This Product Has Been Discontinued

Are you looking for a new dashboard camera? How do you choose the right one? There dozens of high-quality HD dashboard cameras currently on the market, including the Lenovo V5C 2.3 ” FHD 1080P Dash Camera.

The Lenovo V5C 2.3 Dash Cam looks like the logo from the Transformers movies and cartoons, but it is really a full HD camera. It features auto-recording, a 2.3-inch LCD screen, and other great features. Learn more about the Lenovo V5C 2.3 dashboard camera with the following in-depth review.

Technical Aspects

Here are the main technical details and specifications of the Lenovo V5C 2.3 Dash Camera:

3 megapixel CMOS sensor ensures clear video
Motion detection begins recording whenever motion is detected
Loop recording allows continued recording
Supports TF card up to 32GB
Charge via a USB 2.0 cable
Includes a mounting dock for easy mounting and installation
One-click lock
Monitors surrounding objects and displays warning lights in the LCD display when pedestrians     or other vehicles are too close
2.3-inch LCD screen
Record in 1080-pixel HD video at 30 frames per second

Pros Of The Lenovo V5C 2.3 Dash Camera

The Lenovo V5C has quite a few wonderful features. While you will normally read about the full HD video and the overall quality of the picture, what really makes this camera stand out is the following features:

  • Motion detection ensures you never miss an accident or theft
  • Loop recording for automated use
  • Easy setup and mounting
  • Easy to use menu and settings

With advanced motion detection, the Lenovo V5C 2.3 Dash Cam will instantly begin recording when it detects motion near your vehicle. When you are away from your car and an accident occurs, you can make sure that you capture the event.

The Loop recording further automates the use of this camera. You can set the camera to automatically start loop recording whenever you turn your vehicle on or off. Depending on your needs, you can set it to start recording every time you park your vehicle.

The device is easy to set up and mount. It is small enough to not block your view when connected to your rearview mirror. You can also tilt and adjust the camera to get just the right angle. It will work in any vehicle. Though, you will need to connect the camera to your car charger if you need to use the cameras for hours at a time.

The numerous settings and menu options on the LCD display are easy to navigate and understand. This is the only majorly noticeable difference between the 2015 models and the new 2016 Lenovo V5C 2.3 FHD Dash Cams. You should not have any problem setting up the loop recording options and using other features.

Cons Of The Lenovo V5C 2.3 Dash Cam

Even though this is a great camera, there are a few disadvantages. You need to factor these into your final decision. These may not be deal-breakers for all customers, but they should be a part of your decision:

Distinct look is easily noticeable
User manual is not very useful
Cannot take still images while recording video
Power port is on the side of the camera

The transformer look of the camera is instantly noticeable to passerby. If you want to use this camera as a deterrent for would-be thieves, then this camera will do the trick. The distinctive design of the camera is easily noticeable. If you want a discreet camera that is less likely to get spotted by someone, then you should take a look at the BlackVue DR650GW-2CH Dash Cam.

The included manual does not provide much help. Instead of relying on the manual, you should search online for answers on how to use the various features. Though, as mentioned previously, the menu and settings on this camera are incredibly easy to understand and use.

There are just two other minor complaints with the Lenovo V5C 2.3 FHD Dash Cam. It cannot take still images while recording video. Also, the power port is located on the side of the camera, instead of the bottom. This makes the cord stick out to the side more than it would if it had been attached to the bottom.

Final Thoughts

Should you buy the Lenovo V5C 2.3 FHD Dash Cam? The choice is yours. There are positive and negative issues to consider. Review all of the points that were made and ensure that the device meets all of your needs. The pros included quality recording, motion detection, loop recording, and easy operation.

The cons included the distinct look, the uninformative user manual, the power port on the side of the camera, and the fact that it cannot take pictures while recording video. This is a high-quality dashboard camera. Though, there are other Lenovo dash cams. They are available in a wide range of styles and designs. For example, the Lenovo V35 is less conspicuous than the Lenovo V5C 2.3 FHD Dash Cam.

Keep all of these suggestions in mind before coming to a final decision. You may also want to explore other dash cams. Take a look at our comparison looking at the Rexing S300 vs the ITrue X3 Dash Cam. There are plenty of dashboard cameras to choose from. Take your time and compare features before making a purchase.