What does FineVu X500 Dash Cam claim to offer? According to the manufacturer, this dashcam helps you drive smarter and safer. You don’t need to mistrust FineVu because this company has a good track record. Equipped with default optimal settings, it offers the best value for the customers.

Smart And User-Friendly Device

You can find a 3.5-inch IPS LCD touch screen on this dashcam. As a result, you can expect high resolution with excellent picture quality. Moreover, FineVu X500 guarantees outstanding night vision. Enhancing user experience effectively, it works as a perfect companion for drivers.

In addition to offering excellent user-friendliness, this smart device comes with many innovative features like Smart Time Lapse, Wide Viewing Angle, Secret Mode, and Format Free Technology. Therefore, you can expect a rewarding purchase experience with this smart dashcam.

FINEDIGITAL FineVu X500 Dash Cam, Front and Rear Full HD 1080P, 3.5” Touch Screen IPS, Hardwiring...
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FINEDIGITAL FineVu X500 Dash Cam, Front and Rear Full HD 1080P, 3.5” Touch Screen IPS, Hardwiring...
  • FULL 1080P HD - 3.5” TOUCH LCD: Front and rear dash cam with 1920 x 1080P full HD recording at 30 fps for crystal clear...
  • AUTO DAY AND NIGHT VISION: Auto night vision helps record clear and balanced videos in low and bright light conditions such...
  • SMART TIME LAPSE: Maximize memory efficiency with FineVu’s Smart Time Lapse technology. It automatically reduces recording...
  • ADAS PLUS (FVMA and LDWS): Stay safe on the road with ADAS PLUS. It automatically detects traffic lanes, front vehicles and...
  • SMART PARKING REPORT: Get informed of motion surroundings and events during your car’s parked state, making it easy to see...

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Now, let us compare FineVu X500 Dash Cam to REXING S1 dashcam. Both devices are high-performing dash cams with excellent features. However, you can find a drastic difference in terms of screen size. With a 3.5-inch IPS LCD screen, FineVu X500 emerges as the winner. But, REXING S1 has a clear edge when it comes to the wide viewing angle with 170.

Okay, so you might have a broad idea of what to expect with this product. After its launch on September 19, 2019, FineVu X500 has been performing exceptionally in terms of sales. What does it suggest? It implies that this product lives up to the expectations of the users.

Is it a heavy dashcam? Not really, it weighs only 1.19 pounds. Further, the product dimensions are 3.88 x 2.4 x 0.74 inches. Don’t make a decision with these details. Let us make a more detailed assessment of the various features and benefits of this dashcam. Based on this FineVu X500 Dash Cam review, you can take a final decision.

Functional Touch Screen And Sharp Images

You don’t need to worry about image resolution or picture clarity with this device. Equipped with a 3.5-inch IPS LCD touch screen, FineVu X500 provides sharp and crystal clear images. Also, you can have easy and fast access to settings and video playbacks.

What about video clarity? With FULL 1920 x 1080P full high definition recording at 30 fps, you can expect the most enjoyable recording experience every time you are on the road. Moreover, it comes with a 155 wide viewing angle and eliminates all blind spots to make the recording perfect.

Another remarkable feature is the Auto Day and Night Vision. Without causing any disturbance, Auto Night Vision records balanced and clear videos in all conditions including low light circumstances. Meanwhile, features like automatic tuning and exposure control guarantee optimal video quality even in the night. 

FineVu X500 Dash Cam – Time Lapse and ADAS Plus 

Do you want to optimize memory efficiency? Offering a Smart Time Lapse feature, FineVu X500 Dash Cam maximizes the efficiency of the memory. You can save memory for more vital moments. It lowers the recording frame rate automatically when you are driving your vehicle normally. However, the maximum frame rate is restored when there is an event, collision, or accident.

It is very hard to find a dashcam that makes your drive this much easier, efficient, and safe. Similarly, you can find the ADAS PLUS feature that allows you to stay safe on the road. How does this function make you safe on the road? Safety is guaranteed by Identifying lane departures, traffic lanes, and front vehicles automatically.

finevu X500

In other words, ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) PLUS gives you signals when your car deviates from the traffic lane. You will also get notifications when the vehicle in front of you starts moving. Most importantly, you can see and hear the warnings and alerts on the LCD screen. Fast notifications are sent to help you make timely decisions and ensure optimal safety.

Responsive Parking Monitor And Smart Reports

You can come across a highly responsive parking monitor function on the FineVu X500 Dash Cam. Firstly, it records events automatically when your car stays parked. Further, this device informs what happened during the parking mode when you get back into your vehicle.

Smart reports are generated to keep you informed of everything when you are away. Above all, you can get to know of all motion surroundings during your absence. Working perfectly with auto night vision and smart time-lapse, the parking monitor feature makes surveillance easy and convenient for vehicle owners.

When you use the in FineVu X500 Dash Cam, you don’t need to format the memory card manually. In other words, it comes with a Format Free Technology function that eliminates the need for manual SD card reformatting. Also contributing to enhancing card reliability and longevity, this feature takes care of your interests efficiently.

Secret Mode And User Safety 

Don’t worry about others getting access to your footage. You can prevent unwanted access and protect your videos or stored files using a password. Thanks to the Secret Mode feature. It denies access to other people and protects your privacy perfectly.

Are you searching for a dashcam that is extremely safe to use? Look no farther than FineVu X500. As the battery voltage of your car comes down and reaches below a preset level, battery power is cut off to stop the discharge.

Further, this device stops functioning automatically when the temperature goes past a particular level. Preventing overheating effectively, this function takes care of your needs. Above all, it stores all videos and files safely.

Being a renowned manufacturer of highest quality dashcams, FineVu offers the best customer support solutions for each customer. You can mount on the camera easily following the simple guidelines provided in the instruction manual.

FineVu X500 Dash Cam Final Words

In short, FineVu X500 is a user-friendly dashcam that offers the best value for the money. You can drive freely with a lot of freedom and feel safe on the road. Offering unique and innovative features, this smart dashcam lives up to tour expectations in terms of performance and reliability.