There’s no question that having a dash cam in your car can protect you in the event of an accident or altercation, and the Rexing S500 Pro is a good option for anybody who wants the security that a good dash cam offers. It shoots high-quality HD video with superior night vision to ensure that the footage it shoots doesn’t miss anything important.

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Front And Rear Dual Lenses Ensure You Don’t Miss Anything

The Rexing S500 Pro offers great coverage of both the front and rear of your vehicle. The front and rear cameras both rotate 180 degrees vertically, and the front camera can rotate 30 degrees horizontally as well. You can adjust it to view the interior or exterior of your car. A new model, the Rexing S600, offers 330-degree rotation for nearly complete coverage of all sides of your vehicle.

Sleek Design Won’t Obstruct Your View

The Rexing S500 Pro has a sleek and compact design. The front camera mounts high on the windshield. The unit as a whole is 5 inches wide with a 2.7 inch LCD display. You can adjust the picture to show the front camera only, the rear camera only, or even picture-in-picture to see both at once. This represents an improvement from Rexing’s earlier model, the Rexing S300, which had the potential to partially obscure the driver’s view due to its size.

High-Resolution Camera Delivers Clear Images

One issue that the Rexing S500 Pro addresses is the problem of shooting video in the glare of headlights behind your vehicle. This camera shoots high-resolution video, 1920 X 1280 pixels at 30 frames per second in the front camera, and 1280 by 720 pixels in the rear camera. The result is high-quality, easy-to-see images instead of the grainy, low-res images you might normally associate with dash cam footage.

Night Vision Image Sensor

Some of the dash cams on the market have a hard time shooting clear images in the dark. The Rexing S500 Pro is an exception. It comes with a high-quality f2.4 six-glass lens that ensures you’ll get clear footage even under less-than-ideal lighting. Enhanced HDR technology works to reduce the glare of approaching headlights, making sure that your essential footage isn’t obscured by the untimely arrival of another car on the scene.

It may still be difficult at times to see license plate numbers, but this camera is better than many others on the market when it comes to shooting in the dark.

32 GB Micro SD Card Included

The Rexing S500 Pro comes with an included 32GB Micro SD Card to record and store the footage it shoots. 32 GB might not seem like much when it comes to video, but the system will support the use of a 128 GB memory card if you choose to add one. The system works by recording footage on a loop, automatically overriding older footage with new footage as it records. You can use the included USB cord to connect it to your computer and save footage as needed.

Easy Mount Design Goes from Box To Car In Moments

Sometimes mounting a dash cam can pose a real challenge. The Rexing S500 Pro is easy to mount out of the box. It has a 3M adhesive mount and a suction cup back-up, meaning that you can mount it securely in just minutes. The included cord linking the front and rear cameras is 19 feet long, making it long enough to use even in the largest SUV.

G Sensor Automatically Records Accidents

The time when you most want footage from your dash cam is when you get into an accident with another vehicle. The Rexing S500 Pro has a G Sensor that senses it when your vehicle sustains the impact and begins to record automatically. The benefit of this feature is that you don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn on the dash cam when you need it most.

You might be shaken in the aftermath of an accident, but the Rexing S500 Pro won’t miss anything from the moment of impact.

Supports Audio Recording 

One of the downsides to many dash cams is that they record video only, with no audio option. In the event that you are in an altercation with another driver or a passenger, it may be extremely helpful to have the option of recording audio. The Rexing S500 Pro stands apart from other dash cams with an audio recording option that allows you to capture every word spoken in the event that you need to refer back to it. 

Final Thoughts On The Rexing S500 Pro Dash Cam

The Rexing S500 Pro Dash Cam offers a good compromise, giving drivers some high-tech options for an affordable price. The coverage it shoots isn’t foolproof, but it has the ability to provide high-resolution footage in daylight or at night. The audio option sets this camera apart from some others on the market, and the easy mounting and automatic recording options add a great deal of value for a mid-range dash cam. Read more reviews on Rexing S300