Back-up cameras are of extreme use in today’s world. It can be crazy out there, which means you basically need a personal lineman. In American Football, a lineman protects the Quarterback. Yet it is the side that he does not throw from that can be his biggest threat; his blindside.

To help limit this issue in the world of automobiles, the Pruveeo D40 Three Dashcam was designed.

It is one of the best back-up cameras on the planet today. It is not a major brand, which is why a lot of people have to relate it to the Garmin 66 Dash Cam. The two are relatively similar in multiple ways, but the Pruveeo D40 Three Dashcam separates itself due to its built-in WiFi.

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There are multiple types of the Garmin, but the one that fits at the same price point as the Pruveeo does not contain as much space on its micro SD card. This version actually has a 128G Card while the average

Garmin 66 has a 32G card. This is not exactly drastic as you can always replace the card at any point. The screen is also slightly smaller on the Pruveeo model versus the Garmin model, but that does not hurt its value at all.

Despite not being a major brand, Pruveeo has made one heck of a dashcam. Let’s go over all the reasons why we feel you’ll love it.

What Is Different In Pruveeo D40 Three Dash Camera 

The camera on the Pruveeo model is spectacular! It operates on a three-channel system that works at 30 frames per second or 30fps. This is all shot in 1080p and will save to a video file. The video file then transfers all video recorded into 2304×648 resolution.

It can also be transferred to a 2 Channel recording mode that will capture video from both the inside and rear cameras. It also records at 1080p and 30fps.

The night vision on this thing is incredible. They packed a lot of tech into this area, as it utilizes 4 infrared lights and F1.8 aperture. Don’t worry about video having issues at night, as the night vision works when recording too. Thus, you’ll get super clear video as you back up and if something happens, you’ll have peace of mind 24 hours of the day.

All of this is recorded on a 128G Micro SD Card that comes with the device. Once it reaches the full capacity of its recording, it’ll then begin to unlock the oldest video and begin recording over it. This is known as infinite loop recording. 

Rear Camera Greatness 

The rear camera on the Pruveeo D40 Three Dash Cam is incredibly durable, as it has been given an IP69K Waterproof rating. This is considered the highest possible IP rating as it protects completely against dust, steam-jet cleaning, and obviously water.

Thus, you’re getting a rear camera that cannot possibly be made tougher with the current technology we have today. Of course, there is always the alien tech the government is hiding from us, right? In all seriousness, the rear camera might be the greatest part of this entire deal. Not only does it help with backing up, but it is essentially one of the toughest cameras ever made.

You could literally go through snow, rain, hail, and possibly a tornado all in the same day…and this thing will still hold up just fine.

The rear camera has been given the latest in high tech night vision too. It is incredibly sensitive to light, which means it’ll give you an incredible visual in spite of complete darkness. This will surely help if you happen to get into an accident.

How many rear cameras can truly compare?

Major Device Features In Pruveeo D40 Three Dash Camera 

If you thought the night vision was enough to keep you safe, that is just the start of it. Due to the need that you’ll have to see when backing up, the Pruveeo D40 Three Dash Cam was equipped with an auto display that comes up to assist you. It is present to ensure you park safely and will be able to see anything that might be there before you pull in.

The G-Sensor is the true marvel in this dashcam. Even if it’s old, the G-Sensor locks any crucial footage to prevent any overriding issues. On top of this, as mentioned earlier, it is equipped with its own Wi-Fi. This allows you to view, save, and even share dashcam footage all in real-time. You can even play it back for insurance purposes.

It all works via the application that you can install on your phone. It simply needs to be connected to the Pruveeo D40 Three Dash Cam Wi-Fi System and you’re good to go!


The set-up for the device is so easy, a caveman could do it. We’ll apologize to the Gecko later about that one. But the concept is similar, as this is incredibly easy to do. Of course, with this, you are given two things to install in or on your vehicle. The camera and major system have to be put inside the car while the rear camera has to be attached to the back.

The rear camera will come with information on how to attach it. However, the most common way this is done is by simply connecting it to the section near your license plate. There will be connectors that you can attach it to, which most vehicles have. If not, there are always things you can get for cheap that will allow you to connect it.

The inside camera pretty much just sits where you’d like it. There are some versions that come with clips to attach it on your vents while others come with suction cups allowing you to connect it to a mirror or literal dash area. Meanwhile, some come with both.

When it comes to setting up the Wi-Fi, it operates on a hotspot or direct wireless connection. Most people connect it straight to their tablet or smartphone hotspot, allowing a personal network to be attached that you can control. Overall, we feel the Pruveeo D40 Three Dash Cam is among the best in its field, if not THE best.