Is PORMIDO PR996 dash cam a smart choice for your car? You can find many different products nowadays. What about this mirror dashcam backup camera? With a 12-inch rectangle design, this PORMIDO model comes with a larger full touch screen display compared to many other models available on the market.

Equipped with WDR technology and a refined Sony IMX323 sensor, this device offers high resolution, sharp images. Further, you can find advanced features like smart screen split function, parking monitor, and image mirroring. Capturing everything on the road while you are driving, it makes your ride enjoyable and safe.

What more to expect when you buy PROMIDO PR 996 model? Well, it offers an ultra-wide view from the back to eliminate blind spots. Moreover, this dashcam offers dual-lens display simultaneously. So, you can expect high image quality when you mount this camera on your car. With many more innovative features such as starlight night vision, rectangle large screen, and loop recording, PORMIDO meets your expectations. Therefore, you can find a large client base for this particular model from PORMIDO.

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Let us compare the PORMIDO PR996 12″ to the PPRMIDO 9.88″ model. With large screen size and reduced weight, the former makes a better impression among the users. However, many people say that the overall design of the PROMIDO 9.88-inch model looks more appealing than the PR996 model.

Launched on October 22, 2019, PR996 has managed to create a positive impression on many vehicle owners. The product dimensions are 11.4 x 2.7 x 0.6 inches. It weighs only 12.8 ounces. So, you might have got a fair impression of this model. However, it is not the right time to make a purchase decision. You need to assess things a bit deeper to make an informed decision.

PORMIDO Pr996 Rectangle Design And Excellent Image Quality

With an aesthetically pleasing rectangle design, the PORMIDO PR996 12″ version catches the attention of all innovation seekers. Some traditionalists may find this design uninspiring. However, the overall design doesn’t look bad at all. You can also find user-friendly icons on this device.

For adjusting the camera angle, you just need to scroll up and down. You can also change the brightness manually by scrolling down left and right. Further, the full-screen display can be converted to a split display in seconds. With a wide-angle front 170 and rear 150, this device leaves nothing to guesswork. That is to say, you can expect zero blind areas.

What do the refined Sony IMX323 sensor and F1.8 6-glass lens offer? Providing brighter and sharper DVR images from the front as well as rear dashcams, it meets your expectations. Further, with a resolution at 1296P, this combination guarantees unbeatable picture clarity and vision. Moreover, this device generates a starlight night vision-low light from the headlights of other vehicles.

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Package Includes:

(One) HD Mirror Dash Cam
(One) HD Backup Camera 
(One) Car Charger 
(One) 32g Mirco SD Card
(One) 32.8ft Rear Camera Cable
(One) User Manual
(One) Other Mounting Kits

You can expect maximum performance in low-light situations when you use PORMIDO PR996. Thanks to the Wide Dynamic Range technology. It fine-tunes the exposure with meticulous precision to deliver crystal clear image at all times. You can drive your car day and night by enjoying optimal light and excellent picture clarity.

Support For Reversing Parking And Loop Recording

Offering a full rear display automatically, the rearview mirror of this dashcam makes parking a lot easier. As a result, you can find clear guidelines from the backup camera while reversing your car. With an excellent wide-angle view, it helps you park your car safely and easily.

You can find a highly responsive parking monitor on the PORMIDO PR996 12″ model. It turns on the camera and records events immediately whenever there is a hit, vibration, or bump during parking. What does it mean? You can have ample proof if there is a theft or a hit and run incident. Therefore, you can park your vehicle confidently if you have a PORMIDO PR996 on it. That is to say, this dashcam provides high safety and peace of mind for vehicle owners. Thanks to the most advanced 24×7 parking monitoring feature.

pormido pr996

What more does this camera offer? It comes with a G-sensor and loop recording function. As you keep driving, the recording goes uninterrupted due to the loop recording feature. You don’t need to worry about the SD card turning full. Subsequently, the older files are overwritten by the new ones to keep the recording alive.

As mentioned above, the built-in gravity sensor identifies a collision fast and records the footage instantly. However, the loop recording function cannot erase the video recorded. It locks the footage immediately to prevent the file from being overwritten.

 PORMIDO Pr966 GPS Logger And Easy Installation

Another remarkable feature of the PORMIDO PR996 dash cam is the GPS Antenna. You need to place a special request to get this one. It can also be purchased separately from one of the stores. When you connect this device with a GPS antenna, you can record and view the time, date, routine, speed, and coordinates.

Don’t worry about installation. You don’t have to hire an expert to mount this dashcam in your car. With the help of straps available in the package, you can attach the PORMIDO PR996 to the current rearview mirror. Offering exterior and interior mount brackets (optional), the manufacturer gives you enough freedom. You can mount the camera inside or outside your car.

If you switch off image mirroring, you will receive normal images from the backup camera. So, you can use it as a side view or a front-facing camera. With the help of a 32.8ft rear camera extension cable, it can be installed on SUVs and trucks. Also, this cable makes the installation process a lot easier.

Pormido Pr996 – Final Thoughts

Now, you have a clear idea about the features and benefits of the PORMIDO PR996 dashcam. In short, this device makes driving safe, comfortable, and enjoyable with outstanding image quality and vision. It also offers many advanced features and admirable user-friendliness. You can find highly responsive reversing and parking functions on this device.

When it comes to installation, it demands only minimal effort. When you assess all these aspects, PORMIDO PR996 is worth buying.

All  Functions Summary

WDR Technology
Reversing Aid System
Image Mirroring(rear camera)
32.8ft Extension Cable
Parking Monitor
G-sensor & Loop Recording
GPS Logger (GPS antenna not included)
Easy Installation

12 inch Larger IPS Split Screen
Dual SONY SENSOR Lens for Higher Resolution
Unique Shaped Back Camera with Longer Extension Cable
Multi-Functions & Support up to 128GB card
1-Year Warranty & Lifetime Customer Support
Lifetime after service support

Feel free to contact them at [email protected]