Pormido mirror dash cam is a modern dashboard, a backup camera system that features a super large 9.88” Full HD touchscreen, wide 170 degrees viewing lens, G-sensor, GPS, and 24/7 parking. This unique dash cam from Pormido comes with a unique design, clamping over your rearview mirror with ease. It also offers super-smooth operation by simply swiping the screen.

During the night, this modern camcorder offers exceptional recordings, with minimal glare and increased brightness. The 2019 Pormido mirror dash cam is equipped with a longer rear camera extension cable, so it can be successfully used in longer vehicles such as RVs, limousines, buses, vans, trucks, or trailers. The front camera of this system is flexible. You can adjust it to capture a different angle and enjoy better images.

Mirror Dash Cam Backup Camera 9.88" Full HD Touch Screen Car Dash Camera Stream Media Dual Lens...
  • 【9.88" Full Touch Screen with 1080P front and rear dash camera & wide view field】The 9.88"streaming media mirror with...
  • 【Wide Rearview & Night Vision】The rear view mirror camera recording at 1080p resolution,giving you nice,detailed footage...
  • 【G-sensor & Loop recording】When collision occurs,G-sensor will automatically lock the video,which cannot be overwritten...
  • 【Auto Recording & 24 hours Parking Monitor & GPS】The dual dash cam starts automatically once your car starts up,thus no...

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Moreover, this device offers exceptional resistance to bad weather and extreme temperatures. Pormido is similar to Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual Dash Cam in terms of temperature resistance. They both work extremely well in all climates, from -20 Celsius to 70 degrees Celsius (-4 degrees Fahrenheit up to 158 Fahrenheit). However, Pormido is only capable of recording at over 4 degrees Celsius, so it’s not as resistant to cold as Vantrue N2 Uber.

Pormido Mirror Dash Cam – A New Dash cam in 2019

This unit from Pormido has just been released a few months ago, on November 30, 2018. However, it’s already considered one of the top dash cams in 2019 due to its unique traits and multiple advantages. The item weighs 1,78 pounds. The package includes 2 cameras, the LCD display, multiple cables, a GPS antenna, a bonus 32GB card, 4 mounting straps, a 15 meters bonus extension cable, and a mini USB.

The battery is Li-Pol. While it’s not as good and reliable as a supercapacitor, the Li-Pol battery is much better than Li-Ion standard battery that most dashcams have.

Pormido Mirror Dash Cam – Usability

This unit is extremely versatile and super easy to set up. Just like AUTO-VOX X2 Mirror Dash Cam, Pormido mirror dash cam can be installed in a matter of minutes. Simply clamp the screen over the rearview mirror, connect it to the power source, and then set the rear camera in the back of your car and connect it via cable to the main unit.

While the rear camera is standalone, the front camera lies right in front of the screen. So basically, you have the screen pointing towards you, while the front camera is on the other side of the screen, facing the front side. The camera is totally unobtrusive and can be hardly noticed from the outside.

Pormido mirror dash cam is highly usable in any type of weather or environment. You can use it for any type of vehicle, and you can gain the peace of mind that your vehicle is safe. The GPS tracking records the direction, route, speed, and the exact location on the map.

Pormido Mirror Dash Cam – Recording Quality

One aspect you will thoroughly love about the Pormido mirror dash cam is the amazing recording quality. Both cameras have the same recording potential, which is great. Most dashcams present on the market come with a rear camera that does not record as good as the front camera. But not Pormido. Both cameras record in full HD and have 7 lenses.

The only difference between the cameras is that the front one has a viewing angle of 170 degrees, while the rear one has 150 degrees. However, that’s a total of 330 degrees field of vision, which is more than necessary. You capture the whole road ahead and in the back, with minimal effort.

Flexible Front Camera

Another aspect you will love about this modern dual dash cam is that the front camera is quite flexible. You can literally pull the front camera in and out. Thus, you can adjust the viewing angle and get better, non-deforming images. You can also rotate the camera up and down, plus sideways, so you get a complete recording angle.

Because of the front camera’s flexibility, you can get to record much more than the standard 170 degrees. You stay in full control of what you record.

Premium Reverse System

The rear camera is also very smart and unobtrusive. It looks just the same as the front camera, but it is a standalone unit. Even if you cannot change its position, you can get to enjoy smart reverse parking. When you go in reverse, the system automatically shows on the screen the recording from the rear.  

You can easily see in Full HD clarity everything that lies behind you. You can park your car hassle-free, knowing that you won’t hit any object by accident.

Pormido Mirror Dash Cam – Super Night Vision

Pormido mirror dash cam contains 2 cameras that do not just record amazing during the day, but also during the night. Thanks to the super night vision sensor and 7-lens, you can enjoy high-quality recordings at night. The brightness is automatically enhanced, while glare is reduced to a minimum. At the same time, lighter areas aren’t washed out, which makes it very easy for you to drive.

You can literally drive by looking at the screen, because you’ll see the road ahead in much better colors and tones than by looking at it through the windshield, with the naked eye.

Pormido Mirror Dash Cam – Parking Monitor

This device is not just excellent at recording the road ahead and behind. Pormido mirror dash cam is also a true helper when it comes to keeping your car safe. Let’s say that you park your car in busy areas quite often. Those areas are preferred by car thieves, especially if they are not protected by CCTV cameras.  

If you park your car for more days, you want to get the peace of mind that your vehicle is safe. A standard alarm won’t do. In this case, you can rely on the dash cam from Pormido to do the anti-theft job. All you need to do is to connect the system to the fuse box using a hardwire kit 5V/2A, and you’ll get a complete surveillance monitor. The cameras record whenever an impact is detected or a thief tries to break into your car. 

Pormido Mirror Dash Cam – A top Dashcam 

The Pormido mirror dash cam is undoubtedly one of the best dashcams in 2019. It has all the features you need in order to stay protected while parked and to enjoy seamless recording capabilities, both during the day and night.