The INNOVV K2 motorcycle camera is a modern, sleek motorcycle recording device equipped with WiFi, GPS, parking mode, and many other important features. This modern recording system was designed for all types of motorcycles, including ATVs, dirt bikes, UTVs, and quads. INNOVV K2 was praised countless times by numerous motorcycle drivers for its effective, yet simplistic design.

The creators of this unit have managed to put together an extremely effective recording system that has all the 4 big pillars of performance expected by motorcycle riders in 2019. In addition to being durable and lasting long in time, this product is lightweight, reliable, and very compact.

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All the components of this system are water-resistant. They are also protected against dirt, sand, or foam. INNOVV K2 perfectly complements the weather outside, enabling you to seamlessly record in any weather. This includes heavy rain or storms.

Even if it doesn’t have such impressive design as its competitors, namely the HaloCam motorcycle recording camera, the K2 from INNOVV is considered superior due to its reliability and usability. This model was first available online in September 2018. Since then, it has been serving tens of thousands of motorcycle drivers worldwide.

Let’s take a look to see why the INNOVV K2 motorcycle camera could be a very wise choice for you in 2019.

Innovv k2 has Water Resistant Design

This recording system is made of the highest quality materials possible in order to withstand storms, rain, dust, blizzard, and every other element. This camera will allow you to capture your adventure on your motorcycle even if you ride through hail, heavy snow, storms, or very high winds.

All components of the INNOVV K2 motorcycle camera system are waterproof and weatherproof, including the K2 DVR and power converter.

Adjust the Settings with Ease

This modern device allows you to easily adjust the settings while on the go. INNOVV K2 offers you a reliable, modern app for both Android and Apple phones. You can install the app on your mobile and adjust the camera settings while on the go. You can adjust and review the settings, change the recording parameters, download videos right on your phone, stream the footage right on your mobile, and of course, share your recordings with your peers on social media channels.

Very few motorcycle cameras are equipped with an app. Even the famous Blueskysea DV688 does not have an app to allow you to stream the footage with ease or change camera settings. However, INNOVV K2 leverages the power of technology and allows you to pretty much do everything on your mobile.

Note that this recording system doesn’t have a monitor, so you can only watch the live footage on your mobile. We consider that to be safer because you won’t be willing to take your phone out of your pocket and watch the footage while riding at 100 mph. Instead, you’ll ride safely knowing that the dual cameras record your adventure.

Innovv K2 – Dual HD Cameras

INNOVV K2 is equipped with 2 distinct cameras that record in full HD. One camera mounts in the rear of the motorcycle, and one in the front. Both cameras benefit from the Sony Exmor sensor, being able to record in full HD 1080p with 30 fps. Each camera has a visibility range of 120 degrees. Thanks to the Sony Exmor R-CMOS sensor, you can rest assured that you’ll enjoy the highest quality images possible.

The footage is captured in WDR so that you can enjoy crisp & clear details. Through your footages, you’ll be able to take your friends with you on an amazing journey, so they’ll be able to immerse themselves into your trip.

Ignition Driven Recording

One of the features that make the INNOVV K2 stand out of the crowd is the ignition driven recording. This system operates in a unique manner called “install & forget”. Basically, once you install it, you can forget that it is there. It will work by itself, so you won’t have to waste time with booting, re-setting it or checking battery status.

GPS Embedded

INNOVV K2 comes equipped with GPS tagging. Practically, you’ll be able to see speed and location embedded in each video. This way, you’ll be able to share your exact location with your friends and save all those amazing places you’ve been to.

The GPS feature is priceless, especially as it perfectly integrates with your phone and your social media accounts. You’ll be able to keep track of everything and stay protected in court in case of an unexpected accident that wasn’t your fault.

Smart Power Supply Module in Innovv K2

One of the most exceptional aspects of this dual motorcycle recording system is the embedded smart power supply module. Because of it, the camera is turned on automatically when the motorcycle is parked. In other words, if someone tries to vandalize or steal your property, the camera turns on and records him.

However, note that the camera will not send you a message on your phone when it starts recording in parking mode. The camera does not have cellular capabilities.

Installing the Unit

This is probably the most complicated part of INNOVV K2. You’ll find all the details inside the box, but note that there are 3 wires and each should be fused to the correct counterpart. You might want to drill holes to mount the hardwire and take the rear fender and gas tank off to easily install the cameras, the GPS unit, and the DVR.

All in all, it should take you up to 2 hours to install the whole system.

Innovv K2 – Miscellaneous

The unit supports SD cards of up to 256 GB. You can basically record for hours and then share your footage with your friends via the app. Note that you need to format the card at the beginning. This motorcycle recording device is equipped with a loop recording. Basically, the new footage rewrites itself over the old footage. So no worries here.

Moreover, INNOVV K2 does not come with any SD card included in the package. Note that the audio recording can be disabled or enabled in the app.

More Information

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