OnReal M1-4K Dash Cam is a “real” dashboard camera that offers you a “real” driving experience. With this unique camera, you can record in 4k with the front camera and full HD with the rear camera. This is a totally unique dashcam that offers impressive capabilities, dual-lens wide-angle, built-in GPS & WiFi, and a whole lot of other unique features.

This product was released in July 2019 and has already gathered numerous rave reviews from fans eager to try it out. Even if its design is not as glamorous as what other dashcams have to offer, OnReal M1-4K Dash Cam has other features that make it shine.

Dash Cam Front and Rear, OnReal M1-4K Dash Cam, 2160P+1080P Dual Lens Car Dashboard Camera DVR with...
  • ✅[Real 4K & 1080P Dual-Channel Recording]➡Dual dash camera with 4K 3840*2160P@30fps front and 1920*1080P@30fps rear, 4...
  • ✅[Super Night Vision & WDR]➡8 Megapixel CMOS Sensor for Upgraded Night Vision. Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) automatically...
  • ✅[2.4" IPS Screen & 170° Wide Angle]➡The IPS screen brings much more clear than normal LCD & LED screen. 170°wide angle...
  • ✅[Looping Recording & G-Sensor]➡Seamless Loop Recording overwrites the oldest footage with the newest upon filling a card...
  • ✅[24 Hours Parking Monitor & Built-in GPS]➡Any vibration is detected by the G-Sensor, it will automatically turn on the...

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In fact, other dashcams, such as AQP dual dashcam, comes with a similar, uninteresting design, with a small screen, but are equipped with tons of useful features. In this OnReal 4k review, we’ll take a closer look at all the features of this camera to help you discover if it’s a good buy for you in 2019 and beyond.

OnReal M1-4K Dash Cam Design & Set-Up

As stated above, the OnReal M1-4K Dash Cam does not shine in terms of design. It has a small 2.7” IPS screen and it looks similar to a pocket camera. Moreover, it’s not that easy to set up, because it is a wired camera. You need to spend some time connecting the rear camera to the taillight. However, in the front, you can easily mount it thanks to the suction cup that connects to your windshield. Because it’s small, you can set it up in a central location so it becomes unobtrusive.

Chipset and Main Specs

When you purchase this camera, you get a free 32 GB card. If it’s not enough, you can purchase another one. Note that it needs to be a Class 10 or above SD Card and it can be of maximum 128 GB. This modern camera is astounding when it comes to processor and recording quality. OnReal M1-4K Dash Cam is equipped with a HI3559V200 chipset and an 8-megapixel sensor. It has an F1.8 lens with a 6-layer of glass and captures 170 degrees of footage.

What you will undoubtedly love about this dash cam is that both cameras capture 170 degrees of footage. You basically get a 340 degree of vision, which is almost a full circle. No other dashcam until now can pride itself on this performance. The resolution of the front camera is simply astounding. At 3840*2160P, you get to see all the details in full quality and you can easily make up license plates.

The decisive factor in the performance of this unit is the high-end chip. Thanks to the advanced chip, the frame, resolution and night vision are maximized, so you get to enjoy flawless recordings.

OnReal M1-4K Dash Cam is Ideal for Any Climate

OnReal M1-4K Dash Cam can be perfectly used in any weather climate. You can use it from – 20 Celsius to over 60 Celsius. That’s -4 Fahrenheit to 140 Fahrenheit. If you live in the US or Canada, that’s pretty much any climate you can get. Maybe in freezing winters when your car is frozen, using this camera might be difficult during very cold days. But other than that, you can use the device in any climate.

OnReal M1-4K Dash Cam – Exceptional Night Vision

Thanks to the super big aperture, F1.8, and 6 glass lens, the cameras can easily record footage in dark conditions. They allow more light to come in the sensor so you can enjoy perfectly balanced pictures. WDR technology is the one responsible for balancing the brightness and exposure. Thus, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to see great detail, even in the pitch black.

You can even zoom in on your laptop and see license plates from far away.

Built-in GPS and Wifi

You can install the app for iOS and Android in the Apple Store, respectively the Play Store. You can then control the cameras on the app, personalize the device and also stream your live videos right to your social media accounts. Once the external GPS module is turned on, each footage will be stamped with the time, date, speed and actual location. If you open the OnReal player on your laptop, you’ll be able to see all the details and see your actual trip on the map.

To enjoy this feature, you need to send an email to the manufacturer and their friendly support staff will send a free copy your way.

Loop Recording & G-Sensor

Just like any other dashcam available on the market, OnReal M1-4K Dash Cam rewrite old videos. If you also want to overwrite clips that have been locked by the G-sensor, you need to access the files manually. The G-sensor is responsible for locking important footage, such as recorded crashes, hits or other types of events. You can also set this device to guard your car when parked.

However, you need a hardwire kit for that. Once you hardwire the camera to a continuous power supply, you’ll be able to enjoy parking monitoring permanently

Flawless Recording & Wide Angle

Thanks to the dual 170-degree recording capabilities, coupled with the 4k and full HD recording, you’ll be able to clearly see everything that happens all around your car. You’ll be able to capture all 6 lanes of traffic and enjoy a super wide view. Because your safety is important, this camera helps you stay safe by recording any potential accident or incident on the road. In case of a dispute, the more you see, the better you are protected.

OnReal M1-4K Dash Cam – Satisfaction Guarantee

In order to give you the peace of mind that your money is safe, OnReal offers you an extended 2 years warranty. This is a feature you can’t but highly appreciate, especially as very few dashcam manufacturers are willing to offer you more than one year. Some even offer just 3 or 6 months of warranty.

The manufacturer of this advanced dashcam also offers an unprecedented level of customer support. They offer you 24/7 phone support and answer any queries via email within 24 hours. You can trust them to solve any problem and help you fully enjoy your new purchase.

There is no doubt that OnReal M1-4K Dash Cam is an exceptional product that suits drivers who love the portability, connectivity and high-end footage.