The latest Falcon Zero Touch HD dash cam is a step up from the previous models. If you are in the market for an HD dash cam, the Falcon has a number of features that you may be interested in. This includes the addition of 24/7 security and a touchscreen display. Released May of 2016, the Falcon Zero Touch HD dash cam could be a good fit for your vehicle. This is one of the latest dash cams on the market. Examine each feature, along with the pros and cons.

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Technical Details And Specifications

The compact Falcon Zero Touch HD dash cam includes everything you need to set up your 24/7 security system. This includes an 11-inch USB power cable, a 4-inch USB data cable, a 3-port USB car charger, a windshield mount, 3M cord clips, and a 32GB MicroSD card.

You get a 1080p HD camera with a 4-inch touchscreen and plenty of other features:

Full HD Recording
The 1080p camera is capable of recording at full 1080-pixel high-definition. Record 1920×1080-pixels at 30 frames per second. The camera also features a 170-degree wide-angle lens. Despite the wider angle, you get a minimal amount of the fishbowl effect.

32GB MicroSD Card
You get a 32GB MicroSD card with the Falcon Zero Touch HD dash cam. This allows for plenty of recording. But, you can always upgrade to a 64GB card.

G-Sensor Detects Collisions
Another feature that is common to modern dash cams is the inclusion of a G-sensor. The G-sensor is able to detect when a collision occurs and automatically signal to the camera to begin recording. This ensures you never miss out on capturing the cause of an incident.

Touchscreen Display
Exclusive to the Falcon Zero Touch HD dash cam, and one example of how this latest model surpasses previous Falcon dash cams is the inclusion of a touchscreen display. The 4-inch touchscreen display is easy to operate in most settings. You may occasionally have trouble operating the display in adverse conditions. But, more on this later.

Pros Of The Falcon Zero Touch HD Dash Cam

The Falcon Zero Touch HD has a number of great features and advantages that help make it a worthy dash cam. This includes the following benefits:

24/7 Security
The Falcon Zero 24 On Hardwire Kit allows for 24/7 surveillance. This is a feature that you will not find on the older Falcon Zero models – such as the f170 or f360. With the Falcon Zero Touch HD dash cam, you can continuously record. Along with 24/7 surveillance, you get an endless recording system. With loop recording, the dash cam will automatically record over the oldest, unlocked video files.

Sleek Design for Discreet Placement
The Falcon Zero Touch HD dash cam features a sleek design. This makes it a little more discreet, which is useful when you want a dash cam for security. The sleek profile and aluminum matte black casing are stylish and compact.

Easy to Install
Another unique feature that makes the Falcon Zero Touch HD dash cam stand out from other products is the docking system. The camera is easy to take down and easy to store. You simply release it from its docking station. You do not need to plug anything in, which makes installation incredibly quick and easy.

High-Quality Recording
A final benefit to point out is the quality of the recording that you get while using the Falcon Zero Touch HD dash cam. No glares or fuzziness. Day or night, you will get a clear shot of your surroundings. As mentioned, you can record in full 1080p HD. The addition of a 3.0MP CMOS sensor and WDR (wide dynamic range) helps ensure you get great video in almost any weather conditions.

Cons Of The Falcon Zero Touch HD Dash Cam

There is one issue to bring up with the Falcon Zero Touch HD dash cam. This may not deter you from purchasing this camera, but it is worth mentioning.

The touchscreen is Difficult to Use in Certain Conditions
Having a touchscreen display is a great feature. Most people will enjoy this. But, there are a few situations where a touchscreen can be inconvenient. When your fingertips are extremely cold, it can be difficult to operate a touchscreen display. It does not always recognize your command.

The same is true when wearing gloves – you may end up hitting the wrong button. This is a minor inconvenience, especially considering the hands-free operation of the Falcon Zero Touch HD dash cam.

Final Thoughts On The Falcon Zero Touch HD Dash Cam

An all-around great dash cam, the Falcon Zero Touch HD has a good mixture of solid features and quality recording. It is compact, easy to install, and includes everything you need to add 24/7 security to your vehicle. The Falcon Zero Touch HD dash cam is one of the only dash cams that features a touchscreen display. This is a nice feature.

Though, some may find the screen difficult to operate in certain conditions. Other than this one issue, the latest Falcon Zero far surpasses the previous models. For the peace of mind that comes with added protection, consider the Falcon Zero Touch HD dash cam.