The Frizione 2.4 is a small but powerful dash cam consisting of many features, and having a Wide View Angle of 150 Degrees. Although all of 2.4 inches in size, it packs a punch and is one of the versatile dash cameras available on the market. Read the full Frizione 2.4 review and find out what this camera has to offer.

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Futures Of Frizione 2.4 Dash Cam

The Frizione 2.4 dashcam has a number of features, like parking mode, loop recording, and emergency mode. These multiple modes give it a touch of versatility. You can also get other useful bells and whistles such as Motion Detection, Parking Monitoring, Loop Recording, G-Sensor, and WiFi.

All the features are quite impressive, and these make the setup and use much easier. When the in-built G-sensor senses a sudden impact or deceleration, the emergency mode and loop recording features of the camera can be engaged automatically. The camera has a perfect suction cup bracket that can make you easily stick it to a car windshield.

The dashcam can stick securely, and prevent it from falling off. The camera is able to save video files and lock them automatically in parking mode or emergency mode. The Frizione 2.4 automatically deletes the older videos when the memory card is filled to capacity. However, all event videos are automatically overwrite-protected.

Frizione 2.4 Dash Cam Quality

The dashcam consists of front and rear-facing cameras, which can keep you protected from legal hassles in case of accidents, vehicular mishaps, and collisions and offer you a solid chance to explain yourself. The video quality and auto control are excellent in this camera. It has an amazing 4K video quality, which is much better than the 1080p. The videos recorded are not shaky, and there is overall stability.

The Frizione 2.4 consists of perfect night vision, which is comparable to that of Kdlinks X1 Dashboard Camera that is known for recording stunning video and image footage during the night. The high-resolution image and video quality ensure that your footages are highly detailed. Even videos shot directly under the sun are clear and there is nothing to lose. The picture quality is clear and highly precise.

The Frizione 2.4 dashcam works like an integrated system. Its rear camera is weatherproof and can be mounted close to the license plate bracket at the rear, outside the car. You may even mount it under the lid of your trunk.

WDR Processing

The WDR processing and 1080P resolution of the front camera allow capturing of footages with minimal noise. The HD screen of the Frizione 2.4 that measures 2.45 inches in size can display footages in sharp and clear detail. It is bright enough to allow easy viewing of footage in daylight, as compared to the in-built backup camera screens in many cars.

The WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) processing is assistive and ensures clearer and more aesthetic footage. Even at night, the camera is practical to use.

GPS Geo-Tagging

Much like other dashcams like Falcon Zero Touch PRO, this camera boasts of fantastic auto control and perfect video quality. It is a bright and clear screen, which makes videos easy to see. The in-built WiFi and GPS are amazing. The GPS has excellent functioning and is extremely accurate about car speeds.

The GPS Geo-Tagging works very well. The Frizione 2.4 can record GPS data with high accuracy, and easily record information about the route, vehicle speed, and location. You may get the “Lerccenker” APP downloaded to your smartphone for remote controlling your dashcam, playback, video recording, photo taking, real-time viewing, changing settings, video playback, video editing (by downloading recorded files to your smartphone), and video sharing on various social networking websites.

Motion Detection

The Frizione 2.4 dash cam works with motion detection enabled. Whenever the recorder senses any movement, the camera begins to record. As soon as motion detection comes to a stop, the camera enters the standby motion detection state automatically once the motion detection is completed. The camera function restarts once the moving object is again detected.

Loop Recording

If loop recording is enabled on the Frizione 2.4 camera, you can get the option for video recording in 3, 5, or 10-minute loops. Until the entire space is filled up, all the video files are recorded on the TF card. Once space is exhausted, the oldest file would be overwritten automatically. However, automatic overwriting of files on an emergency basis is impossible matching parking monitoring, motion detection, or gravity sensing.

Parking Monitoring

When the car engine is turned off and the Parking Mode is kept turned on, the camera automatically turns off. In case of any crash or collision, the recording will be restarted and the files will immediately be saved. Normally, it records videos for 60 seconds and then automatically gets turned off.

Once the camera again detects a collision, the Frizione 2.4 camera begins functioning once more. The videos recorded are saved as well as locked, and loop recording does not cover it.


During sudden events like an abrupt turn or a vehicular collision, images can be recorded and stored automatically – which can help you offer pieces of evidence regarding accidents. You can professionally wire the Frizione 2.4 camera into the ignition. It can turn on automatically and begin recording when you start the vehicle and shut it off as soon as the car turns off. The setup is very easy, and you will love the installation.

Should You Buy the Frizione 2.4 Dash Cam?

The Frizione 2.4 dash camera is amazing. It comes with wonderful night vision and clear video quality. It is offered with instructions, which might not be completely clear, but can be useful for you to install the device in your car. With a very clear and detailed image and video quality, the camera can be a wonderful shooter for you.

You can conveniently install it on your vehicle. The dashcam features an instant-on functionality, and you can immediately set it up. The camera is worth buying, especially if you want a shooter that can capture both front and rear footages. Although small in size, it is powerful in functionality.