The GRC Dual Dashcam is one of the most useful in its class. We particularly feel that it can be the perfect dash cam for anyone, regardless of the vehicle you drive. Some of you may have seen advertisements regarding various dash cams. Yet at the end of the day, it is still great to get an actual review. That is what we felt too, especially when it comes to the GRC 1080P Full HD Dash Cam.

It can be compared somewhat to the SPADE A2000 dashcam, but the two differ a little. The biggest difference is the size. The Spade model has a 12-inch display while the GRC Dual Dashcam has a 10-inch display. In the end, the size difference is by no means drastic and you’re going to get a lot out of both regardless.

That is the great thing about products like this. Many are great at what they do, hands down. Whether you like the SPADE or GRC model more is your own journey. However, we feel that it could be great for you to learn more about the GRC before making a choice.

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Technology has a habit of being complicated, even when it shouldn’t be. What we have seen from GRC is the opposite of this, however. Their product is easy to set-up and easy to use. On top of that, it is packed with features that could make anyone excited to use it.

What makes the GRC Dual Dashcam stand out in a sea of amazing backup cameras? Let’s dive into that.

Some Of The Functions Of GRC Dual Dashcam

One important note we have tried to consider with these dashcams is how the camera operates. Of course, as the title mentions, we are given a 1080p display, ensuring full high-definition. However, the GRC comes with a bit more in its 10-inch display. 

Not only do you get a touch-control screen, but it’s also intelligent and will move however you need it to. The broad-angle cameras within give you both a front 170-degree and rear 140-degree view. This offers an incredible, wide field of vision. This will allow you to avoid any random accidents as your blindsides are all covered.

Whenever you back up, the intelligent GRC Dual Dashcam’s rear camera will automatically pop up full screen to help you see. This will ensure you get the best look before pulling out. The secondary camera you put on connects to the main display, allowing you to get a literal parking assistant to help you back-up park like a boss! 

More Futures Of GRC Dual Dashcam 

Night Vision Mode only offers even more assistance, as you can see regardless of how dark it gets.

The loop recording feature is also incredibly useful. It actually records often to ensure everything gets documented in case of accidents. It’ll even intelligently save and override older video so that you’re always covered. GRC includes a card reader with your purchase to help you with getting any video out that you need.

Additionally, the G-Sensor within will help you exponentially as it’s triggered by anything out of the ordinary happening. If you brake hard or happen to be hit, video is taken and saved. This provides you with proof of who committed a burglary and can be useful in proving who caused a particular accident.

On top of this, the GRC Dual Dash Cam knows when the G-Sensor saves something versus another video. This allows it to save G-Sensor triggered material and prevent it from being overwritten. That just goes to offer 24 hours of protection without a fuss! 

Weather Protection 

Where we feel the GRC Dual Dash Cam stands out heavily above others is in the weather protection sector. The external camera add-on has to be tough in order to last. GRC certainly made sure it was, as they ended up making it incredibly durable. It is cleared to take on pretty much any type of weather you throw at it.

The camera overall has been given an IPX7 Waterproof rating. This rating means that this device could be submerged in up to 1 meter or 3.3 feet in water for up to 30 minutes. Essentially, if you hit a wet area with many puddles or something along those lines, you camera won’t ever die. Of course, if there is a flood…it can only do so much.

However, for most weather-related issues, the GRC Dual Dash Cam is perfect.

Set Up 

A lot of the time, set-up with these incredible dash cameras is usually pretty easy. The GRC model does not let you down there at all. The best part about the set-up is that you’re not really having to do much. The first thing you’ll need is one, yes just one, Lithium-Ion battery. This helps to power the GRC dashcam.

The main display simply attaches right to your normal mirror. It can be removed just as easily as it was added. However, let’s pretend for some reason your GRC goes out randomly. It is no longer working, in this case. Despite that, it is STILL going to be able to work as a terrific mirror to see behind you. Thus, you win no matter what.

That gives this dashcam a long life.

While not difficult, the hardest part of the set-up is the additional camera you’ll need to add to the back of your vehicle. It goes right above your license plate and will not get in the way of the number. This is important, as the police will not want you to cover this up in any way.

It is fixed in, using the normal connectors to stay in place. Thus, it works with what most vehicles have. That only serves to make it a simple attachment that can be removed as fast as you add it. In our book, that is pretty cool to see. GRC has offered an easy set-up, combined with an easy to use product overall. We do not know about you, but to us, that makes this product worth checking out further.

GRC Dual Dashcam – Summary 

  • 1080P FHD
  • G-Sensor
  • Parking Assistance
  • 170° Wide-Angle
  • Loop Recording
  • Touch Screen
  • Night Vision
  • Intelligent Monitoring
  • 10-inch ultra-clear LCD Screen
  • Front and rear dual 1080p cameras
  • Rear camera IPX7 waterproof process design

In Case Of Troubleshooting 

If you need help with GRC dual dashcam please contact [email protected]