The HP dual dash cam, also known as HP f870g, is a modern, sleek device that is focused on utility, connectivity, and usability. This device was just launched on the market in April 2019. However, it is already recognized as being one of the most innovative dashcams to hit the market this year.

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This camera comes with a solid one-year warranty, 30-days money-back guarantee, and lifetime post-buy service. The company behind this dashcam is willing to walk the extra mile and invest in lifetime service in order to loyalize their customers and create a powerful community of raving fans around their latest dash cam.

Hp Dual Dash Cam – Ultimate Protection

The HP dual dash cam is not only equipped with the basic features of dashcams, but it also has a multitude of extra cool features. For example, it comes with ADAS, more specifically LDWS and FCWS. Thus, this device is able to offer you ultimate protection and to save your life in case you lose control of your car or someone in front of you suddenly brakes the car.

The G-sensor also offers you protection in terms of keeping your recordings safe. Thanks to the 3-axis G-sensor, the device records any event that is out of the ordinary and stores it separately on the card. Even if the card supported is of maximum 32 GB, you can rest assured that you will still be able to capture a lot of videos, because of the recording quality which is full HD and not greater.

Recording Quality – Hp Dual Dash Cam

In terms of recording quality, HP dual dash cam is similar to the average dashcam out there. Even if it can’t go higher than 1920*1080P@30fps for the front camera and 1280*720P@30fps for the rear camera, the quality of the footage is impressive. It’s all due to the 2MP Sony Sensor and hardware decoder that both do an excellent job processing the image.

Of course, if you are looking for a dashcam that records better than the HP f870g, you should see what VAVA dual dash cam has in store for you. You might fall in love with how the VAVA camera looks and how good it records, especially in single-channel mode. However, for a standard dashcam that records in full HD, the HP dual dash cam is as good as any other. Nevertheless, it shines when it comes to night vision thanks to the Starlight sensor.

Night Vision of Hp

HP dual dash cam comes with a super high-quality night vision. The guys from HP call it “Starlight” vision because it is equipped with a Starlight sensor made by Sony. The recording quality during the night allows you to zoom in and perfectly see license plates. The footage is clearer and all details can be perceived with ease.

Of course, the hardware created by Sony makes all these things possible. The 6-lens and F/1.8 together with the unique HDR system can perfectly balance the dark and light areas and allow you to clearly see all the details in front of you. Note that the rear camera is not as good as capturing footage as the front camera.

GPS Function

The GPS function is very useful. Thanks to the built-in receiver, you can enjoy all the tracking and location features offered by an external GPS unit. Each video comes with an embedded location, date, time, and speed. You can see all this information on each footage. This makes it super easy to win cases in court because the evidence is right there.

Another benefit of the GPS function is that you can easily keep track of the places you’ve been. So for instance, if you’ve visited a gorgeous natural park in Arizona and you found a favorite spot for your family, you can always return there by watching the video and looking at the exact location imprinted on the video.

Cameras & Screen

HP dual dash cam is equipped with 2 cameras. The front one records better than the rear one, both during the day and night. The front camera gets 155 degrees of the road ahead, while the rear one can only capture 120 degrees. If you are looking for a camera that can capture 180 degrees, you should try out the Garmin Dash Cam 65W. This modern unit features a fisheye lens that is perfect for catching all action on the sides.

HP dual dash cam has a small screen of 3” LCD color TFT. Even if it’s not as impressive as what the competition has to offer, the screen does its job and allows you to clearly see the footage being recorded in real-time. You can also see both recordings on the screen, or just the recording in the rear. You can pretty much set up the image you get as you see fit.

Note that the rear camera is weatherproof, coming with the standard IP67. This means you can record flawlessly in any weather conditions and still be able to distinguish the license plates of the cars behind you.

Other Features of Hp Dual

HP dual dash cam comes with automatic ISO, built-in horn, built-in microphone, automatic white balance, mini USB connection, and Li-Pol battery. The loop recording feature works in segments of 3 or 5 minutes, depending on your preferences. Another useful feature is the parking monitoring, which turns on the camera to record whenever it senses a bump, vibration, or hit. This will keep your car safe and will give you invaluable evidence in case of theft or hit-and-run.


The HP dual dash cam is definitely not a perfect dashboard camera. It has lots of negative aspects, including but not limited to low card space (maximum 32 GB), tiny screen (many competitors have 10” screens), and average recording capabilities (you can find lots of 3k and 4k cameras).

However, this sleek camera made by HP is as versatile as it gets and works flawlessly in any weather condition. It provides you with constant footage embedded with all GPS coordinates, including time, speed, and date. It also records flawlessly during the night and is constantly protecting your car when parked. Best, it does all of that without too much fuss. To top it all, this modern camera from HP comes with 12-months warranty and lifetime support. 

Technical Help Information

If you need more help with HP Duals Dashcam please send email to [email protected]