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Rexing V1 is an award-winning dashcam that has taken all of us by surprise. At low price on Amazon, this is the most affordable dashcam on the market that records at 1080p, has a large 2.7” TFT LCD and captures video and photos at an astoundingly wide 170 degrees. Dashcams that come with so many high-performance features can cost up to 4 times more.

rexing v1

rexing v1

With a great ratings on Amazon from over 3000 customers, this dashcam is definitely a product that deserves our full attention. If you want to buy a new dashcam and you are still trying to figure out which one is the right choice for you, you definitely need to read this Rexing V1  LCD FHD 1080p review.

Why Rexing V1 dashcam ?

  • Because it is highly affordable.
  • Because of its 6 layer lens, capable of recording seamlessly at both 1080p and 720p.
  • Because of the double sided 3M adhesive tape that lets you mount the camera right behind your windshield mirror, thus giving you a unique vantage point to record from.
  • Because of the large  TFT screen which gives you perfect vision of your recordings.
  • Because of the 170 wide angle which enables you to record almost everything in front of your vehicle.
  • Supports up to 128GB memory card

Rexing V1 – A King for Four-Wheelers

This modern dashcam from Rexing released recently has managed to break new ground in its niche by coming with many more advanced features than any other dashcam in its price range. Both audio and video are excellent, during the day and during the night. Thanks to its wedge shape, you can place it right behind the mirror.

Customers have bought the Rexing V1 2.4″ LCD FHD 1080p for several reasons. Here are the most important three out of this long list of benefits.

1. Ease of Installation

People love this dashcam because it can be installed so easily. If you have the power wire plugged into the lighter socket, you can easily connect it to your dashcam and that’s all. You can enjoy a clean look, with no messy wires all around your dashboard. This unit does not block your field of view and your dashboard is clean with it installed.

It usually takes less than 45 minutes to install this amazingly beautiful device. Thanks to the 3M adhesive mount, installing this dashcam is even easier.

2. Value for Money

Bluntly speaking, there is no other dashcam to offer so many features for such a good price. Two very good dashcams that offer similar features are the well-famed AUSDOM® A261 and SplashETech Mini 0806. Rexing V1 is very affordable dashcam on Amazon. You just need it once to prove you are innocent and it pays off in full.

Your insurance company might give you thousands of dollars for repairs, instead of just what you paid for the device.

3. Quality

Offering a wide 170 degrees recording range, WDR technology, loop recording, accident auto detection feature, multi-language support and 1920×1080 full HD resolution, this dashcam is the real deal. In addition to all of these powerful features, you will find that using this dashcam is as easy as pie.

Even though the instructions are not that clear and the user interface is slightly hard to work with, you will soon notice that the quality of this device surpasses that of its competitors.


The Rexing V1 dashcam is not immune to flaws. Unfortunately, the same users who have rated it with 5 stars discovered some drawbacks that made them uneasy about buying this product.

Here are some drawbacks that you should be aware of:

– Sound issues: you might hear a distant buzz or a “zap” every few minutes on your recordings. That might happen if you plug the device into a splitter instead of the separate cigarette lighter.

– Plastic melts in high temperatures: another problem you might experience is during the hot summer months. At over 100 Fahrenheit and 130 in the car, the plastic might begin to melt. Of course, it’s unnoticeable at first, but after a few days you notice the device has changed its shape.

Conclusion All in all, the Rexing V1  LCD FHD 1080p is a great dashcam, one of the best available on the market and also one of the cheapest. More than sure you won’t regret buying the Rexing V1, so what are you waiting for? This is one of the best dashcams in 2015, so don’t hesitate to give it a try.

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Specifications:Chipset: Novatek NT96650. Video Resolution:1080FHD 1920×1080/ 1080P 1440×1080/ 720P 1280×720/ WVGA 848×480/ VGA 640×480/ QVGA 320×240. File Format: Image: JPG, Video: MOV. Power-off File Recovery Function: Support. Motion Detection: Support. Date Time Mark: Support. Memory Card: Support up to 32GB Micro SD/TF Card (not included). Language System: English/ French/ Spanish/ Portuguese/ German/ Italian/ Simplified Chinese/ Traditional Chinese/ Russian/ Japanese. USB: Support. Audio Recording: Support. Storage Temperature: -5°F to 160°F. Operating Temperature: 10°F to 140°F.(We recommend remove the dash cam from the windshield when parking) Package Includes: Rexing V1 Dash Camera In-car charging cable 3M adhesive mount USB cable User Manual What’s Needed:Micro SD Card

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