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This is one of the best dash cam recorders on the market – by a long shot.

The Timetec Road Hawk HD is a huge breakthrough in vehicle camera black box motion-capture technology. It is the first dash cam on the market equipped with full electronic image stabilization. You get the smoothest video, even on the roughest road. That feature is essential when you need it most – if there is a major car crash, accident, or driving-related incident.

You not only get incredibly colorful and sharp daytime images, but you also get features and a product experience that exceeds any other camera on the market. It easily outperforms any other dash cam on the market in low light conditions, too.

Timetec Road Hawk HD Pros

The Timetec Road Hawk HD is the first dash camera on the market to offer electronic image stabilization. If you’re going over hills and bumps, the image will stay steady, making this the perfect camera system for anyone who wants to record their driving.

This opens up a few options beyond the traditional dash camera setup, like recording scenic drives or getting a video during an off-road trip. In that vein, Timetec included a microphone jack so you can narrate clearly over the footage.

This camera really does some of its best work in low light conditions. It has an electronic IR sensor that dims the video to preserve color and contrast in bright light. The sensor also helps when transitioning from dark to light, and works just as well at dawn as it does in dusk. In fact, the Timetec Road Hawk HD has some of the best low-light performance available, making it a must for nighttime and twilight drivers.

The installation is relatively easy, with a self-adhesive mount and cigarette lighter DC adapter, although it can be wired to your car’s electrical system. However you install it, the video turns on and off automatically with your car, so there’s never any pointless footage if you forget to flip a switch at night.

The Timetec Road Hawk HD doesn’t need any input after it’s been installed and configured using the included software. It’s a good pick for anyone who doesn’t want to have to make adjustments to their dash camera system every time they get in the car.

In case of an emergency, the Timetec Hawk HD has a single button that keeps a record of the video and audio around the time of the crash. It saves the file separately on the SD card, preventing it from getting erased by accident. If you’re interested in a dash camera for insurance reasons or protection in case of an accident, this camera has you covered.

Timetec Road Hawk HD Cons

Timetec does a great job of covering all of the basics with this package, so there really aren’t any shortcomings in the camera system itself. However, this is a premium dash cam and you’ll have to pay a premium price for it. Fortunately, dashboard camera system like this one will almost always lower your car insurance rate, so it may pay for itself.

The only reason that the Timetec Road Hawk HD might not be your first choice is if you’d like to spend a little less.

Our Verdict

Timetec has done an excellent job of including some of the latest camera technology into this dashboard system. The automatic image stabilization and IR sensor keep your videos sharp in any lighting conditions.

This premium dashboard camera also includes software to let you look at your routes using Google Maps, giving you information about every detail of your trip. In case of a collision, all of the information is automatically logged.

If you’re looking for the best in-car camera system on the market, the Timetec Car Black Box Road Hawk HD is it. It’s easy to install, high-quality, and available on Amazon.

What others are saying

This is one of the most expensive dash cams on the market, and it’s worth every penny. The camera has excellent video quality, and the GPS works extremely well, and the 64 GB card is more than enough space.

There were several dozen customer reviews – most of which were overwhelmingly positive. Many of the reviews were also incredibly thorough, something not often seen on the Amazon product pages of lower-priced dash cams.

Don’t think twice about buying this dash cam if you have the money. You’re not going to find a better dash cam – at least without spending a fortune. This is the best dash cam in the under-$200 price range.

If you have to buy dash cams for your company (e.g., trucking company, taxi cab company, security night watch company, etc.), then this is the dash cam that will guarantee peace of mind. The ordinary driver will also feel better knowing that they’ve purchased the best dash cam.

Timetec Road Hawk HD:

The Road Hawk HD represents a breakthrough in vehicle camera black box video technology.
Timetec Road Hawk HD is the first in car camera on the market fitted with full EIS (electronic image stabilisation) to give you the smoothest video even on the roughest of road surfaces.

The HD sensor used in the Timetec RoadHawk HD not only gives amazingly sharp and colourful daytime images but also outperforms any other in car camera currently available in low light conditions.


  • 1080p video latest A5s Processor.
  • Faster 5Hz GPS receiver with ultra-fast lock on time.
  • SDXC technology Support larger capacity SD cards (currently up to 64gb).
  • Videos can be played back on any modern PC or MAC computer.
  • GPS and G-Force data is stored within the video file and can be viewed using the provided viewing software. You will see the vehicle’s speed, G-Force and position overlaid on to Google maps updating 5 times every second.
  • An external GPS antenna installed. lock-on times (usually less than 30 seconds from cold start) and for greater GPS accuracy.
  • Built-in a mode allows to make larger files up to 30 minutes and not overwrite them.
  • Powerful track analysis driving aid.
  • An external microphone input.
  • Supplied with an adhesive windscreen mount as well as a ¼” camera mount for use with roll bar clamps.


  • 1*DVR, 1*Power cable,
  • 1*GPS External Antenna,
  • 1*8GB SD Card 1*USB Card Reader,
  • 1*Windscreen adhesive mount,
  • 1*Vertical Windscreen adhesive mount

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