DMYCO dual dash cam is a modern, well-designed dashboard camera that offers exquisite features. You cannot find any other dashcam that offers a larger screen and better recording quality than this device. Of course, because it was released at the end of August 2019, it’s one of the latest models that hit the market, so obviously it benefits of the highest tech.

Even if the manufacturer is not as famous as other established dashcam manufacturers, this device has a strong say in this niche. This modern dashcam is equipped with 2 cameras, each one better than the cameras of the main competitors. The screen is bigger than everything you’ve seen. It also comes with multiple functions to help you enjoy a superior experience when driving.

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In this DMYCO dual dash cam review, we’ll take a closer look at all the features and specs this device has to offer. Let’s start with the most impressive of them all, the design.

Astounding Design of DMYCO Dual Dash Cam

DMYCO dual dash cam is a device that looks fabulous. This camera that clamps over your rearview mirror can dramatically improve the value of your car. In fact, you can even improve your car value by 3x more than the actual cost of this dashcam, because you can purchase this product at a very good price.

Most people would expect to pay up to 3 times more for what you would pay for this dashcam. The large 12” IPS touchscreen is super responsive and enables you to control all features of the product. On the back, the screen is made of aluminum alloy, a material that not just looks great, but also enhances the durability of the product.

The aluminum alloy brings style and value to your vehicle and makes you the proud owner of one of the highest quality dashcam ever made. Of course, the aluminum alloy also boosts the durability of the dashcam. You can rest assured that the monitor will be able to withstand powerful impacts and won’t shatter if accidentally hit. However, in case something happens during the first 12 months, you can be at peace knowing that you have a full one-year replacement warranty.

DMYCO Dual Dash Cam has Large 12” Screen

The IPS touchscreen is the true crown of the jewel. It comes equipped with a wide range of features, including super night vision, reversing aid system, parking monitoring, adjustable view angle, loop recording, and media stream. At 12”, the screen offers you an impressively wide visual angle. Because the camera can record at an impressive 170 degrees, you’ll be able to see most of the road ahead. Note that the rear camera can record at only 140 degrees, but that’s pretty much enough to park safely.

The front camera is rotatable at 360 degrees, so you can enjoy an even better view depending on your needs. The front camera is placed at the back of the screen, on the left side. If you need a better view of the right side, you can move it with your hand. The screen is super easy to operate and allows you to enjoy flawless footage with no glare. Because it is IPS and not LCD, you’ll be able to enjoy higher quality footage.

You can find all the settings in one place and enjoy a super interactive experience. As a gift, you’ll receive a 32GB card. Simply mount it inside the main unit and you’ll be able to start using this recording device ASAP.

Recording Quality

Very few dashcams can compare to DMYCO when it comes to recording quality. Only Vantrue M1 can boast 2k resolution with the front camera when recording a single mode. However, DMYCO dual dash cam can record in 2k while the rear camera records at the same time. So you get a flawless 2560*1440 in the front and 1920×1080 in the back. The footage is just excellent, both during the day and night.

The Sony Starlight 335 chip does an excellent job compressing the footage and enabling you to enjoy a high-end output clarity. The clarity of both cameras is exceptional, especially during the night.

Streaming Media

Because of this feature, you’ll be able to watch both recordings on the screen at once. This means that you can keep a close eye at everything that happens around your vehicle.You’ll get to see a whopping 310 degrees of footage, which is much more than what most dual dashcams can provide.

Best of all, you’ll be able to stream all the media in real-time, with no delay at all. Thus, you’ll be able to stay safe in case you see a fast driver approaching you from the rear, or you see a driver braking hard right in front of you. To top it all, you can use the reversing aid system to park with ease and stay safe from any potential car accidents or damage.

G-Sensor & Parking Monitoring

G-sensor and parking monitoring are two extremely useful features. However, note that you should not keep the G-sensor on high sensitivity unless you want the unit to lock the video. When set on high, even the slightest touch to your car will make the video to be locked. Set the G-sensor to low or medium and you’re good to go. The parking monitoring uses the same features as the G-sensor, so you should ensure it is set to medium or low. If you set it on high, the camera will turn on even if someone is slightly touching your car, with no intention whatsoever.

Adjustable View

The last feature of the DMYCO dual dash cam that you will definitely love is the adjustable view. You can manually adjust the view of the screen and focus on a specific point. You can adjust it up and down until you reach a comfortable point of view. You can couple this feature with the manually adjustable front camera and create your own favorite point of view.

The Bottom Line

DMYCO dual dash cam is a new release on the market that is gaining traction day by day. Despite being created by a company that’s not as famous as Vantrue, Aukey, Toguard, and Thinkware, this modern camera is just as good as the competition, maybe even better.