The Goluk T1 dash cam is a mini wireless camera with night vision and innovative features. Released May 2016, the Goluk T1 dash cam is a versatile camera. It not only works as a quality dashboard camera but as a personal video recorder for recording anything that you want. Simply pop the camera out of the dashboard mount to take the camera anywhere. If you want to learn more, then check out the following Goluk T1 Wi-Fi HD mini car dash cam review.

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Wireless Wi-Fi Connect

One of the first features to stand out is the wireless Wi-Fi connection. After downloading the dashboard camera app, you can control the Goluk T1 dash cam, from your smartphone or tablet. You will not have to deal with an annoying menu and small buttons. Instead, everything is accessible via the mobile app.

Share Video On Facebook

Since this camera already has the ability to connect to a Wi-Fi network, it only made sense for Goluk to include social media sharing. You can instantly share photos and videos straight to Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Record Crystal Clear Video

While social media sharing and Wi-Fi access are neat features, the performance of the camera needs to be considered. And, this is where the Goluk T1 dash cam really shines. Despite its compact size, it makes remarkable use of its Ambrella S2LM chipset and ULTRA HD CMOS sensor to record vivid, clear video.

The Goluk T1 Wi-Fi mini car dash cam records at 1920x1080p with a 152-degree wide-angle lens and WDR (Wide Dynamic Range). This combination of features is fairly standard but does not always guarantee superior video quality. With the Goluk T1 dash cam, you truly do get clear video and should be able to read important details in your videos – such as road signs and license plate numbers.

Night Vision Ensures Great Video In The Dark

What about driving at night? You still need to be able to record clear video. The night vision feature includes on the Goluk T1 dash cam ensures your video is clear, even when you are recording at night. So, you get the ability to record any time of the day or night while using the Goluk.

Convenient Technical Support

If you ever have any problems with the Goluk T1 dash cam or the phone app, you can contact the customer support team at Goluk. Reading customer reviews and feedback could give you an answer to your problem. But, for all other inquiries, call the Goluk customer service department at 86 400-969-1800.

The MagicKey Remote Button

There is another feature worth mentioning – the Goluk T1 dash cam MagicKey Remote Button. This small button clips to your steering wheel, so that the remote button is always within quick reach. You simply press the button and the camera will automatically take a snapshot and record a 12-second video. With the MagicKey Remote Button, you will never miss a moment.

The second that you notice something that needs to be recorded, quickly press the MagicKey button and the Goluk T1 dash cam will begin recording.

Easily Mount And Install The Goluk T1 Dash Cam

The Goluk T1 dash cam is easy to set up. The camera comes with a holder and a 3M sticker for attaching the docking station to your windshield. You then connect the MagicKey remote button to your steering wheel. The camera then receives power through the provided USB cable and car charger.

Who Should Use The Goluk T1 Dash Cam With Night Vision? 

The Goluk T1 dash cam works great as a traditional dash cam – for capturing video during an accident or theft. Though, the Goluk T1 dash cam also has its use as a fun tool for sharing videos of your vacations on social media. So, it really works well for entertainment and security.

How Does This Compare To The ETTG 2.7” TFT Screen HD Dash Cam?

Another popular option is the ETTG 2.7” TFT Screen HD dash cam. Both the ETTG and the Goluk T1 dash cam have similar features, so which one is better? While they both have loop recording, a g-sensor, and 1080p HD recording, the ETTG is not as versatile. It is intended as a dashboard camera – and it is definitely a nice dash cam.

If you strictly want to place a camera on your windshield, the ETTG camera is a fine option. The video clarity may even slightly surpass the Goluk T1 dash cam. Though, the Goluk T1 dash cam has a few strengths. This includes the Wi-Fi connectivity for sharing the video on social media, the MagicKey remote button, and the mobile phone application.

Final Thoughts On The Goluk T1 Dash Cam

The Goluk T1 Wi-Fi HD Mini Car Dash Cam with Night Vision and G-sensor is compact and versatile. You can use the Goluk T1 dash cam for recording videos during a vacation or keep it connected to your windshield for added security and protection. The Wi-Fi features and mobile phone apps are great additions to an already high-quality dash cam. You get a wonderful value with the Goluk T1 dash cam.

You receive all the features that you would expect from a dash cam, such as 1080p HD video, WDR, loop recording, a g-sensor, and easy installation. You also get Wi-Fi connectivity and cool features not found on the latest dash cams – including the mobile phone application and the MagicKey remote button. The combination makes the Goluk T1 dash cam a versatile and enjoyable device.