Garmin dash cam 65W is a high-end, cleverly-made car camera that features top-notch design and specs. Its super wide-angle lens creates that unique fish-eye effect we all love and allows you to enjoy sleek images. This product comes equipped with all the fancy features you would expect from a Garmin dashcam. It has red light camera warnings, voice command, GPS, bad driver alerts, and Wi-Fi connectivity.

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In the bundle are included: 32GB sundisk class 10 memory card, Camera Deluxe Carrying Case, Universal Screen Cleaner, Low profile magnetic mount, power cable, USB cable, Quick Start Manual, Authorized USA Dealer Warranty.

Design of Garmin Dash Cam 65W

In terms of aspect, the Garmin dash cam 65W looks really smooth and fancy. It looks very professional thanks to the all-black design and multiple lines on one side. Its square-like design is similar to the one offered by Roav by Anker Dash Cam C2 Pro.

The nice 2-inch display is not a touchscreen. To control the unit, you need to use the buttons on the right side. Overall, the design is very clean and well put together. The unit looks well-composed and quite unitary. The only item on the right is the USB port, while the heat vent is placed at the bottom. Other than that, the unit looks quite good without any extra buttons or connections.

Garmin Dash Cam 65W – Recording Quality

This camera allows you to enjoy a super-wide 180-degree view. No other dashcam manufacturer on the market was able to come up with a 180-degree wide lens. Not even Viofo A129, which is a famous competitor of the Garmin dash cam 65w, was able to get more than 140 degrees.

Garmin dash cam records in full HD at 1080p, with 30 fps. The camera is powered by a 2.1 Megapixel processor and works perfectly in low-light conditions. The great news is that this camera comes with a 32 GB UHS included, so you can start recording right away. You also get a deluxe carrying case so you can take the camera with you and place it on another car.

The case looks really sleek and complements the unitary model and all-black design of the camera. However, note that the case is not for the mount. You’ll have to carry the mount in another case.

Easy to Mount & Portable

One of the coolest features about this product is the fact that it is highly portable. Setting it up and removing it from your car is a breeze. The mount is cleverly put up to include a magnetic disc that attaches to the windshield and another disc that keeps your camera in place. It works amazingly well for any car windshield and can be used in a wide variety of positions.

Moreover, it’s super easy to install and retains its original orientation. Thanks to the design, the impact absorption is close to zero. That comes with a huge benefit, as it triggers the G-sensor to detect impacts quicker.

Voice Control Feature

The Garmin dash cam 65W is super easy to use and comes with numerous useful features. One of the most impressive is the voice control. You can basically talk to the camera and tell it to save a video, start recording, stop recording, or even start recording a unique Travelapse video.

The latter is a time-lapse video that integrates GPS position and time. They are watermarked to the video, so the end-user can see the exact location and date of the video captured. To start talking to your camera, simply say “Ok, Garmin” and you’ll be able to coordinate the camera without taking your hands off the wheel. This feature is a life-saver, as it prevents accidents by enabling drivers to stay focused on the road ahead.

Top Driver Tech

The Garmin dashboard camera is also equipped with numerous driver technologies that could literally save your life. In addition to the lane departure warning, this camera is equipped with collision detection and red line camera alerts. The red light alerts is a very useful feature that is directly dependent on the data Garmin has on your location. It basically warns you if there are red-light cameras nearby, so you can reduce speed and avoid getting a speed ticket.

The G-sensor is also a very useful tech. The video footage is automatically saved to the card and cannot be erased. Of course, we’re talking about the footage that is recorded during an accident or incident.

Save all to the App

To make it even easier for you to store videos and share your Travelapse creations online, Garmin has released their own app for Android and iOs users. You can download the app directly from the store, connect the camera with your phone, and stream your live videos online.

Extras of Garmin Dash Cam 65W

In addition to the camera and the mount, Garmin also offers 2 extras: the deluxe carrying case, which I have presented above, and the universal screen cleaner. The cleaner is a large bottle that you can use to clean the screen, the camera and also to wipe clean TV, laptop, or even smartphone screens.

Parking Surveillance

This advanced dashcam also features motion detection, thus you can use for parking surveillance. All you need to do is to hard-wire it to a constant source of the power of 12V and you can rest assured that it will turn on if the G-sensor is triggered.

Great Features & Top Portability

The Garmin dash cam 65 w is definitely an outstanding dashcam for users in 2019. It lets you enjoy super sharp images, see 180 degrees, control the camera through vocal commands, and easily mounts and remove the camera from your car. You can easily use this product on multiple cars and set it up within minutes. The fact that you get to enjoy ADAS features and that you can create personalized travelapse videos is a big bonus.

Let’s also consider the GPS & Wifi connectivity, high-end design, and top quality of materials. This dashcam is created in the USA using the most advanced technology and is made to last a lifetime. 

More Info for Technical Support

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