Pruveeo C2 is one of the latest releases in the dashcam niche. Since it has hit the market back in August 2017, this modern dashcam has managed to impress reviewers and drivers alike. Packed with tons of innovative features and equipped with two 1080p cameras, this device can improve comfort while driving and take security to the next level.

As a professional manufacturer of dashcams and consumer electronics, Pruveeo stands true to its name by adhering to all ISO14000 and ISO9001 standards of quality. Their international authentications, such as CE & FCC, WEEE, and RoHS, prove that this US-based corporation cares for how their products are perceived by the media.

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The experienced engineers from Pruveeo have managed to design a top-notch dashcam suitable for any type of vehicle, from SUVs and sedans to taxis and limos. Thanks to its safe, unobtrusive design, this product makes for a great addition to any windshield. Without further ado, let’s dive deeper into the features and benefits offered by the Pruveeo C2 dashboard camera.

Design Of Proveeo C2

At a first glance, this dashcam looks extremely solid and very well built. Weighing 14.4 ounces, this product has the following dimensions: 7.8 x 5.2 x 3.4 inches. Yes, this camera is bigger and weighs more than the vast majority of cameras. For example, the z edge s4 weighs only 5.9 ounces. However, despite its larger size, it is fairly unobtrusive and can be “hidden” right at the top of the windshield.

As for design, Pruveeo C2 is not as impressive as the manufacturer would want you to believe. It is not simple either. Due to the dual cameras that are connected to the same unit, the design of this dashcam is slightly surprising. As for the quality of the materials, the plastic used seems quite resistant to shock and very high quality.

Inside the package, you will notice the dashcam, an in-car charging cable, the 3 Madhesive mounts, and a sleek suction cup mount. This might not be the best-looking dashboard camera in the world, but you can bet that its performance and utility can beat any other dashcam launched on the market.

Top Features Of Pruveeo C2

One of the features that make this dashcam stand out on the market is its unique design that enables you to adjust the viewing angle to 180 degrees. You basically get two cameras, one facing forward, one backward, that can be rotated at 180 degrees. This gives you a whopping 360-degree recording potential.

The design of this dashboard camera is truly amazing, as you don’t have to install 2 cameras in your car. For instance, in the case of Z-Edge S3, you have to install the back camera on the rear windshield and connect it with the front camera. This can create a whole lot of problems inside the vehicle. With Pruveeo C2, this problem is part of the past.

Each camera has a standard 150-viewing angle, so you get from the start a 300-degree wide view. That is more than enough for any regular driver. However, Pruveeo hasn’t stopped here. They wanted to give drivers the possibility to record at 360 degrees, if necessary.

This dashcam is equipped with an advanced motion detection system. When it detects movement to the side, it automatically inclines in that direction, in order to capture the event. This dashcam is as smart as a dashcam can be. Even if it is not equipped with all the features so their dashcams have, Pruveeo C2 is smart enough to get to you.

Recording Quality Of Pruveeo C2

Both cameras can record at the same quality. You either choose 1080p FHD or 720p HD, both available in dual channel, or you turn off one camera and record at a whopping 2196p or 1440p. This means that when you use only one dashcam for photos or high-quality recording, you get much higher quality than the standard FHD.

Thanks to the Sony Exmor IMx323 built-in sensor, this camera can record at a very good quality. The wide-angle video quality is really good, both during the day and during the night. However, do not expect it to perform extraordinary during low-light conditions. You will be able to distinguish the plates in front of you, but you won’t be able to perceive objects that lie in the dark.

On the other hand, other dashcams such as the APEMAN dual lens can do a much better job at recording in low light conditions due to its 6G lens and super night sensor. The video format used by Pruveeo C2 is .mov, which is supported by any laptop or computer. As for pictures, you get HD jpeg pictures that you can easily watch on your tablet or laptop.

Extras Of Pruveeo C2

This dashcam supports standard FAT32 or ex-FAT micro-SD formats. You can only buy 64 GB or 128 GB. This might be a drawback, as other dashcams can easily support all micro SD card formats. Moreover, this dashcam does not come with a card included. Conversely, the Z Edge S3 comes with a 16 GB card included.

If you choose to record simultaneously, the battery will drain quicker. Expect the battery to last for around 10 hours if you choose to record at 1080p FHD quality and you have a 64 GB card.


The 2.7 large LCD screen allows you to play the recordings on your dashcam. You can easily take interior photos of your family and then watch them together on the screen. The screen is very clear and the pictures and sharp and high quality.


Pruveeo C2 is a modern dashcam full of drawbacks, but at the same time extremely innovative. While it falls short in terms of features, recording quality (especially during the night), and design, it makes up due to its intelligent system, ease of installation, and smart build. You can practically record simultaneously and protect your vehicle from any potential incident, both from inside and outside.

Being very easy to install, totally unobtrusive, and created to last, the Pruveeo C2 dashcam is created by an all – American corporation whose standards of quality exceed expectations. This premium product might surprise you with its stability and responsiveness, so why not give it a try?