The ETTG 2.7 TFT Screen HD Dash Cam is an affordable dashboard camera with GPS tracking. You can record videos during your drive. Or, you can protect yourself in the event of an accident by automatically capturing the incident. These benefits are great, but there is more to explore. Released on January 12th, 2016, the ETTG 2.7 TFT Screen HD Dash Cam is a mountable camera for your vehicle.

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It includes TF card support for up to 32GB, OBD II support, GPS tracking, and comes with everything that you need to mount along with your dashboard. Learn more by checking out the rest of this ETTG 2.7 TFT Screen HD Dash Cam review.

The Latest Camera Chipset Technology

The first feature worth discussing is the chipset technology that is used. The ETTG 2.7 TFT Screen Dash Cam uses a high-quality A7LA50 chipset, which results in less power consumption and better video compression. It also helps ensure your video record smoothly, limiting distortion and static while recording.

G-Sensor And Loop Recording Features

The ETTG dash cam also has a g-sensor and includes loop recording. While these features have become fairly standard with dash cams, they are still worth mentioning. In fact, unless you simply want to record video of your road trips, you should avoid dash cams that do not have these features. For those that are unfamiliar with these options, the g-sensor is essentially a motion detector.

It automatically locks your most recent videos if any motion is detected, such as during a crash. This keeps you from accidentally deleting an important video that could shed light on what caused the crash. The loop recording simply lets you continuously record, by automatically recording over the oldest video files.

GPS Tracking Keeps Track Of Where You Travel

Another cool feature is GPS tracking. You can occasionally find this option on the latest dash cams. But, it is not always available. GPS tracking adds GPS data to your video. What this does is add GPS coordinates in your video, so that you can see where you traveled – or where you were when an accident occurred.

Full 1080P Recording At 30 Frames Per Second

Now, what most people care about is the quality of the video. The ETTG 2.7 TFT Screen HD dash cam records at full 1080P at 30 frames per second. It also features a Wide Dynamic range, which results in a more vibrant video. This feature helps display a wider range of colors, while also helping to provide clear video. You can read license plates, traffic signs, and other details that you may not be able to see with other dash cams.

Pros And Cons Of The ETTG 2.7 TFT Screen HD Dash Cam

Beyond the features already discussed, what about the actual pros and cons? Perhaps the greatest feature of the ETTG 2.7 TFT Screen HD Dash Cam is the OBD II support. You are unlikely to find this in other dash cams currently on the market. What is OBD-II support? This means that the ETTG dash cam can connect to an OBD II port on your vehicle. All vehicles manufactured in the US after 1995 include on-board diagnostic (OBD) systems.

When connected, the viewfinder on the camera will display vehicle error codes, speed, engine load, coolant temperature, and other details. The OBD II support is the greatest feature of this dash cam and luckily, there are no disadvantages to discuss. It is a well-rounded camera and operates exactly as advertised.

ETTG 2.7 TFT Screen Dash Cam Versus The Vantrue N2 Dual

The ETTG 2.7 TFT dash cam shares quite a few similarities with the Vantrue N2 dual dash cam. This includes the g-sensor and loop recording. Though, there are also a few noticeable differences. The Vantrue N2 is a dual dash cam. This means that it has two separate cameras, giving you more options when it comes to positioning your camera. You get to record more of your surroundings.

The other differences include the fact that the Vantrue N2 dual dash cam uses microSD cards for storing your video, while the ETTG dash cam uses TF cards. Even though the ETTG camera is lacking some of the features found on the Vantrue, this does not make the Vantrue dash cam the superior choice. The ETTG also has some strengths, including the OBD II support, which really is an amazing feature to include on a dash cam.

What Else Should You Know About The ETTG 2.7 TFT Dash Cam?

You should now have a general idea of the most important features of the ETTG dash cam. But, what else should you know? The ETTG 2.7 TFT Screen HD Dash Cam is manufactured and released by ETTG. In the event that your camera is not functioning properly, you may have the option of returning it, if purchased within the last 30 days.

If you decide to contact the ETTG customer support team, you will need to call the number included in the instruction manual, as they do not have a website. Other features that should be mentioned include the 2.7 TFT screen, the support for 32GB TF cards, and lightweight design. It is also easy to mount, and if you are using the OBD II port, your engine does not need to be running to record video.

As a side note, there are no temperature ratings for this dash cam. Generally, the average temperature range is between 10 and 120 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the safe operating temperature for most dash cams, but the ETTG could vary slightly. Overall, customers tend to rave about the video quality of the ETTG 2.7 TFT Screen HD Dash Cam. In the end, you get high-quality video, the latest dash cam features, and OBD II support.