This Product Has Been Discontinued

Have you ever thought about what makes a good dash cam great? Is it the low price? Maybe the features or the design? There is no doubt that certain dash cams are way ahead of others in terms of features, quality, and design. KDLINKS X1 dash cam is one of them. Ever since Kdlinks x1 dash cam hit the headlines, this car camera recorder has stirred the waters and has provoked countless drivers to test its features.

This product has managed to pack the most high-quality components in order to be called the “dash cam of the moment”. Ever since it was launched, countless drivers tried it on their vehicles and gave it almost perfect reviews. As a matter of fact, you can find this product on Amazon with an outstanding rating from close to over 3000 reviewers. No other dash cam has managed to reach this performance, and very few products with over 100 reviews have managed to beat this camera at rating.

This powerful kdlinks x1 dash cam released in September of 2014 is equipped with an advanced 30 fps video camcorder that films at full HD quality (1920 x 1280) and has H.264 compression, six-glass lens, super-sensitive sensor, and an extremely wide 165-degree field-of-view. This camera can capture pretty much everything you see through your car’s windshield.

We will look in a few moments at both the positive and negative aspects of this product. However, what I want to highlight is the fact that what sets the kdlinks x1 dash cam apart from all its competitors is excellent customer support.

Kdlinks X1 Dash Cam Pros

Records Immediately:
kdlinks x1 dash cam is able to record almost in an instant once you turn it on. This could be extremely helpful, especially when one second could make the difference between life and death.

Uses WDR at Night:
this system takes advantage of Wide Dynamic Range technology in order to offer stunning recording during the night.

Built-in Motion Detection System:
this feature records all instances of vandalism or attempted break-ins. Very useful if you want to catch those annoying thieves.

Endless Loop Recording:
the device records automatically, without human intervention. You can sit comfortably behind the wheel and enjoy the ride while the camera keeps recording.

Supports up to 32 GB MicroSD Cards:
this should be enough to record continuously for 6 hours.

Geo-tagging GPS:
you can check the route and stay in control of your destination without having to use another GPS device or your smartphone.

Durable Battery:
the included Li-Po 120 mAh battery has been tested to withstand temperatures of 170 Fahrenheit or – 40 Fahrenheit. This makes the device safe even during the hottest or coldest periods of the year.

View Footage in the Car:
thanks to the 2.7 inch-video, you can view the recording in the car, without any external device.

Beautiful Design:
for those who enjoy having a nice gadget on their windshield or dashboard, the KDLINKS X1 dash cam is perfect. Its sheer black finish is excellent for any type of car and will definitely make your vehicle look more professional and fancy.

Very Easy to Install:
all you need to do is to follow the instructions listed on the package and you got yourself a shiny new dashboard camera in less than five minutes.

Good Value for Money:
at under 200$ and free shipping on Amazon, this product definitely provides very good value for money.

Kdlinks X1 Dash Cam Cons

Complicated Menu:
it might take a while for you to get used to the menu system.

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