new heights. As one of the lightest dash cams ever released, the V1P from Rexing exceeds all expectations in terms of reliability and usability. 

At only 1.1 pounds and 7.3 x 5.3 x 3.9 inches, it becomes that discreet witness that can record every single event that unfolds as you drive. Without further ado, let’s dive into reviewing this gorgeous product and looking at its top features.

Rexing V1P Pro – Innovative Light Design

This item weighs almost 1 pound. It is so small and lightweight that it can sit on your dashboard or behind the rearview mirror without being noticed from the outside. Rexing V1P Pro Dual dashboard camera is so inconspicuous that might not even be noticed by the passengers of your car. The discreet design is the Rexing signature.

Most of its previous dashboard cameras were quite light and small, with the exception of the REXING V2 Uber Dual dash cam.

Rexing V1P Pro – Mounting it

To mount this device, you can use the included 3M adhesive mount for the front and rear camera. The front camera mounts right on your windshield, behind the rearview mirror. The rear camera can be mounted right in the center of your rear windshield. When setting up the system, consider using a level. You want to get undistorted images.

When combined, you want both images to have the same horizontal spacing. By leveling out the images, you ensure that you get unitary footage.

Rexing V1P Pro – Recording Performance

In terms of performance, you will love how Rexing chose to equip its new camera. V1’s 1080 video quality, 170-degree view range, and the advanced wide dynamic range offers you an extremely sharp, stable connection. Even if the recordings are not quite color-rich as what other Rexing cameras have to offer (we’re talking here about Rexing V1 3rd Generation 4K ), the recordings are pretty stable.

The Sony Exmor sensor does its job flawlessly, especially during the night. Combined with the WDR, the 6 wide-angle lenses and Sony sensor offer you satisfactory videos at 30 fps. The exposure is automatically balanced and fine-tuned by the WDR, so you get balanced footage in any type of weather.

However, due to interior moisture in your vehicle, you might notice a certain degree of susceptibility to distortion. In other words, the image might be distorted in case of too much moisture.

Rexing V1P Pro – Dual Channel Power

This gorgeous device surprises you by its capacity to record simultaneously with the cameras. You can catch the action from both the front and back, at a total range of 340 degrees. That’s basically almost a full road coverage. The camera can record at extreme temperatures of between -20 Fahrenheit and 176 Fahrenheit.  

You can rest assured that you will be able to use it anywhere on the globe, in any weather conditions.

Rexing V1P Pro – G-sensor & Loop Recording

Rexing V1P Pro Dual is equipped with the necessary G-sensor and loop recording features. The loop recording allows the device to run continuously. You will never have to worry again about running out of storage. When the card is full, new recordings will replace old recordings. Again, if some important events happened, they were stored separately and won’t be erased.

The G-sensor detects any collisions and starts locking the video before, during, and after the impact. This footage will be saved and you will be able to use it in case of a trial. Needless to say, this feature alone could help save you tens of thousands of dollars by shedding light on the actual event.

Rexing V1P Pro – Weather Resistance

This modern dashboard camera has an operating temperature of between -20 Fahrenheit and 176 Fahrenheit, and an even bigger storage temperature. You don’t need to worry about cold or heat anymore. Even if you live in Alaska, you can store the camera at -40 Fahrenheit or use it at -20.

If you live in Sahara, Nevada or you like to drive through the Death Valley National Park, worry not. The average 110 Fahrenheit will not as much as affect your dash cam.

Supercapacitor For A Super Dash Cam

Another aspect you will definitely love about this dashboard camera from Rexing is the use of its supercapacitor. Battery-operated dash cams may fail. They are unreliable and do not last long. However, dash cams equipped with supercapacitors last longer in time, have better battery life, and withstand heat and cold much better.

Plus, there are no more wires between the dash cam and your power adapter.

Rexing V1P Pro – Built-in Wifi

Rexing V1P Pro Dual is here to surprise you due to its modern connectivity features. You can use the built-in Wifi connection to easily transfer all your recordings to the laptop, smartphone, or tablet. You can do that with ease through the Rexing app. This makes it really easy for you to store all those gorgeous moments and to share them with friends.

Thus, you will gain the peace of mind that your favorite parts of the journey will not be rewritten by loop recording.

Built-in GPS For More Fun

Lastly, this dual-dashboard camera is equipped with an internal GPS logger. It marks the exact time of the recording, the location, speed of the car, and date. This way, you will be able to know exactly where you’ve been and what you’ve seen. If you are always on track of your location on your mobile phone and you are a control-freak, then this feature will appeal to you like anything else.

Bottom Line

Rexing V1P Pro Dual is definitely a strong camera that can prove to be a lifesaver in many situations. This device is basked by a famous brand, is equipped with a multitude of features & options, and comes with an extended 18-months warranty.