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When it comes to top quality dashcams that perform exquisitely in any type of weather or season, there is no better choice than Kidcia dashcam. This famous Chinese brand has established itself as an innovative pioneer in the drone and dashcam industries. Their famous dashcams and drones have improved the lives of millions of people all across the world.

Kidcia Dashcam

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The same goes true about their latest dashcam model, the Kidcia Dashcam 4k GPS WIFI. This gorgeous dashcam has just hit the US market and is poised to make a great entrance. Due to its innovative features and top-notch performance, many experts believe that this dashboard camera manufactured in China will soon take over the dashboard camera market.

That might soon become a reality, not just a mere prediction. However, what we can predict is that you will definitely enjoy the high-end features of this product.
Without further ado, we invite you to read this Kidcia Dashcam 4k GPS WIFI review and decide for yourself if this is a dashcam you want to purchase.

Out of the Box

The moment you take this modern dashcam out of its original box, you realize that you have chosen well. Inside the box, you discover a car charger with 2 ports, 2 USB cables, an user manual, 5 unique cable ties and of course the dashboard camera.

As for design, we can’t but notice how beautiful this dashcam is in its simplicity. Obviously, if you don’t like intricate patterns and futuristic designs, you might not appreciate how Kidcia Dashcam looks. Conversely, if you are a classic driver, you won’t be bothered by the classic, standardized design of this 4k full HD dashboard camera.

Kidcia Dashcam Specifications

This dashboard camera is equipped with everything you need in order to enjoy a flawless recording experience. Being equipped with an advanced NOVATEK NT96660 processor, the Kidcia Dashcam 4k features an 150 degree A+ lens with F1.8 aperture and 3 layered-glass. The OV4689 image sensor is exceptional, boosting 4 MP of raw quality.

The Kidcia Dashcam 4k is also equipped with a built-in Li-Ion battery, a microphone and a speaker. The device supports micro SD cards of up to 32 GB, which is not too much. In comparison, Wheelwitness HD Pro Plus supports twice as much, a 64 GB of memory card.

Our dashcam is unfortunately only able to record at a 150 degree wide angle, compared to most other dashboard cameras that can record at 160 or even 170 degrees. For instance, the PowMax hh-b60 has a g-sensor camera that can record at a wider 170 degree angle.

Recording Quality

When it comes to recording quality, the Kidcia Dashcam 4k exceeds all expectations. Its ultra 4k quality is not just a marketing gimmick. Being able to stand out of the market and outperform any other dashcam available today, the Kidcia Dashcam 4k with GPS WIFI records with 1920x1080p at 30fps and an surreal 2880x2160p at 24fps.

Complemented by the F1.8 large aperture and high-quality lens, the camera is able to remove blind spots and offer the best image quality possible. During the night, the Kidcia Dashcam offer crystal-clear recordings and an exceptional performance. You can literally use this product to ensure your safety while driving in highly populated areas or on the interstate, in areas with active wildlife.

Kidcia Dashcam 4k GPS WIFI helps you to monitor 3 full lanes comfortably. You can see everything around when you drive, or almost everything. If the dashcam would have been able to record at a 170 wide angle, you would have had an improved experience. Nevertheless, we know from our personal experience that 150 is more than enough in over 99% cases of accident.

Kidcia Dashcam Built-in GPS & WiFI

Due to the embedded WiFi, app support and GPS, this modern dashcam is your best friend in sharing amazing moments with your friends. You can literally share your trip on any social network with the touch of a few buttons.

The creative team from Kidcia have definitely managed to break new ground in this industry by creating one of the few smart dashcams ever released on the market. The GPS geo-location feature precisely records your location, route and speed, while the WiFi enables you share the stream online. Note that you need to install the GPS player app before being able to enjoy this feature.

The Advanced G-Sensor Technology

Another aspect where Kidcia Dashcam 4k GPS WIFI shines is the G-sensor technology, which includes the auto motion detection and emergency lock. Thanks to this feature, the camera turns on in a matter of miliseconds and starts recording immediately in case of an attempted theft. If someone decides to scratch your car in your absence or chooses to break in, your dashcam records the whole scene.

After you leave the car in parking mode, the device automatically turns on the G-sensor technology. This safeguards your car for evidence and gives you peace of mind that you will have proof in case someone decides to mingle with your car.

Other Features

The Kidcia Dashcam 4k GPS WIFI is an advanced dashboard camera, so the list of features does not stop to the G-sensor, built-in WiFi & GPS and parking monitoring.
This high-en dashboard camera records continuously in loops of 3, 5 and 10 minutes. You are the one to decide on the looping interval.

When the card fills up, the old segments are automatically replaced with new footage. At a maximum quality of 2880x2160p, expect to record for 160 minutes. At a standard 1920x1080p, you can record for up to 300 minutes.

In case no operation is detected for a full minute, the dashboard camera will enter screenshot mode, thus saving battery. When in this mode, the GPS is in a non-signaled state.
Before mounting the dashcam on the windshield, make sure to clean it. After you mount it, make sure to enjoy the 360 degree holder.


Kidcia Dashcam 4k GPS WIFI is undoubtedly one of the hottest dashboard cameras of the moment. Offering great night vision, flawless recording quality, a large 2.4” LCD, 360 degree holder, G-sensor, built-in GPS & WiFi and many other features, this 4k dashcam is definitely a great road trip companion.

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