Pyle PLDVRCAMAND75 is an extraordinary dashboard camera that stands out of the crowd by offering innovative features and benefits. This Android-powered device comes with an impressive 7” display, Wi-Fi Bluetooth, wireless FM radio, GPS navigation, and more. The Pyle PLDVRCAMAND75 dual-dash cam has been released back in July 2017.  

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Since it has hit the market, it was bought by thousands of drivers from all over the world. Needless to say, this product is highly valued in the drivers’ world due to its distinct benefits. With both positives and negatives, Pyle PLDVRCAMAND75 is an intriguing dashboard camera which has a strong say in the dash cam industry. Hate it or love it, this product has managed to break new ground on the market due to its innovative Android interface and cool features.

Below, we will dive deep into the specs and features of this dashboard camera. Keep reading this Pyle PLDVRCAMAND75 review to understand if whether this device is a good buy for you or you should keep looking elsewhere.

Pyle PLDVRCAMAND75 – General Aspects

This stylish dual dashboard camera is a very nice piece of technology. You can’t but fall in love with how it looks and how it behaves. The manufacturer of this dashboard camera has gone above and beyond in order to create a product that is not just extremely appealing, but also very useful to modern drivers.

In terms of features, we want to highlight that this is one of the few dashboard cameras with a touchscreen. The large 7” TFT screen works like a tablet. You can touch it, pinch it, and use it to control every single feature of the product.

Pyle PLDVRCAMAND75 – Tablet Dash Cam For Browsing The Internet

This tablet-style dash cam features a 3G mobile hotspot. This means you can use it as a standard tablet, to browse the google play store and browse the internet. The quad-core 1.3 GHz processor ensures that the device has no lags and that you can browse the internet without any delays. Another aspect we love about this dash cam is the wireless Bluetooth connectivity.

The built-in 4.0 Bluetooth is perfect for hands-free calling and for streaming music. To top it all, the GPS system ensures that you will be able to keep track of all the locations you are visiting. This device comes with a built-in rechargeable battery, 16 GB of internal storage, and all the adapters and cables needed for an easy installation.

Pyle PLDVRCAMAND75 allows you to add an extra line of safety to your road trips and to protect your vehicle when parked.

Pyle PLDVRCAMAND75 – Design

In terms of appearance, this high-end dual camera looks quite appealing. The super large TFT screen goes hand in hand with the high-tech design of the cameras. While the front camera is embedded into the screen, the rear camera is a standalone unit. The rear camera is not as gorgeous as other dual cameras available on the market. Its box design is neither elegant nor smooth.

In comparison, AUKEY Dual Dash Cam features a rear camera with a smooth, gorgeous design. Nevertheless, the 7” large screen is the piece de resistance. It will look cool on your dashboard and will dramatically boost the appeal of your car.

Pyle PLDVRCAMAND75 – Setting It Up

Setting up the Pyle PLDVRCAMAND75 dual dash cam is a breeze. After setting it up, you can enjoy dual video recording. Do not be afraid, the system includes all the necessary wiring and cables for installation. Thanks to the custom installation, you can mount the camera and the monitor exactly where you need them.  

The pop-out display can be retracted from the housing with ease, for extra convenience.

Pyle PLDVRCAMAND75 – Top Features

Pyle PLDVRCAMAND75 is equipped with 2 distinct cameras. While the front one records at 1080p, with 1280 x 480 pixels, the rear one can only record at a maximum of 720p. Now, many other dashboard cameras offer a much better recording quality. For instance, Vantrue N2 Pro Uber can record at a whopping 2.5K 2560x1440P.

Pyle PLDVRCAMAND75 is definitely not the best dash cam when it comes to recording quality. However, it has other advantages. Pyle PLDVRCAMAND75 has the following features: 3G mobile HotSpot, quad-core 1.3 GHz processor, built-in 4.0 Bluetooth, adjustable tilting screen, GPS navigation, FM radio receiver, micro-SD, 16 GB internal memory, and parking surveillance.

Pyle PLDVRCAMAND75 – Dual Power

This modern dashboard camera is equipped with 2 distinct dashboard cameras that capture everything that is happening in front and back of your car. This system can either record or take snapshots. What you will definitely love about the Pyle PLDVRCAMAND75 dual dashboard camera is the fact that the screen behaves like a tablet.

You can view both the recordings on the screen at the same time, and you can also download apps and browse the internet. If you are multitasking drivers, you will fall in love with this device in no time at all.

Pyle PLDVRCAMAND75 – A Tablet On Your Dash

This tablet-style dashboard camera is equipped with a powerful Quad-core 1.3 GHz processor and 3G HotSpot. What this means is that you can connect your smartphone to the dash cam and get the internet to use your phone online. You can also use the dash cam as a tablet and download on it your favorite android apps.

You can even connect your Google account and use the dash cam to talk to your relatives or friends. The Bluetooth connection allows you to experience all the benefits of a smart device without taking your hands off the wheel. As these would not be enough, Pyle PLDVRCAMAND75 is equipped with a GPS navigation system.

You can use Google Maps to keep track at all times of where you are. This means that this camera can work as a GPS screen right on your dashboard.

Pyle PLDVRCAMAND75 – Adjustable Screen for More Fun

The 7” screen can be adjusted to up to 45 degrees. This gives you some great personalization options and allows you to make the most out of this product. Let’s not forget the parking surveillance mode, which gives you the peace of mind that your vehicle is safe once parked.

Bottom Line

Pyle PLDVRCAMAND75 is a gorgeous dashboard camera that is perfect for Android fans of all ages. Despite its lack of recording quality, this device makes up by offering a plethora of features and benefits. The hotspot, Wifi connectivity, Bluetooth, FM radio, and GPS will definitely make your trip much more pleasant.